Tuesday 16 December 2014



Please go to my original article with multiple images posted HERE.

Update here. Rather than repost the entire piece again, I thought to add a few new images (and humorous quotes) here and merely direct you back there. These are more just for fun since the original point is made in the main article.

All I have to offer are a few new images. I really did not go crazy on an update since by now we all know this is a wee holiday for primarily the young to keep them happy over the Christmas season. I can understand this because by now, I am already so-so-o-o-over with the sounds and commercials of the season. 

Coming Soon: Merry Christmas! Off With Your Head!

 Hannukah Bong. I would not put my lips to this for the finest green.

 Ugly is ugly no matter the celebration!

 Tree envy perhaps? You didn't hear Freud discussing these things.

 Jamaican Hannukah ~ not er, Kwanza, whatever that is?

 "Torah at your fingertips"!
 Just like Disney "instant classics" we now have a "new tradition". Let us discuss childhood doublespeak.

 Sigh. Don't even get started on that one!

 We knew this all along, didn't we boys and girls?

 I look at this one and scratch my head.

 The story of a nice Sephardic girl......

 Translation: "Poor Jewish you."

Not your mother's menorrah. Well, perhaps it is.

 OK this has to be the ugliest sweater every created. Bar none. No contest. The whole thing is creepy.

 No burning bush?

The mogen David and the Grateful Dead and Christmas and Hannukah. Whew. Gives new meaning to the phrase "We have it all."

 Shudder. I would wonder what was in my egg nog by now if I saw this...


 Joke. Photoshop.

 Not a joke. For sale on Etsy.

 Uhmmmm this did make me smile and think about my vaporizer.

 SANITARY NAPKINS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 The site where I found this image described it as "anti semitism at its best".  I think they were serious.




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