Saturday 18 October 2014


ED Noor: Please take note of the petition at the bottom of the page and take the appropriate action. Thank you from two Canadians who care about YOUR freedom of speech  ~ one of whom faces severe consequences that will effect your children. 

When you read about the massive evidence of torture in Syria by the military, remember this cartoon of Mr. Arar, an innocent Canadian, rendered by the US to Syria for torture. Just sayin'....

 Cultural ignorance can be such a blessing!

If the last election was full of this type of politicking, get set for some serious gender issue material shoved down your throat. Be prepared to defend yourself if you are not fully on board with the agenda.

 So why is this not general police across the country?


 Brilliant depiction of ISIL/ISIS

To help Mr. Topham in this struggle, please take a moment to sign 

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  1. haha! Some funny ones. Love it when you post cartoons!


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