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Source: No One to Vote For
July 26, 2014

Our societies have swallowed every big lie that 'democratic' governments have foisted upon us over recent years. No matter how ridiculous or provably false, the lie is established as fact by media spokespersons and the process of mere repetition.

At the moment the ongoing slaughter in Gaza is defended and maintained primarily by the lie of 'equivalence'.


This lie is repeated endlessly on all mainstream media by newscasters, so-called 'journalists' (and the 0.5% of our population whose arguments get well in excess of 50% of broadcast airtime). We have two sides 'at war' and Israel has a right, indeed a duty, to "protect its innocent civilians" from Hamas' rockets. 

There are two problems with this narrative.

1) Israel started this war. The pretext was created when 3 young Jewish hitchhikers were kidnapped and murdered about three weeks ago. There is zero evidence that this crime was committed by Hamas or even Palestinians. Hamas (who normally, in the manner of all such groups [like the IRA used to] claim credit for their attacks) denied that this event had anything to do with them. It was reported in Haaretz that the head of the IDF had predicted, one week before the event, the kidnapping of 3 young Israelis. Seasoned observers of the Israeli machine, like Gilad Atzmon, predicted that something dreadful was about to happen.
It appears a strange thing that criminal governments always seem to feel the need to publicly advertise their crimes in advance but this appears to be a necessary element in what is, essentially, an occult and Satanic template.
It appears that within occult ideology pre-relating your crime or abuse transfers guilt to the victim and deepens the sense of powerlessness and loss. It amplifies the effects of the evil (as in phoning someone up and telling him that you are going to come round and rape his wife before actually doing it).
ED Noor: Consider the slaughter/sacrifice of always innocent animals as part of blood sacrifices. The sins of the “priest” or those he represents are passed on to the creature which is then slaughtered, the sins now purified in the flames and smoke that arise to the heavens.
Similar signals were publicly broadcast before the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks. 

Bearing all this in mind it is clear that this is a war of Israel's choosing. Another 'mowing of the lawn' and perhaps more.

2) Stating the obvious yet again, it should be remembered that the "innocent Israeli civilians" that need protecting are not 'Semites' but pale-skinned ethnic Khazars from Russia, Brooklyn and Stamford Hill with zero historical connection to the land of Palestine ~ individuals who think they have the right to march into someone else's country, steal their land, lock the dispossessed up in an open prison, starve them, pollute their water supplies, deny them even the ability to trade, repeatedly massacre them, then act the innocent victim when the imprisoned fling mostly harmless missiles over the prison fence in their direction.

The fact that the Israeli population almost unanimously supports their government in the mass-murder of women and children is, to the onlooker, one of the most distressing aspects of this 'conflict'.

But are these "civilians", these thieves who demand Palestinian blood, really innocent? Have Hamas not some justification in considering all Israelis who inflict these gross injustices against their people as war criminals, thieves and murderers.

Is there really 'equivalence' of any conceivable kind between the two sides in this conflict?

For most of us, whatever our political representatives say on our behalf, the question answers itself.

But the fact there is gross injustice and unacceptable abuse of the defenseless going on in Gaza is not obvious to Melanie Phillips and her ilk.

Given the violations of International Law, the child-murdering carnage and the decades of Israeli bad faith, is it not staggering that 100% of the US Senate voted in support of Israel's attacks on Gaza? Is it not also staggering that 82% of Conservative MP's are 'Friends of Israel'? 

How, in God's name, did we ever get to where we are?
Above: GIBBERISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So-called “Holocaust” so-called “survivor” Jew Raul Hilberg.
The problem is this. The entire western world has succumbed to the power of Jewish money, first ~ and the Jewish gibberish that goes with it, second. 

The second element in our corruption is more significant than the first. Money is not harmful in itself, however lies are very harmful indeed. Without them evil is exposed, naked and disgusting for exactly what it is.
Evil must clothe itself in lies in the same manner that Satan must approach the well-intentioned soul as Lucifer, angel of light, imitator of God. 
To co-operate with evil we must be made to see it as good.

Without lies evil is all but a corpse.

The war to establish the hegemony of Jewish gibberish has been going on for a very long time. The record of this war, its plans, templates and increasing sophistication exist for all to read in a long and clearly unfolding lineage; The Book of Deuteronomy, The Talmud, The Protocols of Zion, The Communist Manifesto and the most devastating final variation on a racist supremacist theme, the works of the Frankfurt School of Psychology are easily accessible to anyone who cares to look.

According to the four Gospels, condemnation of the earliest versions of these teachings was a major part of Christ's mission on earth. He accused the Pharisees (and their scribes and lawyers) of being "of Satan"

....Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. (John 8:44)
What Christian reminds us of this teaching today? What Christian Church is prepared to even recognize the importance of this central warning that Christ's delivered to the world? The part that, after all, got Him executed.

In an age when Catholic Popes are prepared to participate in joint religious ceremonies with leaders of the cult whose holy book, The Talmud, says,

one is forced to conclude that the Pharisees have now ABSORBED the Christian Churches. 

In other words, that in the manner that the rest of society has been drawn into the Jewish religion via 'secular', Frankfurt-School-style political correctness and all the liberality and 'tolerance' that go with it, so too have the major Christian Churches.
i.e. All elements of the establishment of our entire society are Talmudists, whether they recognize it or not.
If Christ returned today he would address the leaders of Christian churches exactly as he did the Pharisees two thousand years ago.

Another way of putting it...... a to say

We are all Jews now.

Inasmuch as we believe the lies placed before us,
inasmuch as we passively observe the evident crimes committed in our names,
inasmuch as the Jewish gibberish lives in our minds and hearts
we are souls in need of real liberation.

Being ethnically Jewish, Sephardic or Ashkenazi, is not the problem.

Being enslaved by lies is the problem.

Many ethnic Jews are among the most vocal and powerful prophets of our day regarding the cultural and spiritual disaster that is ever more enfolding and enslaving us.

We must not blame persons of Jewish descent. They must be saved, like the rest of us. Jews have generally been more intensively brainwashed than ourselves ~ but while their brainwashing regarding the world is much the same as our own they also have to cope with additional burdens. They have been told that all non-Jews irrationally hate them. They also have to cope with the fact that males endure a bout of pre-cognitive genital mutilation, embedding in their subconscious minds a nameless knowing that somebody, somewhere really is out to get them.

I'm not ethnically Jewish myself but I realize more and more that I have been a Jew most of my life ~ before the beginnings of truth dawned (via the recognition of the BIG lies, 9/11 etc).
At a certain moment the spell of these lies that had been cast over me was broken. This process is irreversible but our egoist nature makes the first step difficult, it being uncomfortable to admit the extent of one's own gullibility.
I renounce my Jewishness here and now and call on all Jews, bound to Talmudic lies to do the same. (The truth is that we gentiles are human too. We are. Really. Even though I say so myself. Neither do we hate you. It is a natural human thing to hate lies and wickedness but do not confuse this with an a priori, necessary prejudice against Jews as people.) 

I renounce my Pharasaical Catholic Church that has nothing whatsoever to say about the greatest lies of our times, nor will acknowledge some of the most important teachings of the Messiah it purports to follow.

I understand that there will only be one winner in the ongoing war of the Spirit. I obscurely perceive that the Creator's system is greater than I can possibly realize and that even those that oppose the True God and True Creator cannot help but work towards the greater good* of all beings in the long run. 

*For example, although overtly 'racist' Deuteronomy, the Talmud etc. are, much more essentially, simply Satanic than 'racist'. The 'racism' is simply there to enslave a target group (who, in keeping with all the other gibberish, are not really a race at all).

In the effort to establish the desired global Satanic tyranny it has been necessary to undermine tribal, cultural, racial, national, familial and religious unities of peoples by promoting (among other things) 'anti-racism' in order that mass-immigration can be imposed on 'the nations' with minimal resistance. 

This 'anti-racism' has largely served its purpose. There is much less 'nationalism' and 'racism' amongst the broad masses of the public than there used to be a few decades ago ~ and a good thing too.

Though the motive is all wrong, the outcome is potentially positive inasmuch as people have learned to see the other as being essentially no different from themselves. Thus Lucifer cannot help but serve God, whatever its intention. Or, as Les Visible put it.
'Lucifer works for God'.
In the end we all do.

The sooner we Jewish people collectively recognize this, the better for everybody.

In the meantime God help Gaza.


  1. Oh boy, or should I say Boyle? This apologetic approach to the Jewish agenda really misses the mark. Are we to stand up in solidarity with the tribe all of a sudden?

    And I thought we were all Palestinians now. So, what's it going to be ... getting slaughtered or watching the Blitzkrieg on Gaza from the hillside? I think if Kevin wants to join the genocidal ranks he is free to do so. But beware of the consequences.

  2. Great piece, Sure do miss Kevin Boyle's website.


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