Tuesday 17 February 2015


By Paul Craig Roberts
February 17, 2015

With the eyes of the world focused on the war in Ukraine and the stalemate in the talks between the Greeks and the EU, today former U.S. Treasury official, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, explained to King World News why Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has just warned the West that it faces terrifying consequences.

Former U.S. Treasury official, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: 
“The U.S. demonization of Russia and Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has resulted in alienating those Russians who were supportive of the West and the United States.  The constant demonization of Russia and Putin has galvanized the Russian people behind their president.
Putin More Popular Than Any Leader in The World
Just today it was reported that Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has a staggering 85 percent approval rating in Russia.  No politician in the West or anywhere else in the world has approval numbers anywhere close to that.  So the West has completely and utterly failed in its attempt to force a change in political leadership in Russia.
Ukraine Humiliated and Defeated
Now the question is:  What about Ukraine?  The Ukrainian military has failed in eastern Ukraine.  The pro-Russian people and their forces have defeated the Ukrainian Army on all fronts and the Ukrainian military is thoroughly demoralized and humiliated.
IMF Breaking Rules to Support Bankrupt Ukraine’s War Effort
Now the question becomes:  What about the survival of the Ukrainian government?  Under their own rules, the IMF cannot lend to countries that are at war.  The IMF is not supposed to have their funds used to support a war effort or to enter a conflict on the side of one party.

The IMF also is not supposed to lend to bankrupt countries.  Well, Ukraine is clearly bankrupt.  But Western institutions are following Washington’s lead and since Washington is lawless, all entities in the West are becoming lawless.

Merkel and Hollande Worried
Meanwhile, chess master Putin may simply be waiting until Ukraine collapses economically and militarily later this year. Ukraine is now facing economic and military collapse and Merkel and Hollande are desperately trying to stop Washington from worsening the crisis.  They have realized that Washington doesn’t care about Europe's fate or the risks to which Washington subjects Europeans as Washington strives for hegemony over Russia.

War With Russia an Act Of Suicide
Europe has realized that Washington is pushing them into a war.  Germany and France know that a war with Russia would be an act of suicide.  They are not going to go along with that.  They are distancing themselves from Washington’s aggressive policies.

Putin’s Warns West of Terrifying Consequences
Russia just conducted their largest nuclear drills in history.  Putin is reminding the West that Russia will not sacrifice its national interests to Washington's demands.  Putin can’t allow Russia to be attacked.  The only way Russia can be attacked is if military arms flow through Europe to the eastern front.  Putin has made it clear with his nuclear exercises that this will have dire consequences for Europe.

Putin is letting the European governments know that if they enable Washington’s aggression against Russia, then they are at risk.  In other words, Putin will not allow Europe to enable Washington to bring war to Russia with no consequences to Europe.” 

ED Noor: A Few Closing Chuckles for an Extremely Serious Situation (because at times, all you can do is laugh at the absurdity of this folly that could surely be the destruction of us all.)





  1. And then some times, I get the feeling Putin is part of the banksters schemes and playing his part rather well.

    1. I tend to agree with you. I read somewhere that there are 3 major aspects to breaking free of the Chosen ones and that Putin is only 2/3 out the door ~ that 1/3 being quite troubling. I also consider that BRICS could just be another side of the coin in the global march towards banking chaos. But what do I know?

  2. I have my own take on all of this. To the consternation of many of our compatriots, I believe all of this back and forth between America, Europe and Russia is all bluster. All Kabuki Theater.

    I do not believe, for a second, that Putin is the good guy and worthy of the praise given him by the alternative media. He is too cozy with the Jews. He supports the Holocaust narrative and the laws against the denial. He regularly sucks the Jews ass in Israel (and at home). The recent government "takeover" (aka MEGA PAY OUT) of the huge oil company (the name slips me right now) actually made some of the richest Jewish Oligarchs (two of which are Ukrainian) even that much more richer.

    Of course I may be wrong (wouldn't be the first time), but I doubt very seriously that there will ever be war between America and Russia (or NATO and Russia). There may be a proxy war between the new Jewish run Ukrainian forces and Russia, but like Georgia, they will turn tail and run very quickly. However, it appears that the Ukrainian insurgency may stop the poorly motivated Ukrainian troops dead in their tracks before even a whiff of war can be conducted.

    In the long run, I suspect that all of this will backfire for America and its Jewish controllers. For I think the entire end goal is to break down America financially and bring in some other world government that will actually include Russia, China and Europe as more important players than the dried out, worthless husk of America once the Jews have finished ravaging her for all her wealth.

    Oh, and when I say America, I mean Canada too.

    (Of course, if and when the missiles start flying between N America and Russia, please delete all of this comment.)


    1. If the missiles start flying, I live a few blocks from Canada's major naval base so I doubt I would be able to delete anything!

      Perhaps, just perhaps, the same philosophy applied to Russia in Afghanistan by the Anglo-Zionist cabal is now being brought down on America. In fact, now that I have just typed that, many examples of proof of this come to mind.

      The creation of Al Qaeda (originally the mujaheddin) by Brzezinski served many purposes one of which is this latest mess with ISIS. (aka: It's Still Israel Stupid!) but the more immediate objectives were financial (Rothschild banks) but also to break Russia down psychologically and financially.

      They succeeded but Russia picked herself up through one means or another. Now it is America's turn to have its men returned home maimed and broken, the medical system taxed to death, the people losing and expenses spiraling, etc etc etc. Putin did a good job of pulling things together in Russia, no doubt about it. There is no American politico worthy of wiping his shoes on the international stage ~ well maybe Cynthia McKinney but her chances are not good enough.

      As for the worthless husk stuff and North America, I have been saying that for a very long time. Canada is being actively set up now.

  3. Noor, what are the 3 major aspects to breaking free of the chosen ones.. and which has putin missed?

    1. I knew someone would ask that! To be honest, I cannot remember, but the point I was trying to get across, however inadequately, is that two thirds just ain't enough. Putin has done more than many world leaders regarding these folks, but there is still some smoke because he could not pull off a scorched earth policy of these creatures as we would all wish could be done in our own countries.

  4. Buelamahn, Could not Putin be pandering to the chosen ones as part of a smart tactic of non violation.. I think he is being more stealth then enjoying the asses he kisses. In my opinion he is choosing his battles wisely.

  5. as long as the synagogue of satan so-called "Jews" are able to conduct
    counter measures to truth breaking out they are like cornered rats


    Jesus said emphatically to put them in the ovens...@ Matthew 13:39-42

    the Hatred of Jesus is the fundamental tenet of the Talmud.



  6. Noor thank you for the reply :) I can see your point in a more general way.. just thought i was missing something. I believe Putin is aware that the chosen ones are waiting for him to expose himself as anti zionist so they can take that and feed it to the masses. They want war, they are the only nation that wants this third war.. and they own the media/masses.
    In the same way Noam Chompsky supports a boycott of Israel for her crimes but will not speak out publicly against them.. it would be career suicide for him. Personally I have to believe Putin has the right motives and is playing his cards well. If his heart is corrupt as well we are all fked.


    Hi Barbara, I haven't done much blog commenting lately. Sometimes I get tired of it. Lately I have noticed I cannot comment on your google blog for some reason. I can on aangirfan and most wordpress blogs but not yours. I have been suspended for a couple of days on my own blog but it corrects. When they say are you Doc Holiday, bad things happen and supposedly somebody called by that is using my email. I don't have a blog called Doc Holliday but he is my cousin.

    Anyway wanted to send you this ..... pretty bad huh?

    Anyway the comment was:

    Yes Noor, it is not like Paul Craig "Washington" Roberts doesn't spice things up with a lot of facts but this idea that Washington is running the show would be quite hilarious if it were not so serious. He conveniently forgets that Washington is 18 trillion in debt to EU bankers who actually print the money. Is Washington telling the Rothschilds what to do? I don't think so. I call it a limited hang out.

    No the orders come down from Rome through London and Washington politicians are told to act like they are running the show and pushing for war.

    Washington isn't lending Monsanto 17 billion to buy up Ukraine farmland, the IMF is.

    Angela has to be one of the dumbest freaks to ever be head of state. The look on her face seems to indicate she just remembered what happened to daddy Adolph the last time we saw this movie. She was reared under the catholic church and then handed over to a Lutheran family and then became chancellor of Germany. Go figure.

    This cheer leading bit is such a farce also! :)


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