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ED Noor: Sometimes people ask me what keeps me going in the face of all the horrors of modern day life and the things we are immersed in. The answer is easy. I am driven by spirit and a desire to make things better. Yes the following can seem hopelessly “airy fairy” (as my father used to call it) but the concepts expressed resonate closely with my innermost core belief system regarding the power grid. The spiritual training I was privileged to receive is grounded in just the theories presented below. The war we fight leaves us to explore all avenues used for both good and evil. Power grids and ley lines, are among the hidden "forbidden knowledge" of the so-called elite, Satanists and Luciferians all kept from the res of us.  .

Laugh as you will, our common enemy works by these guidelines and they believe. Military bases built according to ley lines on the power grid? You betcha! Iraq is a huge case in point. Call it mumbo jumbo. Whatever ~ there is validity to it all. Especially since this is part of the war we fight on all levels including the spiritual because, at the bottom of this all, we are in a fight for not only our physical existence but our very souls as well.

Hat tip to Zen Gardener

Just a few examples of use of Ley Lines. Above, Palestine, below, the first cities of America all along the same ley line.

By Chautauqua, Contributor
February 12, 2013.

Humanity and Earth have recently had the equivalent of the proverbial coming of age transitional birthday, what with the culmination of the Mayan calendar, the great awakening and the Shift of the Ages. (1) 

It was a grand event to be sure, and for many of us it seems the celebration continues on as we bear witness to all manner of remarkable events and people. 
It has been said that the voice of spirit always whispers ~ that Spirit will seldom, if ever raise its voice so as to be heard above the noise and clamor of everyday life, with its myriad diversions & distractions. 
It’s like that right now, as we must teach ourselves to look beyond the sideshow presented for us, to see what some do not want us to see.  People everywhere are awakening to this new reality all around us even as the death throes of the Kali Yuga seek to command the attention, and sap our willpower.
I speculate that a great many of us are, at this point, wondering where we go from here, what do we do now that we’re here?  I stress doing because it is the first step in breaking free of that which seeks to control & dominate mankind. 

We are by no means home free or out of the woods.  We have been learning to reclaim our voice, and to use it, next we must use that voice to reclaim our freedoms, our future, and our planet.  There are of course a great many steps in this on-going process and one of the most important is lighting up the planetary energy grid system. (2)
This webwork of Ley lines and energetic vortices across the planet is vital to the harmony and health of Gaia and all of her passengers. 
Where lines connect and intersect across this planetary grid are nodal points where energy can be tapped, and possibly even controlled; and this is why those in power seek to own and control those sites. 
Just have a look at the maps and place names in the above link, and see how many of them seem familiar from the news, as well as from recent history.  Actually a great many of these node points have military or government installations built on them, simply because they are power points and energy vortexes, and they are vital to mother Earth. 

If you can see the relationship to Earths electromagnetic field as similar to that of the human aura then in a way these nodal points on the planetary grid can be seen as similar to the human chakra system.
As we awaken spiritually we must also help Gaia in every way we can to recover from all that that is being done to poison her and us.  So we watch what we eat; making healthy adjustments, and we seek to keep our vibrations high and positive despite the turmoil and assaults to the soul. 

Many meditation techniques include the use of a “grounding tube” connecting one to the core of the earth.  It is a common practice to frequently send all your pain and anger, anything negative you don’t want or need down that grounding tube, give it to Gaia. 
She doesn’t care about positive or negative polarity, it’s all energy to her, and that which is negative she simply transmutes to her needs at the moment. 
If Gaia can do that with your trashy energy, just imagine what she might do with an infusion of the good stuff, delivered with love and intention, at the same time!
Whether acting alone or in unison with other kindred souls we can certainly send mother earth a massive amount of “love & light” to help with all she must do and heal.  We can also direct our energy directly to various nodal points on the planetary grid system to restore harmony and balance to those areas as well. 

Just imagine a military base being bombarded by love and light by a few thousand folks who know what they are doing.  That’s multi-tasking; pushing back against the powers that be and helping Gaia at the same time. 

In several previous posts to this blog I have spoken of our transition into the higher resonance of the fifth dimension, and the planetary energy grid has a big role in that ascension. In fact I am not certain we can attain that goal without the grid being restored and fired up.
So if we’re looking for something to do now that we have graduated out of spiritual childhood, think globally, act locally!

It is well documented fact that humans working in unison holding a specific thought can and do affect changes upon the subject.  Art Bell proved that hundreds or even thousands working together can actually change the weather…and other events.  Through its use of hundreds of random number generators placed around the world Stanford University proved that human beings reacted en masse to 911 and the death of Princess Diana ~ before each event happened! 

The point here is that we are evolving, so naturally we are going to see wondrous stuff happen in the world, we just have to be open to having the experience.  In the village of Dahua in Southern China there is a young boy named Nong Youhui who was born with bright blue eyes, a true rarity in China.  Not only can this boy see and read in pitch darkness, his eyes shine in the light of a flashlight, like the eyes of a cat. (3)

Without a doubt the children of Aquarius will eventually inherit the stewardship of Gaia from us.  These Indigo, Crystal and Star children are the leaders and visionaries of the future, and as our watch draws closer to an end; we see that we have indeed done a reprehensibly bad job of caring for the Earth. 

With so many now awake, and more awakening every day the time for waiting to see what will happen next is over.  There is a lot of work to do, and invariably some of it will be messy and unpleasant ~ we must do the work anyway. 

Those of us who are spiritually awake & active have the responsibility to not only wake as many others as possible; we must also use our newly discovered talents and abilities to pave the way as best we can for these children of Aquarius. 

Like I said, firing up the planetary grid is something we can all work on every day.  No schedules, no meetings, no conference calls ~ just every one of us doing what we hear spirit urging us to do toward that end.  The only limitations are self-inflicted due to conditioning and fear.

Who knows, maybe firing up the planetary grid will result in helping us humans utilize more than just ten percent of our potential brain power.  Lots of work to do, yes!  There are 2,870 different religions on earth at last count ~ that’s a butt-load of separation if ya ask me…especially when so many of them seem bent on killing off those with differing beliefs.

Now I’d be just fine with it if it was 2,870 different perspectives on Unity, but it isn’t.  Over fifteen billion cigarettes are sold every day while the average American consumes 60 gallons of beer in the same year the illegal drug trade sees a 320 billion dollar profit.  That’s a lot of self medication, and not the kind that ends up helping.  The drug companies don’t make cures, they make customers.

As with so many efforts in this life, when it comes to freeing ourselves from those things, institutions and emotions we seek to be free from, it helps to know your limitations. 

Humans can see less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum and hear less than 1% of the acoustic spectrum. 

We have 46 chromosomes, 2 less than the common potato. 

90% of the cells in your body carry their own microbial DNA , and are not “You”. 

The atoms in your body are 99.9999999999999999% empty space and none of them are the ones you were born with ~ but they all were created inside a star; and each atom has the memory of everything within it!

Knowing our limitations while exploring new possibilities, lots of work, yes. 

An old adage says that the steps to getting there are the qualities of being there. 

So, if Unity is what we seek, then it is through Unity that we will arrive there, and that means coming together, as one species with a single unified voice and a common goal, that of humanity and Gaia ascending to those rarified higher realms.  But, before any of that can come to pass, we gotta work towards firing up Earths energy grid system.  Once we accomplish this task a great many things will begin to get better and easier ~ but not if we don’t act. 

Recess is over.  It’s time to get serious…we have a lot of ground to cover and we are way behind schedule.

For those who need still more convincing that many things are changing you need go no further than today’s news that the Darth Sidious look-alike Pope Benedict shocked the world by announcing he is stepping aside and quitting his role of Pope.  I can see why he has no more energy after covering up for so many pedophile priests for so long.  It has been 700 years since a pope abdicated his position…how’s that for newsworthy ~ and if you still have doubts consider this photo of Saint Peters Basilica taken by the French press not long after the announcement.  Hmmmm!
How’s that for punctuation?  Then there is the record breaking blizzard in the Northeast, and F4 tornadoes in Mississippi to compete for your interest today if you are still looking for evidence of change…it’s simply everywhere when you decide to take notice of such things.  My point is you can either choose to continue sitting back waiting to see what will happen next, or you can stand up and be counted among those who will answer the clarion call now sounding around the entire planet, and make things happen.

People are already doing wonderful and amazing things every day that will never make it to a newscast, so give up that sanctioned “programming” and open yourself up to the Gaia network instead.  We all depend on her, and she depends on us, now more than ever before.   Let’s fire the Grid!

Until next time, Be Good to Each Other.


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    haha, well i have a plann
    i want to create ONE EARTH SOUND PROJECT.
    How about creating a soundhologram created from 13 Gates, 13 country s, 3 day s long only pulsing 432 herz and planetary sounds.
    On magic places, so leyline vortexes etc..

    yep tep dreaming...healing gris hologram yes!!

    great site..

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