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Every time I think I have done my last post on Michael Jackson, something new comes along to prompt yet another. This is a double post.

The first section is an interview with La Toya Jackson in which she speaks of the family's allegations that Michael was murdered. Of course, due to the whole MK Ultra trauma based mind control, she knows much more than she dare say rather than speak out and risk her own life.

The interview is followed by an excellent YouTube about illuminati infiltration into the Rap and modern music industry. This is a topic I could write about for days, and indeed have done a fair bit on in the past.

However, included here are a few things I always suspected but felt alone in believing. Tupac of course was assassinated. I had heard this from the very beginning.
However, my suspicions on the sudden onset of tumors and the swift passing of Bob Marley is confirmed. A major reason for Michael's murder is given.

Again, important information to have. NOT because it is "Hollywood" but something we should all be aware of.


One week after Los Angeles police confirmed that investigators had not ruled out homicide in the death of Michael Jackson, the late singer's older sister, La Toya Jackson, reveals that she suspects he was murdered, the U.K.'s Mail On Sunday reports.

"I believe Michael was murdered," she said. "I felt that from the start. Not just one person was involved, rather it was a conspiracy of people. He was surrounded by a bad circle. Michael was a very meek, quiet, loving person. People took advantage of that. People fought to be close to him, people who weren't always on his side."

She blamed this "shadowy entourage" for supplying him with prescription drugs.
"They got him hooked on drugs," she said. "He was pure and clean and then drugs came back into his system. I think it shocked his system so much it killed him."

Although results from toxicology tests will take a few more weeks to reveal a definitive cause of death, La Toya ~ who signed Michael's death certificate on June 25 after he suffered a cardiac arrest at the age of 50 ~ is certain the investigation will reveal her worst fears.

"He had needle marks on his neck and on his arms and more about those will emerge in the next few weeks," she said. " I cannot discuss that any further as I may jeopardize the investigation. I can, however, say that I have not changed my mind about my feeling that Michael was murdered."

She added: "It will all come out. You will be shocked."

La Toya, 53, also asserts that Michael ~ whom she said "was the loneliest man in the world" ~ was forced into doing 50 concerts in London and was kept away from his family as he went to rehearsals, costume fittings and vocal lessons at all hours.

"Its impossible even for a healthy person to do that many shows," she said. "Michael was fragile. He always wanted to believe the best of people. But he was meek. In the last few months, he became isolated. I believe the staff were given strict instructions that if any of the family called, not to tell him. And if any of the family came by, not to let them in."

She said that throughout her and her family's mourning, they plan to file a civil lawsuit against anyone ~ which could potentially include Michael's personal doctor, Conrad Murray, whom La Toya said "disappeared" after she sought answers from him ~ they believe responsible, as well as pushing for police to serve criminal charges.

"I am going to get down to the bottom of this," she said. "I am not going to stop until I find out who is responsible. Why did they keep the family away? Its not about money. I want justice for Michael. I wont rest until I find out what ~ and who ~ killed my brother."

La Toya is equally determined to resolve the
custody battle between Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe over Michael's two eldest children, Prince, 12, and Paris, 11 (La Toya confirms that Blanket, 7, was conceived with a donor egg and donated sperm and that his biological parents are unknown).

"These are not Debbie's kids," she said. "They don't even know shes their mother. Like everyone else in his life, she was motivated by money. She has always said shes not their mother. My understanding is that she will now go after the kids. I know a few things about Debbie, and I will prevent that from happening."

In the end, La Toya ~ the sibling her family said had "a special bond" with the star ~ said she won't rest until she finds out the truth about the King of Pop's death.

"I'm doing what I can to find out how he died. If he died of a drug overdose, then I want to find who supplied him the drugs and who first introduced him to them," she said.

"We've still not had a chance to speak to Dr. Murray about Michael's final days. I need to know what he may have seen or heard."

She added: "Michael didn't have to die. We are all mourning his loss, more than anyone can ever know. But we are also determined to get to the bottom of what happened to him."

Yes, Michael Jackson was murdered. You will recall that, in a piece I wrote after his death, I spoke of his being a trauma based MK Ultra mind controlled slave. I mentioned how the Illuminati had a hand in the creation of the Jackson Five.

I also mentioned more than once how his downfall was created by enemies, although at that time I was thinking primarily of the DA of California of whom he had sung and who brought him down in the child abuse case, completely humiliating and breaking Jackson in the process.

That was traditional Illuminati slander and slaughter from start to finish. What made it truly Illuminati was that no matter how they handled any aspect of Michael, they made billions in media sales.

I have also written about the CIA and the military involvement in the American entertainment (music and film) businesses on more than one occasion.

Because of my age, I have not spoken much of rap although I have been aware of infiltration by the Freemasons and Illuminati, noticeable by the hand poses so many of the stars made. However I avoided listening to this music because the beat is intended to slow down and hypnotize the listener, according to timeless knowledge of the effects of rhythm on the human body and mind.

Tupac Shakur ~ enlarge and enjoy his words

I never listened to Tupac but I heard many rumors about his being murdered and there was a whiff of conspiracy involved. I did not investigate.

Bob Marley I have long suspected of being murdered simply because his message was too pure, simple, beautiful, and UPLIFTING to be allowed. UPLIFTING of the spirit is not allowed in the New World. Why else was good protest music silened? or Classical music?

Bob Marley, a man of peace, love, gentle strength, assassinated.

These sound forms uplift the spirit and the Illuminati do not want that.

This little film touches on much of the above ~ in spades.

It speaks of the assassination of the three artists, all men with a serious dangerous messag ~ Tupac, Bob Marley, and Michael Jackson.

Although it had not occurred to me before, it is very likely that Jackson was injected with vitiligo. That is the dirty way these people play. Ten years ago I went through a deep personal loss to that same type of organization by injection. This is done more often than we know ~ or want to know.

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