Saturday 13 July 2013


This might be one of the more important videos you will find on the topic of voting with your money. Grab yourself a cuppa, a pen and paper, and settle in to learn some new "stuff" worth noting and adapting as part of your day to day life. Therein lie the true acts of rebellion.

The battle against the New World Order is designed to demoralize us. No matter how we vote, no matter what politician we vote for, no matter what legislation gets passed, no matter what rallies people attend, nothing seems to fundamentally change. If anything, things only seem to be getting worse and worse. So how can we effectively fight back against the powers that shouldn’t be. The answer, it turns out, might be remarkably simple: stop feeding the beast. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we explore the power of the boycott.


Self-Sufficiency: A Local Solution to a Global Problem
Time Reference: 03:12

How NSA access was built into Windows
Time Reference: 08:44

Revelations Radio News
Time Reference: 10:00

Tim Kilkenny on The Corbett Report
Time Reference: 10:42
Time Reference: 13:37

Court Upholds Google-NSA Relationship Secrecy
Time Reference: 17:13
Time Reference: 15:45

Katherine Albrecht on The Corbett Report
Time Reference: 20:12

Food is a Weapon
Time Reference: 25:54
Time Reference: 28:26
Time Reference: 28:30
Time Reference: 34:54

Why a Federal GMO Labeling Law Could Be Worthless
Time Reference: 35:14

Interview 704 – Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton on GMO Labeling
Time Reference: 36:27

Avoiding Economic Collapse: Complementary Currencies
Time Reference: 43:57

“Boycott Everything” by Bonaparte
Time Reference: 59:45


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    instead of borrow, be the lender
    be the seller not the spender

    happy celestial events


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