Sunday 5 July 2009



Current hate crimes legislation will make it possible for a pastor to be prosecuted for doing nothing more than preaching a Biblical sermon on Sunday. This is 'thought police'. Learn what is happening at the Federal level, and what you can do to let your voice be heard.

Ezra Levant explains the situation surrounding a teacher and a pastor that was heard by the Commission. Steven Boissoin, the pastor in question, found out the hard way that in Canada your freedom of speech is surpassed by another person's right to not be offended. A costly lesson in this case.

Libertarian Party of Canada


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    Bruce y'all know who, Victoria B.C.

  2. Canada surrendered its autonomy back in 1971 when it passed its own "Hate Laws"... Freedom has been suppressed since...

    Now we suffer the Zionist wrath, and the only solution may be a new revolution! Our government is totally corrupted by these criminals, therefore that may be the only way to get them out of power.

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