Saturday 20 December 2014


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From a site called "You only had ONE job to do!"

You can now buy a $285, six-foot Menorah Tree, shaped like a candelabra, with pine garlands wrapped around each of the menorah's nine candle-holders

 Hannukah bush decoration. (!)

 I imagine they are a very sweet couple.

Maybe he needs to change his name to Jewdolph.

 This photo just begs for the right quotation. Open to suggestions. I am thinking along the line of the Bush male line.....

Did you shop at Walmart this Christmas season? 

 Meanwhile in Palestine....

 Elections 2016

 For under the tree this Christmas. For hunting the fugitive parents of the terrorist baby Jesus perhaps?

 Gonna roll my eyes at this bit of PR.

 Especially when it accompanies this.



This is a piece of (in your face) not-so-subtle genius if you know your symbolism.

 Absolutely NO comment but I found this when researching "Jews in China".

OK, you want racist? Here you go.... it gets no more racist than this.

Leaving Afghanistan...

Priceless! Kind of like finding a swastika hidden in an intricate geometrical pattern....


  1. The biggest joke around here is you : A Catholic girl wearing a Mohammedan burka on your "Catholic" Noor head.

    Gee, I hope Santa gives you a new burka for Ramadan, Ooops, I mean Christmas. You must get weary and bored wearing the same old Mohammedan burka every day, Oh, "Catholic" girl. It's good to have a varied wardrobe of at least two Mohammedan burkas to choose from, no?

    Do you go to Christmas Mass wearing a Mohammedan burka also? Or, do you go to a Mohammedan mosque on Christmas -- just for the hell of it, just to prove how tolerant and full of peace, luv, and understanding you are ? Or, do you stand outside a Catholic church with the raghead Mohammedans-on-Jihad throwing rocks at the Catholics entering and leaving Mass -- like the Mohammedan burka/keffir wearing Mohammedans-on-Jihad in France do?

    I bet you really love "pope" francis the donmeh jew. He LUVS Mohammedans to kibble-and-bits also.

    Maybe you should take a break from blogging and go to Rome for Christmas. You could go to Christmas Eve Mass in the Vatican with your Mohammedan burka on your "Catholic" head. "pope" francis, I'm sure, will welcome you and your Mohammedan burka with open arms, donmeh jew he truly is.

    You feature many articles about what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians. You never get around to featuring what the Mohammedans are doing in Europe : Never mention the Mohammedan jihad they're waging against Catholic Europe, their Mohammedan rape-jihad, their vandalism of Catholic churches in Europe, their very violent attacks upon Catholic Europeans, the war they're waging in Europe against Catholics, Oh "Catholic" girl with Mohammedan rag on your "Catholic" head.

    Merry "ramadan" : What a joke ; A Catholic girl with a Mohammedan burka on her "Catholic" head, even on Catholic Holy Days no less. You're either suffering from severe Cognitive Dissonance or you're playing on, hoping that, your readers suffer from Cognitive Dissonance.

    You undermine the truth you do tell with the charade you put on wearing the stage costume of a Mohammedan burka on your "Catholic" head. You turn your work into a joke with that Mohammedan rag on your head as you proclaim you're really a "Catholic". What a farce. What a mockery of real Catholicism as you claim to be a Catholic.

    Not all your readers suffer from Cognitive Dissonance. I'm blessedly immune from all the fluoride in our H20. Videre Licet. Videre Licet is a Latin Catholic expression. I don't know how to say it in Arabic. You shouldn't have any problem translating it into Arabic, though, Mohammedan "Catholic" that you are, LOL.

    From : Salvatore

    1. Thank you, Salvatore, for telling me how you really think. Obviously you put a lot of time and thought into that excellent racist-tinged rant; I sincerely hope you feel all the better for it. You must have had a bad day, hmmm?

      At least you did not go all atheist or something equally boring on me.

      You see included above are two .gif statements in that whack of "cartoons". One is about not caring about the opinions of others because it doesn't pay the bills. The other is about not being the jackass whisperer. I post these things because they reflect my thoughts.

    2. If I ever decide to stop being a "racist" , I certainly hope I don't go so overboard as a Non-racist to throw a Mohammedan keffir rag on my Catholic head to prove my anti-racism to the whole world, lol. It's a bit too theatrical for me.

      Next time ramadan rolls around, I will type out a post and send it off to you while wearing a Lawrence of Arabia costume. That should make you happy, as you Luv theatrics and costumes so much, speaking of all things that makes one happy. Or, considering you're stationed in Google/Mountain View, being in the gay Bay Area and all, would you prefer it if I wore a belly dancer costume when I type up a post to send you? Or, I could dress up like a swirling dervish from the Garden of Cafour or Jajouka Morocco.

      A benefit of being a racist -- one of many benefits to being a racist -- I don't have to waste any money on Halloween costumes.

      At least the Mohammedans won't ever put you through female genital mutilation. Walking around in a Mohammedan burka as you do, the ragheads will assume you've been female genitally mutilated already and will leave you alone, praise alla baba and his 313 helper angels and his 40 buddy-buddies.

      It is within the realm of possibility to be opposed to what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians and also be opposed to the Mohammedan jihad in Europe [ but you already know that's a possibility] . You seem to only be opposed to what the Israelis are doing in Palestine/Israel and totally indifferent -- in other words, support -- the Mohammedan jihad the Moslems are waging in Europe against all White Europeans, including the Catholics in Europe, Oh "Catholic" girl.

      It's very nice you're not a racist [ supposedly not a racist] , but it would also be nice if you showed some concern for your own kind, if you really are a Catholic, as the Mohammedans are attacking Catholics in Europe all the time, in all kinds of ways, many of the ways very violent -- you're never appalled by the Mohammedan jihad they're waging in Europe as you cry and cry about the Palestinians. Methinks you use the Palestinian issue as a smoke screen to cover up your support of Mohammedan jihad in White Europe, in Catholic Europe. The burka on your "Catholic" head doesn't cover up the fact you use the Palestinian issue as a smoke screen to hide your support of Mohammedan jihad in White Europe. In fact, the burka on your head proves how very much you support the Mohammedan jihad in White Europe -- the burka on your head and your complete silence about the Islamic jihad the Moslems are waging in Europe says it all. Now who is the real racist, as you want to see White Europe turn Mohammedan, turn black African, as you feign to be a "non-racist", as you feign to be about "peace".

      You're really a "Catholic", and I'm really "James Bond", Hollywood movie star. "there's no business like show business, like no business I know".

      From : Salvatore

    3. Google/Mountain View is wrong. I do not live in the USA. I noted it lists many folks I know from other parts of North America as being in Southern CA also. Wrong. If you bothered to look about the blog you would know where I am from, I do not hide it.

      Just so ya know. This second rant bored me so much that when I saw your error on my locale I just plain stopped reading. You are consumed by some weirdness that is no longer entertaining.

      The mess in Europe is Jew created. If you do not know that you miss the point. Of course I am aware of the situation but I am no expert on it. And there are more than enough people to cover the situation. The overall international mess is created by one group and I prefer to focus on them. Everyone loses when they are involved... in almost anything to do with human relations.

      I walk around looking like everyone else. I only wear my Abaya when I want to go shopping for milk at the corner store and don't feel like getting out of my pajamas. Or when I go to the pool and just want to wear my suit and jammies coming and going. In and out. Such a convenience! Oy vey! The big shock? My long bright hair is loose and uncovered.

      Now, run along, Salvatore. You and your fantasy suppositions are no longer amusing. Please take your hate-on somewhere else. But please, do have a very Buon Natale as my Sicilian boyfriend would say.

  2. Merry Christmas to you too, Noor.

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your blog. It's a classic. A new generation of curious souls will come across it and will use it to become educated. And they will respect you then as I do today.

    All the best.


  3. Thank you so much. Kind words go a long way!

    As you can see from the above, not everyone feels quite the same way! C'est la vie.

  4. I think you look amazing in that abaya! In my opinion you are the perfect face of Christian tolerance. Salvatore is either confused and uninformed or well paid..
    Thank you for all your hard work Noor,

  5. I love your blog, you are a hero and heros are always in the line of fire!
    Please keep up your good work!

    With best regards & respect from switzerland


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