Friday 4 June 2021


These balls are all the same shade of beige.

Canadian roads.

Anniversary: Tienanmen Square

Standing on the roof. Chimney outlet.

I am told this is an old Russian Communist poster regarding the raising of children by state not family.

Penguin feathers

Like the halo effect?

Honey. Three consecutive seasons. Same hive.

Local young bull elk photographed by the vegetable seller across the street.

1939. Rural Georgia.

Do you remember when we marked each other's work in class? The memories... but this one is so right.

(I made this one)

Bow Sisters

That elephant again. He loved that car. The passengers must have been in absolute terror.

Amazon and Barnes & Noble have suddenly removed their listings for an upcoming new book by Dr. Anthony "I've Never Been Right About Anything In My Life" Fauci because, in a bit of irony almost too wonderful to be true, the book announcement was the result of an accidental leak. Although Fauci himself maintains that the PR release probably wrote itself and was subsequently spread through a wet market. 

The book, scheduled to be released in early November, is called "Expect The Unexpected: Ten Lessons on Truth, Service, and the Way Forward." Presumably because the publisher turned down the original title, "What The F*ck Have I Done: Lies, Deaths, and Criminal Liability." And at just 80 pages long, Fauci's "book" is really more of a pamphlet. Which is unsurprising considering that every lesson he's actually learned from the pandemic could fit neatly inside a fortune cookie ("Wear pancake makeup on TV so they can't see you sweat.")

The alleged book is being published by National Geographic, which has previously made most of its money by publishing a monthly magazine devoted to glossy, full-color pictures of bare-breasted African women with salacious captions like "Ubangi? Ubetcha!"

Not, of course, that there's anything wrong with that. Different cultures have different standards, and if impoverished black women are okay with being pimped as spank bank material by a big corporation, who are we to judge? It's certainly no reason for BLM to set any corporate offices on fire or anything.

But returning to the subject of Dr. Fauci's book, we expect it to change a lot of minds. Mostly on the subject of whether or not book-burning might be a good idea after all. We might even go so far as to suggest that "Expect The Unexpected" should become the next "Bonfire of the Inanities." 

On second thought, no we won't - because nothing about Dr. Fauci is a laughing matter. This whiny, weaselly little bastard has lied to the American people and the world about everything, pretty much from day one, and is at least partially culpable in millions of deaths.

He lied about the virus's human-to-human transmissibility, lied (repeatedly and inconsistently) about the effectiveness of masks,

lied about the near-certainty that the virus came from a Wuhan lab leak,

lied about the fact that he himself had sent American tax dollars to the Wuhan Virology Institute to fund "gain of function" research to turn bat viruses into human super-killers,

lied about the significant efficacy and low risk from inexpensive medications like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin (which surely could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives) while touting insanely expensive new medications from Big Pharma like Remdesivir ~ despite the fact that it has a 0% effect on reducing mortality.

In this global nightmare, Fauci has been one of the bad guys (historically among the worst of bad guys). But he's escaped close scrutiny because the media was able to use him as a goad in their war against President Donald "I know you hate me but I pushed the vaccine through anyway" Trump. And if that meant unimaginable numbers of people would die needlessly, well, it was worth it to get rid of the Bad Orange Man who wanted to Make America Great Again.

Fauci enjoying book profits from a global holocaust which he helped create is as nonsensical and offensive as the idea that Hitler should have gotten the royalties for The Diary of Anne Frank. The very idea is an obscenity.

Stilton Jarlsberg

I seemed to get a little busy posting this week. Sometimes there is something I just have to share.

The following little list is long overdue ~ giving credit and thanks where due to creative artists and thinkers. I could not offer you the material I do if not for their untiring efforts.

90 Miles from Tyranny. Mike offers excellent news analysis and a lot of cheeky entertainment for the gentlemen.

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  1. Yeah, but Mike, your "90 Miles from Tyranny" guy, is a raving pro-Zionist. I used to enjoy his Morning Mistresses and Hot Picks of the Late Night, but since realizing what he is an advocate of, I have stopped looking at them. Least I can do.

  2. I loved that cartoon that pointed out the manual for a "1950" car told you how to set your tappets... and the current car manuals tell you not to drink the contents of the battery. Evolution in a nutshell

  3. There has been no mention of Faucci's emails over her Noor only that there is approval for J&J's vaccine for 12year olds, only needs the governments go ahead.
    Many thanks for the posts.


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