Thursday 16 May 2024

 Hello all,

It is with great sadness that I share with you the passing of our beloved sister, Mother, and Grandmother, the individual that you all knew as Noor. This community meant a great deal to her, and she cherished the interactions with her readers over the years. 

She had a brief and spirited fight during her hospitalization but succumbed to illness on May 10th, 2024.  We will leave her writings up for you all. We are asking for privacy in this difficult time for us as a family, and will be providing no further updates or communication.

On behalf of Noor,

Thank you

Friday 3 May 2024


I needed a break from all that crud.... Soul weary so have to take care a bit. See you very soon!

Friday 26 April 2024


We have survived another week. Well done, everyone. The other day I went into some old folders, cartoons from 2012 and 2013. So much of the material is the same old same old that we are still dealing with. Quite a few of them are back, forgive me for posting repeats but these were 11 years ago and their messages are still valid. So off we go.

Like hot water, indoor toilets, air conditioning, automobiles, antibiotics.

This slaughter is creating a further huge division among people around the world. America is no different.

Speaking to youth depression which is at an all time high.

How small and insignificant this situation is when compared to the farce of lawfare which is ruining America's justice system with its collection of Soros appointed judges.


Some states have begun printing their own money.


I have a bit of a balance issue; gotta remember this one. Actually if I fell over I would probably break a hip so.... extreme care...

How to drink Coke from a bottle.

For so long I have felt McDonalds, Disney and Starbucks were the beginning of globalization.

So wrong. So off the mark. I wonder if this is part of the reason for Trudeau's vaunted $10 a day daycare for children.

Alex Jones was speaking of this 15 years ago.

Hey, babe, while you're up, fix me a bottle will ya?

Smart city homes. Faceless, boring. My little area of the city, along a 2 K stretch of road, there are EIGHT mega structures going up. They are massive considering this area previously put a cap on height. Up to 28 stories planned. One of the developments has five high rises to go up. It is being turned into a Agenda 2030 friendly burb. Shut the bridge down and we are stuck in our own 15 minute zone.

Is this paradise? Japan....

Lapp lad from Norway. This large northern tribe runs from Mongolian features to the fairest of the fair.

How they do it.


Joe went off the rails and began to discuss his uncle being eaten by cannibals.. Even Snopes says this is false but Joe is doubling down on his story against any questioning. Cartoonists have had a ball with this so this is ALL the American politics you are getting this week. They got pretty silly with it, but then it is all so silly not to mention tiresome and redundant. 

First posted in 2012. Predictive, hmmm?

How can smart people be so stupid?

I once knew a boy who grew up in a vegetarian household. He accompanied me on a trip to the grocery which included a meat section, something he had never seen before. He was fascinated ~ then tried to scare his mother telling her about "meat". Both have passed over now, it is amazing when you look back how many people in your life you have lost....

Dad was a district manager for dozens of those garages.

Does anyone know what this is? Is this lake a reservoir?

I keep telling you, visit this blog.

Truth, deep truth.

From 2008. Jewish publication these posters.

Back in the day....

The Taliban in Afghanistan.

Children of war

WW2 anti-German propaganda

Israel has been causing problems for decades. Finally Iran decided to swat the fly, not to hurt but to get a message across.


Another Biden failure but one few have heard about.

Pandora and her box

Mrs. Zelensky is involved in slavery. With the Clintons. Read about it HERE. Ukraine has long been known as a major hub for international slavery but now it has reached extreme heights due to war orphans, etc.

(((Levy))) was one of the filthy creatures who cheered on the murder of Muamar Qaddafi. A detestable Israeli propagandist posing as an academic and poet.

The main library in Maryland.

We laugh at the absurdity of these claims but they are a horrible slur on those who did suffer in those camps.

They do not use the plus sign in Israeli math because it resembles the crucifix Jesus died on.

Roseanne, 2009.


Horse actors with their master. Circ de Soleil created a theatre in San Francisco just for his amazing productions.

Another oldie

Dealing with those Haredi who do not want to serve in the military...

The Shah has lived rent free in Bibi's brain for 4 decades.

Spring in Rio de Janiero

The number of starving Palestinian children is sky rocketing. Meanwhile Israel does everything it can to keep them from being fed.

True. They do this. They were doing it in Lebanon too. They also have drones that play the sounds of babies to lure people from hiding so they can be sniped.

This gif is brilliant. Please enjoy.

Katmandu. One of the most dangerous roads on the planet.

Headline of the year! Details HERE. Hundreds were involved.

(((They))) are doing everything they can to confuse this genocide in the minds of people. They hide from criticism of their atrocities behind charges of anti-semitism which they wrap around themselves like a protective blanket. No protest is tolerated; the slightest step out of line or you will be charged with this.

Bless their little hearts.

Columbia is now being overrun with Israeli flags and going to great lengths to prove they love Israel.

Coney Island, 1954

This person is absolutely horrid. I cannot imagine who lets their children watch her but some do.

Germany has been pushing sick child agendas for years now. Here is another.

Great quote from Mae West.

Check those pronouns!



Soros gave all these idiots a lot of money

Or they introduce race into a historical drama that never included dark folk in the first place!

This is absolutely OBSCENE

Spun gold


Swift was throwing out the handsign 13 years ago.

GoogleAI repackaged this Finnish cereal that has been around with a blonde on the box for 75 years.

Historical accuracy at its finest

This is how they act and think. 


Early AI.

Underground living....

Ran a little experiment the other day. I wanted to see if other cultures were being exposed to what White folk are getting in the West. Check out the results. Only the United States showed signs of this situation. Canadian women in Love produced NOTHING!

That quality of sound on those old Kenwood style radios was so warm and rich.

The Scarlet Peacock

It's about time you got home....