Thursday 11 July 2013


By John Kaminski
July 10, 2013

I don't remember being quite so disturbed in recent years as I was yesterday when I learned that popular Internet columnist Zen Gardner had given up the ghost, abandoned ship, and moved his family to an unnamed Third World country. <>

To me, that was like the final sign that all was lost. All the horror stories we've witnessed over the last decade were not abstract nightmares, as the moribund mainstream majority has always insisted; they were provable empirical facts that I and my fellow pessimists have been reporting for years, all too real events that accurately preview a devastating future that is already here.

First of all, Gardner, who has his own popular website <> and a following around the world numbering in the millions, was Mr. Cool, Calm, and Collected himself, a veritable Zen master of answers guiding his readers with a gentle hand to be thoughtful and intelligent. 

He is able to penetrate the roiling sea of contemporary hoaxes and diseases without being the least bit abrasive.

You might be surprised to hear me say that. After all, who have I been over the past ten years? Mr. Doom himself, hammering on the firehouse bell over this betrayal or that pestilence. Shining a feeble spotlight on this atrocity or that conspiracy. For sure, there has been no shortage of alarming material to get hysterical about.

For him to leave the ship in such an efficient and final manner was to my mind the final declaration that the rotting corpse of America was no longer fit for human habitation.

Combined with NSA renegade Jim Stone's report that the new fence along America's Mexico border was really meant to keep us in rather than keep Southern refugees out <>, and the news that cops in America were now shooting senior citizens in their own basements for playing poker with their neighbours <“why_did_you_shoot_me_i_was_reading_a_book_the_new_warrior_cop_is_out_of_control/
it would be impossible to argue against the clear fact that Zen is absolutely right. It's time to get out if you want to stay alive.

Two or three different times since the new millennium arrived like a volcanic pustule on the world mind, I've had this overwhelming dread that our time ~ maybe as a species, but certainly as a country ~ was up. 

The first time was a couple of years after 9/11 when I had laid out all the evidence of who had done what to whom and realized that there was never going to be any mid-course correction, and that the perps were never going to be caught, because the public had lapsed into too deep a white noise coma to be resuscitated. Stock car racing, pole dancing and thirsting for their 15 minutes of fame were just too important to them.

Subsequent events have only validated my predictions in ever-growing pools of foreign blood and domestic diseases.

The second time was last December, produced by a combination of reading Guy McPherson and Ray Kurzweil. 

MacPherson, the depressing but humorous environmental scientist, delivered a startling lecture about the impending extinction of all life on Earth while describing how all the ice in the Arctic was about to disappear, and the boiling frog story was a perfect metaphor for what was about to happen to us, not in some distant future, but this year, or next, or with incredible luck, the one after that. <>

Kurzweil, of course, is the mad Jewish genius now in charge of Google who has predicted ~ on the cover of Time magazine, no less ~ that (because of the epidemics the Jews have unleashed upon us, the chemtrails, the radiation, the toxic foods, etc.) in the next few decades no original organic life would continue to exist on Planet Earth. 

Only the technologically augmented bio-robots that he and his rabbinical Dr. Frankensteins would create in their labs would remain to continue plundering the Earth, and enable the Jewish schemers to advance their Ponzi schemes and pedophilic impulses into outer space, wreaking the same havoc on the Universe that they have used to ravage the Earth (so he thinks; just ask him!). <>

So why would the news of the Zen Man's low-key escape to an unnamed Third World locale be more distressing to me than that?

Because he was the champion of upbeat calmness, of philosophical optimism, for whom no dilemma was too much of a challenge for an even-keel approach that we are in charge of our own lives no matter what kind of disaster may be swallowing the external world in its unstoppable insanity.

With Zen, things in the astral and etheric worlds were always OK if we just mastered the proper disciplines to take us there, even as the empirical rational world was turning to unsurvivable lava right underneath our feet. Which it is.

Really good attitude for life under any circumstances, especially when the lava from the tortured minds and the poisoned sky they have created inches closer to our inadequate and faltering real world sanctuaries.
Chief among these threats is the legacy of Fukushima, which has spread its radioactive fallout into the lungs of everyone in the Northern Hemisphere.

Eventually, it will engulf the Southern Hemisphere in the same kind of inescapable poison fog, but at least you get a few extra years in latitudes south of Singapore, with the three main options being Spanish-speaking lower South America, blood and AIDS-drenched Southern Africa, or New World Order outpost Australia, now turning into a giant FEMA camp faster than you can say "George W. Bush and Barack Obama are American psychos anally raping the entire world".
Alas, if that were the only threat. As an idiot smoker watching the world go up in smoke, I can't help but marvel at the degree to which the non-smokers of the world are coughing their heads off these days. If that's not radioactive particles in their lungs, it would be the legacy of those thin clouds that dominate our polluted skies most days. Dane Wigington, the crusader against chemtrails, notes that 20 million tons of aluminum particulate have been deposited in Earth's atmosphere since the late '90s in a harebrained attempt to forestall global warming which has only exacerbated it. <>

Hence, the disappearance of Arctic sea ice, and the rapid rise of Earth's temperature, which guarantees the near-term extinction of all life on Earth that requires air to survive.
Can you imagine having your future depend on the integrity of Kurzweilian Talmudists transplanting your consciousness in robot bodies they have designed for you?

It would be the perfect Jewish prison, the one they have been trying for centuries to build to capture the world in their own nightmare, and judging by what's on television in these demented days, they have just about succeeded.
So what advice can I provide to those have planned and schemed to survive this calculated, pre-planned apocalypse? What upbeat philosophical cant is it possible to produce that would alleviate the metastasizing knowledge that the lifespan of our world has been severely curtailed? 

You want hope? 

Sorry, I'm all out of it.

You know, of course, that the story of the SS Titanic, the massive steamship that supposedly hit an iceberg in 1912, was no accident. Its pre-planned purpose was to eliminate opposition to the Jewish Federal Reserve scheme to start World War I, killing the billionaire John Jacob Astor and other opponents in a staged accident. 

Now, the American Titanic is going down, and taking the world with it. It has been nice to know you, really. I know some really nice people, who tried really hard to prevent this from happening. Perhaps, in all our cases, it was not hard enough.

Too bad you didn't listen to what I said ten years ago, that only by removing the Jews from the terrestrial equation could we save ourselves. 

Too bad you didn't listen to the really great American thinkers ~ Eustace Mullins, Charles Lindbergh, Henry Ford, Ezra Pound and many other great and honest men who were derisively suppressed by the Jewish media monster ~ and what they said throughout the 20th century. But it's too late to listen to them. They're dead, as we will all be, soon.

All hands, abandon ship. The American Titanic is going down, and taking the whole world with it. 

Try to stay alive, if you can. There will be life on the other side of Armageddon, and the drive to build a better world will go on. We hope.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


  1. John, you have expressed the same sentiments as I regarding the actions of Zen Gardener. I am deeply saddened for my country ~ and for myself. Thank you Noor for sharing John Kaminsky's essay.

    ~ born awake

  2. Geez John....don't sugarcoat it..tell 'em the BAD news.


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