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A SHOCKING IMAGE according to Rabbi

July 7, 2009
On the Contrary
Wow, this one is really going to blow the circuits of a Jesuit priest I know of who is fond of giving sermons about the warm fuzzies he derives from the allegedly loving, kind and mystical humanism of Talmudic-Kabbalistic rabbis. This Jesuit thinks that is a good description of Judaism in general, as well.

The truth is that Orthodox Judaism is misogyny personified. It is the religion of women-hating. Most Westerners, when they think of religious misogyny, react like Pavlov's dog, in other words, as they have been trained in behavior modification laboratories known as western "education" and western "democratic" media ~ they immediately conjure Islam in this regard.

Because there is so much cowardice in our society most dare not countenance the failings of Judaism in this regard, even if they are aware of those failings. For those who did not know, after you read this you will know and that knowledge puts you under obligation to respond.

From today's Jerusalem Post: 'Opt for prison over hearing girls sing'

The influential national-religious rabbi said that he was asked by soldiers what they should do when their commanders order them to stay at an event in which a woman was singing. Orthodox Jewish law prohibits men from hearing a woman sing on modesty grounds.

"I told them ~ what should you do? The Talmud tells you it is better you go to jail, disregard your commander and don't hear the voice of a woman singing," Eliyahu said in a recorded sermon broadcast Monday night and carried by the newspaper Ma'ariv.

The IDF's Chief of Staff's Office recently issued a prohibition on observant soldiers walking out of military assemblies to avoid hearing women singing. Chief education officer Brig. Gen. Eli Shermeister said that incidents of religious soldiers walking out of ceremonies to avoid the religious transgression were a "worrisome phenomenon," as they were liable to weaken group cohesion.

Hoffman's afterword:

Observe the mendacious alibi the Jerusalem Post concocts to explain away rabbinic Judaism's insane hatred for the melody of a song from a mother, sister, daughter or female friend: it is prohibited on the grounds of modesty.

False! This psychotic prohibition is consonant with all of the Talmud's other miserably low and insane estimations of women (as witches, meat from a butcher shop and other filthy imprecations against the female sex).

Modesty has nothing to do with it.

A holy song, a mournful song, a beautiful song does not incite lust, except in Talmudically-minded (i.e. dirty-minded) bochurim and Talmidim.

They hate women and since the song of a woman humanizes her, therefore singing by women is banned.

The Zionist hasbara organ, Jerusalem Post, does not DARE admit this documented fact.

Read my book Judaism Discovered for the relevant documentation and elaboration.

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