Monday 27 August 2012


The Heretic presents: Carlos J. Diaz, Sr. "Old Soul"


I'm away from all that I seek, never certain that this is the right or just thing to do.

With all the madness which surrounds our lives, yours, mine and theirs ... we can find a way, out of this madness together ... to be not away from that which we are seeking.

For in searching recklessly we may lose what we have always had yet never grasped.

I therefore intend here and forthwith ...with sacrifice, patience, understanding and love to inspire within my world, yours, mine and theirs ... all that can become from the anguished, resented, tormented and frail heart which has been mine for what seems like an eternity.

I have had such experience with these dark expressions to last ten lifetimes and then realized something ... you have been communing with this very old soul.

For indeed I have lived ten lifetimes and I have become weary of the journey.

Could you not then, refresh this old spirit of mine with your kindness and compassion?

For these and many other reasons are the very things that I seek, yet have been denied due to the mundane, narrow-minded view of what some might describe as justifiable.

Music: Theme from: Brokeback Mountain
Opening sequence: Playing for Peace

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