Friday 14 May 2021


I hardly know where to begin on this; my thoughts are many and too swift to capture; once again Israel is openly decimating the people of Gaza. I began this blog in seriousness during Operation Cast Lead when I first became truly aware of the situation in that beleaguered area ~ Palestine. It infuriated me that the media white-washed the damages done to the victims, making it look to be no more than destroyed landscape. 

So I began to post the bloodiest and worst imagery of the lot: people had to SEE what was being done in Palestine. If you go to the earlier years of this blog, you will find coverage of Operation Cast Lead and images of the damage done to all involved.

It was obvious that this situation will not resolve itself. And here we are. In the years since, Israel has not slowed its annexation of Palestinian lands and homes. Bibi has made it his mission to build settlements wherever possible. They want the Palestinians gone. Bibi also needs a war to keep the people who detest him distracted, to hold on to power, blood lust satisfied for the moment.

Meanwhile, international media, especially in America where it is owned by (((Tribal members))), twists every word of news on the event. Below see the tweet of an IDF rapist then the Tweet in his memory. His bragging tweet contradicts the notice of his death. 

To keep up with events in Palestine, at the bottom of my blog roll is IF AMERICANS KNEW. Check it out to keep up with truth. Even after Cast Lead we knew that such attacks as those this very night were inevitable. So many of the stories from Cast Lead, you will find back in 2008 folders. Remember: Modern Palestine is what (((they))) visualize as all goyim deserve in the long run. 

As I went searching for cartoons for this week, I noticed something very interesting. 

~ As expected, Canada ignores the topic. Sadly Canada is so woke that humour is almost dead. A shame considering our hefty contributions to the world of comedy. But also, our media is so (((very controlled.)))

~ American cartoonists almost ALL support Israel. Even if we agree on so much more on the conservative side, when it comes to Palestine, they are almost all for Israel, portraying all Palestinians as savages making no distinction between the normal people caught between Israel and Hamas. 

~ International cartoonists, however much as they detested Trump, paint the Israelis as they are; no excuses made for their abominable behaviour.

So much space was dedicated to Palestine this week, there is not a mention of Communism and only one meme on the Rona. 

Thanks all for your comments. I appreciate every one of them. Hopefully you are all well and in good spirits as we move into these long days. Enjoy it all while you can. We cannot take anything for granted any longer in these days of high inflation and medical tyranny. So enjoy what you can as much as you can!  

Happier note: We had our first family gathering since the BS began. Delightful to celebrate Christmas, Mothers' Day, birthdays, a brand new baby, etc together. Outside in a glorious garden, chickens running around, battling hummingbirds, eagles, hawks, turkey vultures. Oh, and dogs, always shaggy poodles sniffing about for attention.

And be grateful you are not in Gaza. 



They are killing off the breadbaskets of North America. California is under extreme duress and has been for some time as the land has been mismanaged by government agencies. Meanwhile, Gates and Bezos buy up farmland as part of the overall project of population reduction and the removal of land from the possession of common folk.



Canada has gone whole hog on Christianity over the past while. This particular pastor has been in their eye for some time now. It seems, as a true Christian, he runs a street mission that feeds the homeless and helps them improve their lives; he has been arrested for this in the past. But now, they go full scale Communist about Christianity wherever it raises its head. We now have underground churches in Canada.

Canadian media constantly pushes the narrative; this is one reason I rarely post cartoons from my own country; they are all so woke I cannot go there; too embarrassing! Media is well contained. So long as it is strictly Canadian content, Rebel News is the only place for much information of what goes on here.

"That's MISTRESS Greta to you, slave!"

She is blind. Let that sink in. And she wins awards for her ropework.

Backatcha, baby.

     The following is not a joke! 

Meanwhile, this merchant in his Sicilian shop awaits your custom. Just imagine the bouquet of heady scents as you enter his domain of gustatory delights...

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  1. Glad you've had a nice family time with the newborn member😊. Also that the blog is up and running again👌
    The world is a complete mad house, more bizarre than any movie script... Prayers to all poor souls in Palestine and anywhere else there's suffering 🙏 Stay well Noor.


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