Monday 23 November 2009


Judaism is a criminal network made up of interconnected gangs and employing the sordid services of a variety of henchmen, heavies and ball-breakers, although most Jews tend to use mobs of lying lawyers, rather than Mafioso types to execute the unrighteous brand of injustice they are famous for the world over.

If Judaism is one of the supposed monotheistic faiths, it must be a creed focused on being ‘litigious’ rather than ‘religious.’ Yarmulkes are often less in the fore than Brooks Brothers suits and NYU and Columbia law degrees. The smart Jewish boys have a flock of crooked, money-grubbing shysters on hand (side-lock free to avoid tipping off the Goyim) for whenever free speech, non-Jewish religious expression or Gentile autonomy crops up unexpectedly.

All of these things will be pompously ground under the Jewish heel the minute they exert themselves and a peep, an indecipherable squeak of protestation equals “Jew-baiting” in the Talmudic media.

But now, ladies and gentleman, we have a prototype, a real living and breathing prototype of the disease that is the Judaistic mind in all its inexplicably overbearing ardor, now ready, willing and shot up with chutzpah and running wild in the north. He is Richard Warman, somehow described by that arm of Judeofascism, Wikipedia as “a Canadian human rights lawyer.” [1]

No, Warman cares nothing about “human rights”, however loosely that term might be unpacked, but everything about annihilating the enemies of the Talmudicans who have run Canada into the ground with their smothering control of media, finance and most outlets of communication. Sound familiar?

Wikipedia also claims that Richard Warman is not Jewish, something I find highly unlikely considering that “in June of 2007 Warman received the Saul Hayes Human Rights Award from the Canadian Jewish Congress for ‘distinguished service to the cause of human rights’” The tribalism of Jewish groups almost requires them to rarely dish out awards to the Goyim, unless of course they find them particularly useful idiots for their dishonorable causes, a la John Hagee.

But whether Warman is a stone-hearted Jew megalomaniac on a mission of merciless slaying of all dissenters or simply a Shabbas Goyim who has bartered his soul and his people for thirty silver slivers from the Shylock, it matters little. This man holds between his ears the prototypical Jewish extremist mind with its paranoia, its almost inbred disgust for the Gentile and his culture, its power-mad delusion of god-like control over the masses, its “inalienable right” not to be offended, its reflexive and intractable totalitarianism (the Bolshevik brain) and the borderline personality disorder of so many Jewish power-players in the zealous Zionist crime syndicate.

How does Dick Warman, either crypto-Jew or Shoddy Goy, play the pimp for Big Jewry so effectively? Simple. He is part of the Government/Jewry Complex. Thanks to the hijacking of the compliant and complacent Canadian government, Jews have managed to keep Nuremberg trials of their enemies going all year round.

And you thought kangaroo courts were only for Nazis? No, the Jews get to trump up bogus charges and fine and imprison their critics in the year 2007 in supposed modern-day “democracies.” If you don’t like the gulags built for those who won’t worship the “synagogue of Satan”, why then you must be an unreconstructed “anti-Semite.”

It’s called the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, the faux court of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, both fronts for Big Jewry, and their mission statement tells us “
The purpose of the Canadian Human Rights Act is to protect individuals from discrimination. It states that all Canadians have the right to equality, equal opportunity, fair treatment, and an environment free of discrimination. The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (CHRT) applies these principles to cases that are referred to it by the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC). The Tribunal is similar to a court of law, but is less formal and only hears cases relating to discrimination.” [2]
But despite its flowery egalitarian mission statement, the Tribunal and its Commission are nothing more than leftist agencies sworn to the agenda of fascistic Jewish hate groups. In 1989 the CHRC defined a homosexual couple as a family. [3]

In 2005, supposed “same-sex marriage” was enshrined into Canadian law, provincial or public opinion be damned.

A careful search will reveal that on every issue of public moment, the CHRT and the CHRC come down on the side of radical socialism and eerily concur with all the “position papers” of both the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith Canada and the Canadian Jewish Congress.

But what the CHRT/CHRC kissing cousins are doing at the behest of Warman is even more dangerous than promoting the radical homosexual agenda and other lecherous leftisms. What they are doing is totalitarian and Jewish in nature. What they are doing is silencing all dissent. How have they accomplished this? Through legislation similar to Europe’s more restrictive (when compared to the US) laws governing “hate speech.”

Canada has in place “hate and genocide laws” that severely curtail free speech, especially in regard to controversial political views and opinions. These laws have been utilized by Dick Warman and the Jewish Fifth Column in Canada and applied broadly to censor and silence any ideas they deem “offensive” or politically incorrect, i.e. anything Big Jewry doesn’t bless.

“Tricky Dick” Warman has truly been at the vanguard of this terrorizing atmosphere of police state-ism and the eradication of thought crimes. The Talmudic Encyclopedia Wikipedia again: “Richard Warman, an ex-CHRC employee is the primary complainant pursuant to Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. 24 out of 29 Complaints referred by the Commission to the Tribunal since 2002 have been complaints filed by Warman.” [3] In other words, Warman has been on the war path.

Who has this agent of Big Jewry gone after during his disgustingly infamous career? Here are a few of his targets:

“Warman has initiated complaints against a large number of groups and individuals he claims have violated the Canadian Human Rights act. These include:

the Canadian Heritage Alliance and its leader Melissa Guille;[3]

Jason Ouwendyk and the Northern Alliance;

Marc Lemire[4];

Tomasz Winnicki[5];

Alex Kulbashian[6]

and James Scott Richardson of the Canadian Ethnic Cleansing Team[7];

Bobby Wilkinson and his Canadian Nazi Party [8];

Craig Harrison; Terry Tremaine[9];

Glenn Bahr, Peter Kouba[10],

Jessica Beaumont and Ciaran Paul Donnelly[11],

all formerly with the group Western Canada For Us;

Alex Di Civita; Liz Lampman[12];

Fred Kyburz[13];

and, Eldon Warman [14].

In addition to Kyburz and Eldon Warman, Richard Warman also raised concerns about Wally Dove, another member of the Canadian detax movement who was attempting to use his qualifications as a Certified General Accountant (CGA) to promote unlawful tax evasion schemes. The Chartered General Accountants of Ontario later revoked Dove's CGA and obtained an injunction ordering him to stop claiming to be a CGA thereafter.
Warman has also sued three far-right figures for libel:

Paul Fromm[15],

Jason Ouwendyk and

David Icke[16].”

Yes, Warman has been a busy little Bolshevik beaver for his Jewish masters or Jewish compatriots (whichever the case may be) surfing the internet, finding a Canadian website whose political views don’t jibe with the interests of Jews (read anti-Zionist or Holocaust revisionist) and then whining like a baby only a Jewish mother could love to the Canadian “authorities”, those being B’nai B’rith Canada, the Canadian Jewish Congress and their Jewish flunkies in the CHRT and the CHRC.

And then the website disappears, its owner is brought to the CHRC, summarily condemned and is then hauled before the CHRT with an attorney in tow.
Here is another of his famed little tricks: Richard Warman has been accused of logging onto web sites and writing inflammatory statements to goad people into making similar remarks. Actually it’s worse than that. He’s accused of planting hateful statements and then using those as evidence in CHRC complaints against those who operate the web sites ~ in other words, fabricating evidence to convict people. Warman’s CRHC convictions then become part of the justification to suppress political debate through the use of hate laws and human rights legislation.
But here’s the gag. The Tribunal, doing the bidding of the Commission has never acquitted a single individual brought before the “court.” Not a single solitary person has ever been found innocent! For you see, it’s Jewish justice they receive. It’s the same justice that in the 1940s permitted blood-thirsty Jewish liars to stomp beyond repair the testicles of German soldiers. This is the justice that Warman and Big Jewry Inc. are after.

Paul Fromm, a Canadian dissident and tireless advocate for free speech tells us “that’s the protection the industry gives to one of their own in the Soviet-style Human Rights Tribunal kangaroo courts of Canada. If you think that’s overstating the case, consider this: In 28 years no victim has ever been acquitted of a 13.1 charge ~ hate on the Internet or on telephone answering machines. No one! Also, all the victims have been on the right of the political spectrum. It's Soviet style political censorship.” [4]

Dick Warman has used harassment, threats and legal action to realize his agenda, and boy do the accolades keep flowing from Canada’s Jews. I’m sure this vile man is backed to the hilt with Jewish money, Jewish muscle (lawyers) and good Jewish press. He also might want to think about a bodyguard, seeing as how he has been besieged with death threats from both Canadians and the Americans he has tried to extend his campaign against, promising that his Judeofascism may make a play at flinging its tentacles into the online sphere to the south.

Warman has even reportedly been linked to radical left-wing terrorist organizations known to commit violent acts. One blogger recounts some troubling stories and he has links to back his claims:

“Richard Warman finds himself in a similar position. He recently seems to have sponsored an urban terrorist group called the ‘Anti-Racist Action’ to protest in front of another individual’s house whose ideas he did not agree with and he considered a ‘Neo-Nazi’ (Mr. Warman has a tendency to call anyone he considers a racist by that name to create the maximum effect). [ link ]

They picketed his street with masked faces and sticks and weapons. the cops acted as a barrier between them and Mr. Fromm’s house. This group of individuals that Richard Warman has given speeches to and financed, were also responsible for the firebombing of Ernst Zundel's house in the mid-90s, including the posting of instructions to make a moltov cocktail printing beside a picture of Zundel. (link with news articles and pictures on the ARA, including the firebombing, and articles about them attacking police horses’ eyes with sharp sticks during protests) [ link ]

OOOOOOOOOH! THAT bombing was 10 doors away from me when I happened to live on the same block as Mr. Zundel. I never knew until just NOW, who was responsible, specifically!

And if you visit the website of ARA Toronto [ link ] , the first page is a video that shows their members in another county of ganging up on an individual sleeping on a train that they suspected was racist and assaulting him while filming it.

After the protest, this group posted Paul Fromm’s address online in a ‘declaration’ about their ‘successful’ mission attacking his house. [ link ]

While they were protesting however, a member of the group was holding up a sign that said, ‘Thank you Richard Warman for the bus rental’. Another with ‘Die Nazi Scum’ (could that be considered a death theat?)
[ link ] and [ link ]

As you can see in the pictures, some of the members are masked in this protest.” [5]

But this is all par for the course. Those who sidle up to the Jewish Zionist Syndicate don’t generally have to abide by the same rules as those of us on the stodgy old benighted Right side of the spectrum, do they? Do you think Dick Warman will be hauled in to the CHRC and brought up on charges of hatred and “incitement to genocide” against Paul Fromm or Ernst Zundel?

Not a chance. No, Jewish hatred or Jewish-financed hatred is the only crime that is never punished, not in Canada, not in the US and definitely not in Europe.

Now as Canadians yawn or with blank eyes applaud their own Jewish Caligulas, Warman and his ilk are only empowered, only drawn to pull the noose tighter around the forces of freedom and true equality. For Warman (Jew in disguise or self-hating white) has the hounds of hell backing his play, cheering his movements and fattening his bank account.

B’nai B’rith, a worldwide blanketing beast of totalitarianism has brought the same imprisonment, the same Talmudic tyranny to every nation whose government it has infiltrated. The Canadian Jewish Congress is much the same. Like the American Jewish Congress, it believes in the dystopian 3000-year-old dream of a Hebrew Noahide empire run from its headquarters in Jerusalem and making every Gentile a serf and a slave to the Jew.

By breaking the cornerstones, silencing our tongues and dissolving our racial solidarity, they shall rule supreme. This is the Final Solution to the non-Jewish problem, and it would be an impossibility without Judaism, that coordinated criminal organization that morphs into whatever it needs to be at the moment.

Like a chameleon, like Plato’s “necessity is the mother of invention”, Judaism reinvents itself when necessary. Sometimes it’s an ethnicity. Sometimes it’s a race. Other times it’s a religion. Then it switches to nationalism or an idea. It can be all or none of these things, but one thing it remains is a diabolical destroyer of the Gentile, a “nation within a nation” intent on stealing from us, robbing us of our birthright by manipulating our courts and our laws.

It has a jealous and psychopathic essence, and it sees what we represent and personify only through the lens of the paranoid supremacist mind.

This is why people like “Tricky Dick” Warman work for the beast, take money from the beast and do the beast’s bidding. This explains the morass of laws, regulations and the interpretive pretzel-making the Jewish extremists do to plain language and clear statutes, turning them into weapons against their adversaries. This reveals to us why armies of reptilian lawyers are seen by our enemies as a necessity to their success.

The Judeofascists cannot be reasoned with. We cannot ask politely for ceasefires and peace treaties. No, they must be defeated, starting in the arena of ideas. Even as they refuse to debate, we must bring our countrymen and countrywomen, of whichever country we call home, to see the uncomely face of raw Jewish supremacist Talmudic hatred. It gleams from the eyes of Dick Warman and from every sordid fascist Jew who attempts to imprison our people, erase our heritage and crush our spirits and willingness to fight.

Richard Warman, a human rights lawyer from Ottawa, Ontario will be this year's keynote
speaker. With over a dozen human rights complaints against neo-Nazis and other
hatemongers currently being processed by the Canadian Human Rights Commission and
the Tribunal, Richard has gained international recognition and praise for his strong
independent fight against the willful promotion of hatred online. Richard has won two cases so far, is waiting for two more decisions to be handed down, and the rest of the cases are grinding their way through the system. He was also a key component in the efforts that led to the demise of "Western Canada For Us", a now defunct neo-Nazi organization that was based in the western provinces. He will be addressing the necessity of a multi-prong approach to fighting neo-Nazis and their hate ~ the legal work required in the courts, and the front-line activism needed in the streets.


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