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By Len Hart
August 15, 2012
Many sources support my assertion and emerging thesis: the concept of 'corporate personhood' has Germanic, fascist roots.
Herr Schlegel, for example, wrote an essay entitled “Signature of the Age” (Signatur des Zeitalters, 1820). Amid his attacks on British-American "parliamentary government" may be found his Mitt Romney/SCOTUS-like descriptions of a "machine-like", ideal state.

Schlegel describes his ideal with the term "organic" ~ though it is not! Schlegel also used the term 'Christian' to describe his 'fascist' state. His 'Christian corporations', he said, were 'living wholes' and he described them in terms not unlike that of the corporatist (fascist) philosophy that had been espoused/advocated by Hegel.

Some hard background ~ in England, ‘the Crown’ has been regarded as a 'legal entity' for centuries. But that is not to say that the 'Crown' IS 'a person'! It simply does not follow that because the 'Crown' may exert power and/or authority it is a 'person'.

Likewise, it simply does not follow that because 'corporations' may enter into contracts that the said 'corporation' is a person.
In the case of the 'Crown', for example, it was said that it was both a source of law and the means by which it was enforced!
This, it is said, put it above 'laws' ~ laws which people, real people, are expected to obey. Ergo: the 'state' is, likewise, not a person.

It is said that 'all modern societies' recognize the 'legal existence, as persons, of companies or corporations'! 


Again ~ many things may be asserted! It was often asserted that the world was flat; saying so did not make it true.
Corporations do not procreate sexually;
Corporations do not grow, fart, belch or have babies.
Corporations do NONE of the things that define 'real people' either biologically or psychologically.
A 'corporation' is nothing less than a paper contract outlining how and possibly when they may interact with 'real people' and with other corporations.
NONE of these 'privileges' imply or bestow upon a 'corporation' either a sexual or asexual means by which they may procreate; 
NONE of these 'privileges' have either the evolutionary power or the 'God-like' power of bestowing upon a mere paper contract the status of 'personhood'.

SCOTUS was wrong and wrong-headed and so are those members of the GOP who bought the scam!

Some have said that a corporation is an 'artificial' person!
But a 'real person' is ...uh...a 'real' person!
A corporation is not by definition! Black's Law definition is disingenuous. Neither dictionaries nor ill-informed legal decisions can make people out of what are ~ n fact ~ -mere contracts. Existence precedes 'essence' and it is 'essence' which defines! People are what they are upon birth. Corporations share none of characteristics which define what it means to be a person! 
Contracts which, in effect, create a 'corporate entity, differ from other contracts only because they are normally on-file with a Secretary of State somewhere. But that hardly makes of them a 'real person'.
They simply outline the legal scope of responsibilities of those party to the contract. See the quote by St. Thomas More who said of them that they were, in fact,
'...conspiracies of rich men to procure their commodities in the name and title of the commonwealth'!
When the Sec of State in Delaware (for example) affixes his SEAL upon the articles of incorporation he has performed in a manner PRECISELY described by St Thomas More in his classic "Utopia".
Ergo ~ corporations are better described as being 'legalized conspiracies' than as 'real people'.
“I can perceive nothing but a certain conspiracy of rich men procuring their own commodities under the name and title of the commonwealth.” ~  Sir Thomas More (1478 – 1535), Utopia, Of the Religions in Utopia

Words fail to describe the depths of lies, propaganda and sophistry indulged by the likes of A. Scalia who ~ laughingly ~ believes himself to be 'too smart for the court'!

Most advocates of 'corporate personhood' indulge false analogies because 'false' analogies may be their last redoubt. Clearly ~ real persons are not so easily defined or summed up having attributes of consciousness and volition that may never be duplicated in unimaginably large super-computers let alone a mere scrap of papers with a seal on it. 


Simply, 'personhood' cannot be duplicated artificially and most certainly is not duplicated in mere 'legal abstractions' of any kind.

I deny many right-leaning assertions that "modern societies recognize the legal existence as persons of companies or corporations"!
If what is said in defense of corporate personhood were true, TRADE UNIONS would, may and should claim 'personhood'.

Should they do so, GOP hypocrites would scream bloody murder, foul, no fair!
By simply refusing to tolerate such an outcome, the GOP will have demonstrated its hypocrisy, its disingenuous assertion that corporations are people. Alas ~ the GOP has historically sought to have it several ways but right..


In the meantime, I urge those who make cars for a living ~

I urge those who make steel for a living ~

I urge those who work in any way with respect to the production of oil
nd/or petroleum related/derived products ~

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