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Israeli Housing Minister, Ariel Atias, is not pleased to see such fecunditiy within Palestine

Israeli housing minister:
Curb Arab population growth

July 2, 2009
Maan News

Israeli Housing Minister Ariel Atias on Thursday warned against the growth of the country's Palestinian minority, according to news reports.

Ariel Atias

"I see it as a national duty to prevent the spread of a population that, to say the least, does not love the state of Israel," Atias said at an Israel Bar Association meeting, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported.

The official, a member of the religious right-wing Shas Party, was warning specifically against Palestinian citizens' presence at a housing community built by Haredi Jews in northern Israel and in what he said should be Jewish-only neighborhoods and cities.

This is how ultra orthodox these Haredi are. They get their own special photoshopped newspapers. Note the example above. They also have been known to beat women they see in public who refused to sit in the back of buses etc. So living near secular folk is just not an option because they are prone to violence. In this combination of an originally transmitted image,top, and a digitally altered image that appeared in the Israeli ultra-orthodox newspaper Yated Neeman, show Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, center left, President Shimon Peres, center right, and members of Netanyahu's new government as they pose for an official photo at Peres' residence in Jerusalem Wednesday, April 1, 2009. In the bottom photo from the newspaper Yated Neeman,female cabinet ministers Limor Livnat, to the right of Netanyahu, and Sofa Landver , to the left of Netanyahu have been removed and replaced by Ariel Atias and Moshe Kachlon respectively.Two women serve in Israel's new Cabinet, but some Israelis would rather not see them. Newspapers aimed at ultra-Orthodox Jewish readers tampered with the inaugural photograph of the Cabinet, erasing ministers.

"If we go on like we have until now, we will lose the Galilee. Populations that should not mix are spreading there. I don't think that it is appropriate for them to live together," Haaretz quoted the minister as saying.

Racism rears its ugly head again.

"Look at what happened in Acre," Atias said, in reference to riots that broke out between Jewish and Muslim youth earlier last year on the eve of the Jewish Yom Kippur holiday.

Atias added, "The mayor of Acre visited me yesterday for three hours and asked me how his town could be saved,"

"He told me 'bring a bunch of Haredis and we'll save the city, even if I lose my political standing.'"Protesting a new parking lot being open on Shabbat, thousands of Haredi rioted very violently.

Protesting a new parking lot being open on Shabbat,
thousands of Haredi rioted very violently.
This would be Atias' solution to the "Palestinian problem"?

The minister suggested as a solution to the problem that the Housing Ministry allocate more lands on which Palestinian citizens of Israel could build, saying, "I plan to market large amounts of land to the Arab population in the Galilee in order to solve their problems, as well as land for secular and religious Jews."

Atias also criticized non-segregation between religious and secular Jews inside Israel, saying, "There is a severe housing crisis among the young ultra-Orthodox couples, and in the general population. I, as an ultra-Orthodox Jew, don't think that religious Jews should have to live in the same neighborhood as secular couples, so as to avoid unnecessary friction."

They do not feel they should live among other Jews
not as orthodox as they are.

The official's comments came amid recent demands by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Palestinians recognize Israel as Jewish state.

The Palestinian Authority and Palestine Liberation Organization have repeatedly rejected such recognition, saying it would endanger the rights of the Israel's Palestinian minority.

Palestinians who were not expelled from land that became the state of Israel in 1948 were eventually granted citizenship and the right to vote, although they have complained for decades of state discrimination.

No comment when it comes to Palestinian population reduction.....

The Muslims and Christians, who in Hebrew are generally referred to as "Israeli Arabs," make up just over 20 percent of the country's population.

Why did I post this piece? Just to show a slice of Israel that people do not normally see. They do not realize there are rifts among the Jews as well. These Haredi consider the police and army to be Nazis when they go against any of their fanatic actions. The more secular Jews consider them bad for the image of Israel because of their violent ways.

But then, it seems, violence is never far away when there are Jews/Zionists around. And these fighting people, who uprooted peaceful Palestinians 60 to 100 years ago, wonder why Palestinians used the weapon of peace to hold on to their land. They make love and babies.

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