Friday 21 May 2021



Wisdom from Chelsea. Pass.

In an ancient Roman brothel you bought your entertainment by the coin. Many languages were spoken in Rome, these coins kept things honest.

Humanitarians at work.

The humanitarians share a giggle. Schwab and Biden.


That vile woman deserves feet that look as painful as that. Speaking of ugly, from Max's toes to Chicago's delightful mayor...

Indeed we did. I just don't see that in the mirror any more however! Those bell-bottoms were not fun to wear actually; the fabric rubbed and caught together, like a long skirt.


This is the foot of my street. That is the United States, the Olympic Mountains of Washington State across the water.

I don't know where this was taken but the expression on this child's face, her fearlessness in the face of death is gut wrenching. The only privilege my children grew up with was the freedom from such threats, in peace.

Read what her daddy said in the meme above to appreciate the full depth of her comment.

The Nile

This image cannot be shared enough.

This is truly the hearth of a home. Imagine the flavours and textures of meals cooked on such a beast.

White cultures cannot be "appropriated" just because they are WHITE. Only Whites are capable of cultural appropriation of other races.

A feast prepared by my Philippine family for one celebration or another. The line of food stretched the length of a lonnnnng table. There was also a pig roasting on a spit.

Ivanka and Kamala's stepdaughter.... say no more.

I fully agree with this statement! It is very very true.


  1. I love No. 234 ("They pay me to build pipes, not to move rocks"). Magnificent! Thanks, Noor. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Thanks for the munitions, Noor!

  3. The one pic of a kids homework about dogman comics is from a kids storybook, not real, re:cpt underpants

  4. Love your back garden Noor, many thanks for the posts.

  5. ON the Pizza Gate graphic, the owner of Comet Pizza's name is frighteningly close to "I Love Children" in French.

    "J'aime les enfants "

    But I'm sure its nothing, since everybody knows that Pizza Gate was just another strange delusion of Trumpers...


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