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 Death by Chocolate




Have you ever thought about having any of your characters turned into toys?
I have been asked by many fans about this, it seems like the logical choice as my work has an orientation to cartoons. I can tell you that I will be doing some very fun merchandise in this coming year, but it may or may not be toys.
What are you favorite mediums to work with?
I pretty much have used oil, and sometimes acrylic as my favorite mediums. Nothing is more luscious than oil, and acrylic is great when speed is necessary.
I am getting back into graphite right now, I find it  very relaxing to render in pencil.
Please tell us a little about your process from idea to finished piece.
The first incarnation of my ideas are usually on diner napkins, or chicken scratches in my sketchbooks done in a moment of inspiration.

I usually will build on the initial sketch, refining the drawing as I go. I will do a complete color study as well, either by paint or digitally, enlarge and transfer the drawing on to the panel, and begin from there. I believe good reference can also be a key point, so I always take pictures.
What were your favorite cartoons growing up?
I watched a lot of really bad 80s and 90s cartoons on TV, Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Care Bears, Smurfs, that sort of thing.

But as I got older I went back to old Mickey Mouse, Tex Avery and UPA cartoons for fun, and inspiration. However, my 2 favorite animated shows of all time are King of the Hill and Ren & Stimpy.
Who are you listening to these days?
My Favorite bands/musicians of all time are The Stanley Brothers, The Cramps, Lords of Acid, Pixies, Cibbo Matto, Revolting Cocks, The Reverend Horton Heat, and of course, The Butthole Surfers!! Lately I find Die Antwoord very fun.
How long have you been eating paint, and do you think it affects your work?
My mother informed me recently that the crib I chewed up when I was just a little thing was in fact painted with lead based paint. I credit that crib for giving me lead poisoning, screwing up my brain, and thus making me into a brilliant artist. Hardy harhar. I tried licking mercury once, that probably gave me some art skills too..
I must ask about the food, what else inspires you?
People in general. I am really into psychology, I read a lot of books and articles then annoy my friends by trying to examine their problems.

Also, I would say (very bad and low budget) Horror Movies, Country music, domesticity, and weed..haha.
Do you have any pets?
Yes, I have a small gray bunny, her name is Sprinkles. She poops in neat little piles.
When you eat do you play with your food?
Of Course!  I have a collection of images on my phone of plates I have decorated with half eaten food from restaurants.

I like to make food faces, or elaborate paintings with ketchup or Balsamic Vinegar.
So what do you do when you’re not creating delicious art?
Lately I have had my plate full (pun intended). I try to go out often though, and see my friends’ bands play, see rockabilly shows, ephemera conventions, art openings, finding a fun new place to eat, watching bad horror flicks, not sleeping, and people watching. I like to sit in malls, outside of halfway houses, go to Wal-Mart, old folks homes, and observe (sometimes draw) people.
I love people.
Where is the best place to eat in Los Angeles?
This list of my personal favorites can go on, however I will keep it short. sort of.
SandwichesFred 62 in Los Feliz ( The French Toast is HEAVENLY)
PiePie N’ Burger in Pasadena (Old School and AWESOME)
SteakTam O Shanter in Los Feliz
AppetizersSpringkbok in Van Nuys (Best Steak Sandwich on the PLANET)
Salads  - Star Cafe in Montrose
PizzaDino’s in Burbank ( I never knew how amazing Pizza could be..)
Italian - Cucina Rustica in Glendale
Middle Eastern - Raffi’s Place – Glendale ( It’s like an episode of the Sopranas inside.)
BrazillainPicchanas in Burbank (If you like men in funny pants offering you their meats, this is the place)
Vietnamese Pho 79 in Alhambra
ArgentineLala’s Grill on Melrose
GermanRed Lion in Los Feliz
Burgers Mo’s in Burbank ( the peanut butter plum jelly burger is a MUST)
Burger StandLucky Boy in Pasadena (They put ENTIRE Avocados on each burger)
SushiNozawa in Studio City
VERY Cheap SushiAfloat Sushi in Pasadena
(I have gotten food poisoning here countless times, but something about sushi floating towards you on little wooden boats gets me to come back)
Hidden gem Sushi King’s Sushi in Northridge ( I cannot say enough about this place)
Late night TacosCasa DE Taco in Canoga Park ( If you can get past the C rating, and the fact it really is a hole in the wall, best tacos EVER..)
ThaiToi in Hollywood
Late night Thai, huge menu and the best Thai Elvis impersonatorThe Palms in Hollywood
If there was 1 place I had to pick for a last meal, The Dino’s Special with Light Cheese, Extra Marinara, No Olives & topped with Fresh Basil (*drooling*)
Is there any super secret upcoming event or anything you want to tell us about?
But then it wouldn’t be a secret! But I have a very unique and fun show coming up with Corey Helford in LA in June. I will also be doing a small handful of groups shows here in LA and in NY in the following months.
Sandwich or Burrito?
As long as it comes with extra tomatoes.

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