Saturday 29 October 2022


 Some day.....

Possibly the fellow with the children calls his friend after the swim lessons and says, "OK, now tell me about that theory you came up with." You never mess with swim schedules,

Now illegal crossing is no problem in Canada. The illegals are rewarded upon arrival. The mounties meet them at the crossings and escort them into the country. Not joking. They arrive, well dressed and fed, good quality luggage, and are put into cabs and sent to Montreal.

How on earth do other nations have election results by the late evening? Italy's recent results were in before nightfall!

The American military

80 dead doctors and Canadian media has not touched this story.

Canadian companies have wonderful ways of making one feel wanted.

Looks pretty Canadian superstar to me, sweetie. I bet you a dollar that is really Jann. She is excessively liberal, after all or she would not be where she is now. Just did a quick search and yep. Not a parody account. Sorry. Never cared for her music anyhow...

Dang that is a simian forehead. Almost as simian as Ron Pearlman's.

What were you saying about living close to those things? Safe you say?

We have been seeing this in the United States and Canada for many years now. Don't forget the forest fires of California!

I wonder what those three ladies look like.

Next: the devastation of European forests or the return of armed groundskeepers?
We watched this one worm into that nation and predicted this very sort of tikkum olaming the good folk of Iceland.

A million mosquitoes give or take a few.

What a cute little golem! (((like making communism look all fluffy and happy.)))

THIS welcomed a class back to school this year. Social conditioning anyone? Meanwhile American student ratings are dropping so low and apparently no one knows why.

(((Shut up, Greenblatt)))

Very sweet.
What an utterly irrelevant idiot
Adult Halloween sweets

Looks good on her. .Not her concern any longer.

Unsung hero

This was, might still be, Obama's outlet

Katy's face decided to close down during a recent performance. That eye just kept falling shut.

Possibly the first white person that infant had ever seen, too.

Again, shut up, Greenblatt.

The Dolomites, Italy


  1. Thank You for staying up late....

    and posting all these CARTOONS !

    You are so appreciated, and important to All of us.

    Thank you so MUCH.


  2. Thank you Noor!
    You ease this troubled heart in these Epoch Times.

  3. Wonderful posts Noor, I am definitely getting the Christmas jumper. Keep well.

  4. I don't think I have ever seen anything quite so enchanting as that shot of a sleeping baby smiling in No. 258.

  5. "European lives matter".

    These aren't caucasian Europeans, look at their remodeled noses, look at their brown eyes and dyed hair.
    These are jewish imposters, posing as caucasians, hoping this meme gets spread, so others will think this is what caucasians look like, we don't.

    Caucasians are beautiful, with alot of diversity.
    Caucasians: blond, brown, red, black, grey and white hair, brown, green, grey, gold, blue eyes.
    Jews: brown eyes, brown hair, done... Oh, and a nose even a mother would hate.
    That's why they hate us. They think they're the chosen ones, but they can't compare. They're fugly.

    Noor, I can't believe you got fooled by this, but you're forgiven, you can't catch everything the devil's spawn are trying to sell us :)


    1. Jurgen, those young women were all victims of horrified crimes perpetrated by migrants. They did matter. The crimes were all specifically vile and have served to open the eyes of many Europeans as to what is really going on with these criminals. I should have said that but please. These children are dead now and they died at the hands of savages. I agree about our own natural beauty btw! The first Jewish person I ever knew, I was 16. Naive me. I remember her saying "The only thing Jewish about me is my nose so I had it fixed." Then she proceeded to seduce my boyfriend, my best friend, her boyfriend... and ended up a lesbian sex therapist in Ottawa. Gotta laugh at that one. The night she seduced my guy she got me drunk for the very first time in my life on cheap Manishevitz. I puked my Catholic Friday no meat dinner all over her mom's beautiful baby blue shag carpet. Fish, peas, red wine. LOL. Had my first hangover too. Never liked sweet wine since then either.

    2. Hi Noor,

      As horrific as their deaths may be, that doesn't change the fact they're trying to make them look like Europeans, they're not. They didn't belong here, neither did the migrants that killed them. We don't want them here, but every western politicians is a bought puppet.
      Every life matters. Even the cattle that are grown to feed us, deserve to be treated decently.
      Most jews see us as goyim (cattle), only good to serve them. They consider themselfs "intellectuals", but they're frauds.
      We see that in the diamond industry, and pretty much everything they're involved in, mass fraud, time and time again. And they wonder why people don't like/hate them...



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