Tuesday 13 May 2014


There hasn't been much activity here of late as you may or may not have noticed, dear Reader. At this point I have reached a certain saturation point and need time off.  All the blogging in the world, all the contacts made in here, just don't have the appeal of being out there doing "stuff".  I am fed up to the gills having my every thought invaded by thoughts of doom and gloom and then further tainted by consideration of our eternal enemy; I simply need to breathe for awhile without it all. 

This does not mean hiding; this means a change of focus. Everyone knows who the enemy is, everyone! Finally our years of shouting has brought the obvious to the eye of the world ~ all the world but the West and it, at the moment, is lost ~ my little voice is not going to change much.  

For a little bit I considered doing a new blog perhaps titled "Growing Old Disgracefully" but that just hasn't materialized because... well it just hasn't. Seems so self centered to be honest.

Selfish and backsliding, you think? I plead guilty ~ to being tired of the constant reminders of evil, just so tired of it all. Weary to the bone. Time to find balance if possible. The world functions quite well without my participation at this time.  There is no sense in fighting for something if you have no pleasure in life's pursuits ~ I mean, what do we fight for? Quality of our lives.  So for now I am all about the fresh air and flowers. 

This is not selling out or changing allegiances or giving up. Far from it. But the enemy wins if you cannot think of anything else BUT him and his damages even though they are everywhere around us in this misleading construct called "society".

There is no hiding from, for example, the constant chemtrails overhead, but perhaps it is time to concentrate on just enjoying what we have. After years of being upset about them, seeing them 24/7 from my window, this does not mean acceptance of their inevitability merely realization that people just don't seem to notice or care despite years and years of warnings. A lifetime of being their Chicken Little or, according to Trojan myth, Cassandra, has been wearying but gratifying but it is time for a change of focus ~ forty plus years of being a Cassandra has taken its toll.

Personally, I am finding photography and developing various photoshop art skills enjoyable. It is a pleasure to work on images that are beautiful not full of schlock.

After spending the evenings of the past few weeks watching the entire 6 seasons of Sons of Anarchy I figure I am ready for the road! As much as I enjoyed the show, indeed became addicted to every next episode, I realized it was nothing more than a very violent soap opera! 

Above is my new toy. It is just an electric bicycle really but learning to ride it safely is a challenge because it is darn heavy.  It has taken me a week to be able, with great effort, put it up on its kickstand. I have already had one wipe-out and am still nursing the scrapes and bruises, fortunately just superficial. This bike is a far cry from the ten-speed I retired from a lifetime of service in the early 1990's!

I am not closing Snippits and Snappits. There is such a huge backlog of material and books posted herein; dig about and see what comes up. With over 6000 postings there has to be something of interest to you. I should be back, but for now, I am off to just live while it is possible.

As you know, my blogroll is full of excellent places to go if you wish to keep up with matters. The Ugly Truth, Tony Cartalucci, Tlaxcala, Global Research, Zen Gardener, Kenny's, Rebel of Oz, those are just the first few to come to mind that are listed there. 

Yep, going out and playing with flowers and the resulting images is a lot of fun! A learning and challenging process with mixed results so far.  I am not even a moderately good photographer but that comes with time and practice.

Predator and Prey


  1. Beautiful photos Noor.

    You take care and hey, have some fun. We'll see you back here soon and refreshed. Time away can give us new perspectives and we mustn't forget all the good things in life.

  2. Spoken like the wise man you are, Kenny!

  3. Good Vacations Noor and a Portuguese kisses (we gave two, one in each cheek)

    I can not always write a comment, but i'am always alert.
    I like you and your blog, thanks to indicate the new aang blog, because i love them too.


  4. You will be missed. Always a highlight on my feed. The most valuable people on the planet are our honest authentic guides and teachers. Sad to lose your voice. Best regards.

  5. Thank you for giving us notice. I have been wondering what's going on, and I sure will miss you for however long it takes you to get back.

    Be well, Cassandra, those flowers are beautiful. And I love your 'Moped'. Too bad it's on the heavy side.

  6. Good morning Noor, from The Caribbean. I am selfishly sorry to see you take a 'holiday', but I too have reached a numb saturation point. The 'bad guys' have won, temporarily. They continue with their evil, 'thousand year plan', and they are certainly precipitating a 'thousands year-old' response. We will all continue to monitor 'the bad guy's" 'progress' so we will know when to time has returned again, to act. With Grrreat Respect - SeaGypsy

  7. You will be back. Eventually. We all know it.

    Have a nice time now - you deserve it!


  8. Been away myself.....enjoy your holiday Noor and a big thanks for all you do.

  9. Keep putting the pictures of the flowers up! =) Please!

  10. AA Noor,

    Though you will be missed, I completely understand the need to smell and photograph the flowers. ( Beautiful pics BTW! ) Everyone needs a vacation. I hope yours is filled with laughter, sunshine and blessings.

    Thank you for retaining your valuable archives. Thank you for your years of devotion creating this excellent blog.

    I hope you find the balance that you seek. I too feel the same need, from time to time. Of course your loyal readers hope someday you will return refreshed. After all, your work is a treasure.

    Please do share some more happy pics, as you recharge your batteries. May I grab one of your flowers for wallpaper? You take such lovely photographs!

    Warmest Regards and Allah Hafiz! :)


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