Monday 31 May 2010


"Israel must be like a mad dog,
too dangerous to bother."

And what do we do to mad dogs?

These spawn of Satan are way overdue.

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I have almost nothing to say. Just watch these films for the truth.

Disgusted but not surprised.

After all, they killed goyim so no crime in their eyes. International water.

Unarmed civilians.

Dropping in off helicopters.

The words I wish to truly write are very nasty indeed.

They can offer no excuse.

No excuse. No excuse.

They will claim self defence.

They will lie.

Nothing new there.

May they all rot in their Talmudic hell, in that pot of boiling feces and semen, the one they say Jesus is in.

May their rotten rabid rabbis pay the price for their instigation and encouragement of these born to kill monsters.

Above all, may the world FINALLY see what UTTER FILTH we have amongst us and chain this rabid dog, muzzle it, then put a bullet between its eyes.

Already they claim deaths were due to heavy armed resistance from the passengers on the ships. They lie. To these scum, a pebble in the pocket means one is armed.

The world must finally do something about this slavering beast amongst us.

UPDATE: Greta Berlin, an organizer with the Free Gaza Movement, has just told Al Jazeera English that their lawyer in Israel has told them that 10 people have been killed as a result of the Israeli attack on the “Freedom Flotilla” aiming to break the Gaza blockade. See below for more:

The Israeli Navy has reportedly attacked the Turkish boat that is part of the “Freedom Flotilla” loaded with humanitarian aid and 600 Palestine solidarity activists. The flotilla was heading towards Gaza in an attempt to break Israel’s blockade.

A “tweet” from the Free Gaza movement, one of the organizations that headed the flotilla, reports,

“At about 4:30 am, Israeli commandos dropped from helicopter onto deck of Turkish ship, immediately opened fire on unarmed civilians.”

According to Turkish television, at least two people have been killed and dozens, perhaps up to 50, have been injured. Those injured may include European parliamentarians who were traveling with the boat.

(These are reports that are coming from Twitter, so keep that in mind, but the English version of Al Jazeera has an article up titled “Israel ‘attacks’ Gaza aid fleet.” See here for live reports on Twitter from the topic #flotilla).

Protests are being called for across the country and the world. In New York, according to several sources, a protest has been called for 3 PM tomorrow in Times Square.

The six boats were reportedly in international waters at the time of the Israeli attack.

For a live stream of what appears to be Turkish news television broadcasting reports and images from the Turkish boat, click here.

Turkey has also reportedly summoned Israel’s ambassador based in Ankara, the Turkish capital, according to Electronic Intifada co-founder Ali Abunimah. Iara Lee, who is on one of the boats, is reporting that thousands of people in Turkey are protesting outside the Israeli consulate, and there are also reports of thousands of people in Turkey storming the consulate.


  1. The gore drenched murderer stands over the still bleeding corpses of his victims and tells the world – they made me do it.

    We should not be shocked as these perps have a rap sheet a mile long. The world cannot negotiate with these ravenous vampires – time to drive a stake through its shrivelled heart.

  2. This one is a little old but hey so you know what you are dealing with. Everyone hang onto your organs.

    Amidst the confusing dusts of accusations, recriminations, attacks and counter attacks, other sinister plans were about to be implemented. One such plan was nipped in the bud, and the perpetrators were caught with their pants down. The western press suddenly fell mute. The unmasking was too terrible to endure. The incident took place in Chad near the border of Sudan’s Darfur where all sorts of low lives have gathered for the killing and destruction that occur in the wake of war, and the opportunities provided for even more heinous crimes. Some of these low lives were affiliated with a group called Zoe’s Ark Project.

    The Zoe’s Ark Project
    According to this report filed by Keith Harmon Snow:

    …”The Zoe’s Ark project began fundraising April 28, 2007 to “evacuate 10,000 orphans facing certain death” to France and the United States. Some 300 European’s paid 2000 Euros ($3450) each as “donations” toward logistics costs to receive an orphan. French news reports have said the group raised and spent 550,000 Euros ($US 802,000) on the operation. More

  3. By the way Alex "the Arabs own Hollywood" Jones didn't seem to think these murders were a big deal.

    As we said no media outlet can ignore the incident and Alex Jones website infowars was no exception. Appearing below the day’s 25 top headlines came a piece by Kurt Nimmo on the incident. Then, below a report on how Rand Paul survived a smear campaign and reports on Memorial Day Alternatives and how Michigan was considering a law to licence journalists came an AFP report on the convoy seizure.

    The top story across the planet and you would almost think that Alex Jones was trying to brush it under the carpet. "


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