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Please meet "Pazuzu, Lord of Fevers and Plagues, Dark Angel of the Four Winds with rotting genitals from which he howls through sharpened teeth over stricken cities."~ William S. Burroughs, Cities of the Red Night

The mighty wind devil of the Assyrian and Babylonian wastelands can be considered as one of the most malevolent elemental forces in the world of mythology. This wind demon, "angel of the fatal winds" is the most terrible of all demonic entities, having the power to spread loathsome diseases with his dry fiery breath.

This demon of ancient Babylon is just one of the many who ruled when the Jews were in Babylon, writing their dark Talmud. It seems that Pazuzu has been called again, after these centuries. The Satanists make sure their demons are well cared for always ~ and Pazuzu is among the most evil of them all.

Ukrainian Plague Bioweapon is

Today's total of very ill people in the Ukraine is officially at 633,877. This disease was unknown six days ago! Three days ago the number of cases was approximately 255,000, yesterday it was a little over 470,000. Official death figures are just under 100, but multiple sources say the real death figures are now over 3,000. The internal temperature of the patients who die reaches 130F to 135F, the lungs are full of blood and have turned to mush, and are black.

Ukraine Pleads For Help As Flu Epidemic Spreads
2nd November 2009
Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko has called on the international community to help the country combat the swine flu epidemic which hit the country last week. Kiev is taking emergency measures to stop the outbreak.

Ukraine's Pneumonic Plague: A New Strain of Flu Many Times More Lethal Than H1N1

There is a very organized and structured system among us to coordinate the release of a weaponized flu with the goal of killing people at unprecedented rates. The pneumonic plague now being witnessed in the Ukraine may be just the beginning of this global effort.
SARS, Avian Flu, and Swine flu appear to have been just trials for deadlier killers such as the current pneumonic plague which is likely another weaponized strain similar to H1N1.

Perhaps the pneumonic plague itself is another trial for something more lethal.
There are many questions that have yet to be addressed. How did this virus spread so quickly? Why are the actual numbers not being reported? What has changed in the H1N1 virus to cause this plague or is it a completely new virus? Who is benefiting from the hype or reality of the situation?
The statistics being reported by the Ukrainian government are very misleading. The reported cases have doubled in two days. According to the latest updates, there are 478,456 Influenza/ARI cases, 24,003 have been hospitalized, 60 on ventilators and 81 deaths, although the actual figures may be exponentially higher.

With the so-called Mexican Swine Flu, we saw the gross ineffectiveness of national governments and the World Health Organization in preventing the spread of A/H1N1, which is a mild virus.

This new lab produced virus is a certainly a killer and we can likely expect it to spread throughout the world in the next few weeks or months. The mainstream media seems to be collectively timing the release of this information for some opportune moment.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently confirmed that the A/H1N1 virus showed no signs of mutating, or becoming more virulent. Which leaves little alternative but to conclude that the virus is either a random mutation, proving the WHO wrong, or that it has been a newly released bio-weapon possibly courtesy of Baxter International.
The pneumonic plague has an acute course than other forms, over and is accompanied by a very high mortality rate. The incubation period of primary pneumonic plague rarely exceeds more than 1-4 days. It begins, as a rule, suddenly ~ with shivering, fever, headache, myalgia, weakness, nausea.

The symptoms of pneumonia ~ cough with phlegm, chest pain, shortness of breath ~ usually appear on the second day of the disease.
Blood spitting, growing respiratory disorders, heart failure, respiratory failure, shock are being observed. In primary pneumonic plague phlegm usually is watery or mucinous, foamy, with blood or visibly bloody.
It can be caused in two ways: primary, which results from the inhalation of aerosolised plague bacteria, or secondary, when septicemic plague spreads into lung tissue from the bloodstream. Pneumonic plague is not exclusively vector-borne like bubonic plague; instead it can be spread from person to person.

There have been cases of pneumonic plague resulting from the dissection or handling of contaminated animal tissue. This is one type of the formerly known Black Plague.

It could kill 90%–100% of a population
if the victims coughed
and passed on the bacteria.

A secondary pneumonic plague occurs as interstitial pneumonia. Phlegm is scanty and more dense and viscous than in primary pulmonary plague. It is believed that in this regard, patients are less contagious.

The explosion of cases again raises concerns that the number of fatalities is significantly higher than the 81 listed. Media reports have described an equal number of pneumonia fatalities which were not considered flu related. The basis of these exclusions remains unclear. Similarly, anecdotal reports suggest the number of fatalities is markedly higher than the 81 in the government tables.

The rapid rise in reported infections, hospitalizations, and deaths in the past few days raise concerns that the virus is transmitting very efficiently. Spikes in cases have been reported throughout the northern hemisphere, but the spike in fatalities and the frequency in hemorrhagic cases in Ukraine have raised concerns.

Ministry of Health has not established the exact diagnosis of the epidemic disease in the western regions of Ukraine. Health Minister Vasyl Knyazevich has given information about spread of diseases in the Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv Regions today at the meeting of Cabinet of Ministers.

Answering question of Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko about the definition of the specific nature of the disease, the head of the Ministry of Health said: "The nature of infections is viral one. But at the moment it is not defined, is it the Californian influenza H1N1, or it is our seasonal influenza. To date, there is no precise diagnosis."

Reports from a few days ago indicated that Ukraine has shut down its schools, universities and cinemas, and banned public gatherings including concerts, movies etc. for the foreseeable future. They have also mobilized military with quarantine units. There is currently a national tightening of borders around the country

We could be seeing something of monumental importance happening in the Ukraine. An advanced biological genetically engineered killer virus has been released. Some infectious disease experts are asserting that this virus is not A/H1N1 although it may or may not have some of “Swine Flu” genetic material in it.

It is typically behaving like a hemorrhagic fever in the lungs turning them into ‘mush’ and killing the patient. Some reports from the Ukraine are indicating that figures may will be over 1000 deaths, but the numbers are not being released by the government until confirmations are made. Moreover, the virus could have the potential to recombine with those being vaccinated to create a plague that could potentially kill more than 1 million people globally per month.

Alexander S. Jones, formerly of the National Institute of Health feels strongly that a change may have been made to the hemoglutanin gene with possibly other gene changes on the virus.

He stated in an audio interview with Dr. Ott (featured below), that this new flu strain "seems to be 10 times as lethal as the original" H1N1 virus.

A WHO press release expected by tomorrow should reveal gene sequences from analysis of tissue from fatalities, which should confirm this theory or lead us in a totally different direction.

Dr. Ott's interview with Alexander S. Jones:

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