Saturday 30 September 2017


Brr. It is getting cold but it is so wonderful to hear the rain beating upon the windows again. Finally the air feels fresh after a summer of smoke and fires. Once again, for you all, a collection of material from various sources to get you through the weekend. Please enjoy and I ask you to share this page and the images wherever you can.

Life in Ontario under deviant Premier Kathleen Wynne.


And the days grow shorter.

Every. Darn. Time.

Definitely not worth the bother.

Back to Charlottesville. Truth not exposed in the JMSM.

I am sure I trigger folks off when I tell them this! Of course I refer to the libs... 

This would require families remaining whole, not the Communist miserable vision of division and destruction of the family and generations.

Cleverest cartoon of the week.

The other children quickly learned not to touch little Susie's toys.

Dumb but funny. Admit it. You smiled.

One of the best this week. Trudeau is aiming for the top using anyone he can to get there, including climbing on the political backs of Canada's Original Peoples.

We have all seen this Bosch painting thousands of times over our lifetime. But the other day when I saw this cut over at 90 Miles From Tyranny, my first thought was ... life under a Communist purge... hell.

Why the language must be so obscene will always be a mystery to me.

Ah, Castro, you were such a hypocrite! You used every medical tool available to draw your life to the last breath.  I will also say this supports the Communist belief that a person is only of value so long as they are of an age to labour and consume. And even then, eventually, the consume aspect is denied the masses.

Interesting how the teacher above resembles Communist Liberal Kathleen Wynne, the detestable Premier of Ontario! 

And  back to Communism at West Point.

Yes, a vintage Communist Sino-Soviet Alliance poster with a rather unappealing message.

Vintage Marxist publication

Enlarge. Read.

No surprises here.

Omgosh but this image makes me feel so good. Look at that contented face. I am far from that life now, alas, but I grew up with such a canoe on just such a lake. I learned so much about life and the wilderness in that canoe.

And so it still goes today. Thank you, Russia.

Then there are those lovely child immigrants entering Europe.

I found an entire series of these; the only thing that seems correct is the level of  printing. 

Another African daycare emptied its contents into a boat and shipped them off to Europe.

Saad Alsaud, reported to have been the fastest 14-year-old in Sweden, dwarfing younger schoolboys and girls as they join him for a run. He looks old enough to be the father of the children he is jogging with. What really blows me away is how the parents of these children remain silent about the dangers their own young are in with these situations. Or the absolute lunacy of it all.

The new Swedish blonde.

Out with the old... 

NOT a real Nat Geo cover. But it could be considering the liberal political slant of this formerly prestigious publication. Now it is just good for the pictures. Sometimes.

But this is NOT fake. This is Germany.

One of Germany's greatest exports, international model Heidi Klum, very publicly "lived the interracial dream" with rock star Seal, resulting in 3 children. They more or less set the standard.

WHY!? What drives people to do these things?

Dark poetry in motion.

Yep. A man to take charge!

Every cartoonist on the planet seemed intent on remembering that purveyor of scumbaggery with great fondness. And most were not terribly original using the bunny logo more often that not. The other angle taken was that Hef was leaving the paradise of his lascivious earthly life for lesser pleasures. No comment but I am sure you, dear reader, can gather my feelings on this man's contributions. Now, Stilton also of my generation, but being male, has a much more forgiving attitude towards Hef. I do admit, however, to loving the cartoons and actually reading the articles as a teen and ONE did effect the way I approached politics for my entire life. So I suppose Hef did have an influence on me! Anyhow, back to Stilton.:
Yesterday the world lost Hugh Hefner, age 91, the creator of Playboy magazine, the Playboy philosophy, the Playboy mansion, and Most Valuable Player in the kickoff of the sexual revolution.

Playboy was a significant influence on many a young man back in its heyday, because it really was about more than just the nudie pictures ~ although what pictures they were! Modestly posed (by today's standards) with natural bodies of all shapes and sizes appealingly free of surgical enhancement.

It was only in later years, facing competition from raunchier fare like Penthouse and Hustler, that Playboy's photos turned more to (as Archie Bunker once said) the "groinecological."

But apart from the Playmates, any given issue of Playboy (and we're recalling back to the 70's here) had much else to offer. Yes, the interviews and articles really were top notch and not just filler. And for those of us who were into cartoons, Playboy was a little slice of heaven. The creepy stylings of Gahan Wilson, the exquisite line work of Shel Silverstein, Sokol, Rodriguez, and many more. And the delightful Mad-ness (pun fully intended) of "Little Annie Fanny" by Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder.

We haven't looked at a current issue of Playboy in decades, but our fond memories linger on. And so we feel the loss of Hugh Hefner with genuine sadness as another little piece of a more innocent past flickers out.

Coincidentally, the day Hef died was also the day we finally threw out our waterbed. It will soon be replaced by something less hedonistic and more geriatric-friendly. Further proof that Time is a harsh mistress who doesn't have a staple in her belly button.

His Momma must be so proud!

As with almost everything posted here, this image enlarges to be read more easily.

Silly. Fun.


"chosen female human"

 Child of Yemen

Artist comment: Miss Turkey: The winner of Miss Turkey 2017 has been stripped of her crown after one of her past tweets came to light referencing last year's coup attempt, comparing her menstrual cycle to the "spilt blood of martyrs".

The other story that cartoonist went wild with this week concerned the rights of Saudi Arabian women to drive. Not Yemen. Not Syria. Not anything relevant; just this relatively unimportant advance. From what I have heard, many women did not mind having chauffeurs and enjoyed this time being driven. Many did not care if they drove or not, but perhaps the younger generation has much different goals. We already know many of these women adopt male personas for the assumption of masculine rights.

It was when I found this tweet that I realized this Mossad satire site truly is just plain funny.

This will not turn out well for anyone but the chosen, 200 000 of whom will be moving there.

As true now as it was a millennium ago.

 The true situation in Myanmar

Some of us warned this was coming after the attacks on the Confederate flag.

This reeks of the usual propaganda against an enemy of the USA. Along the line of Saddam's men eating babies. Not worth much more than a sick joke on all levels.

 The Prisoner

I. Want. This. Beast.

A liberal after Trump speaks of making America great again.

And on to Melania Trump, Dr. Suess, and the hypocritical Liberals:

 What a President has to do to get the job done.

 From Pete Rose to Donald Trump

Let the esteemed Senator John McCain, Patriot, have the last word and tell you what he thinks of both you and the United States. 


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    1. Thank you, Henry. It is an honour to make this small contribution to the sanity of everyone involved.

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  3. This morning the kids (adults) came over for breakfast (brunch) alfresco in the beautiful California sunshine. Middle East politics came into the discussion ( I think it started with why there shouldn't be a Kurdistan) and the father is calling Saudi Arabia a this and that, I forget exactly, and a whorehouse. My daughter replies: "yeah that's right, they're letting women drive now" (laughs all around)


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