Tuesday 1 September 2009


By Christopher Jon Bjerknes September 1, 2009



The hoarse battle cry of the Jewish revolutionary sounds, "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!" Most believe that these are modern invocations, meant to lead mankind into a new and enlightened age.

This is what the French were primed to shout during the Revolution!

The Jews claim that Moses first revealed these glorious notions to the Jews. But the Jews do not intend to share these noble attributes with the Goyim, but rather invoke their names as bait leading into a deadly trap that produces the contrary conditions of slavery and the loss of identity for the non-Jew.

The Jews attribute the first human experiments with "Liberty" and "Equality" to Mosaic law, which compels the Jews to enslave one another for no more than six years, to forgive all debts on the year of release, and to restore all Jews to their ancestral lands in the year of the Jubilee, thereby making all Jews equals. In addition, Mosaic law states that Jews are servants only to their god, but to no man.

When Joshua stole the land of Palestine, he divvied it up among the racial tribes of Israel, and each tribe subdivided the land among its families for all Israelitish posterity (Joshua 13). In this way, the Jews meant to avoid wealth disparity and promote equality and liberty. A family had its land and would keep it forever, if need be having it restored at the times of the Jubilee.

The Jews use this knowledge as a weapon with which to lure the Gentiles into a trap. The Jews urge to the Goyim to clamor for "Liberty" and "Equality", but subvert the non-Jew's ability to obtain either by defining "Freedom" as the ability to exchange money for real property.

Though the Jews are forbidden to practice usury against fellow Jews, the Torah insists that they destroy the Goyim with usury. In this way, the Jews trick the Goyim into demanding the "Freedom" to exchange their ancestral lands for money and debts, which monies the Jews then deliberately devalue, leaving the Goyim with nothing but debts which are never forgiven. In the name of "Freedom", the Jews produce Gentile slavery.

The Jews then coach the Goyim to clamor for "Equality", which they define as the ability to divide up the lands of the nation and distribute them equally among the citizens. But the Jews hold that their god owns all of the lands, and so once the Goyim have mass murdered their landed gentry for the benefit of the Jews, the Jews claim that the "State", which is they themselves, owns the land. And so the non-Jew has "his" parcel of land on which to toil for the benefit of the State, for the benefit of the Jew who reaps the profits of all of the Goy's labor on the land on which the Goy is allowed to slave. The Jew also taxes away the wealth of the Goyim and increases the debts of Goy nations, in the name of producing wealth "Equality". In the name of "Equality", the Jew makes the Goy a landless serf.

The Torah teaches the Jew to love other Jews as the Jew loves himself. The Israelites divided the land so as to prevent internecine conflict and promote fraternity of the distinct tribes both internally and among each other.

However, the Jew invokes the term "Fraternity" to rob the Gentile of his identity, his nation, and his unique bloodline. Whereas the Jew presevered his tribal blood being distinct from the other tribes, and whereas the Jew promoted fraternity amongst the Jews as the mythical Israelite tribes and also as a nation composed of those tribes, each with its distinct bloodlines; the Jew undermines the fraternal bloodlines of Gentiles, their national and individual identities and their brotherhood amongst their own kind and good relations to those of other nations. Where there are no distinctions, fraternity is either self adulation, or redundancy. A nation of like blooded people, or people of the same culture, can have fraternity for its members, and fraternity for other nations, for it can admire its unique self, and respect others. But where there are no others, there is no fraternity, because there is no distinction to be found and fraternity becomes a redundancy for the existence of the common whole.

The Jews desperately seek to mix the races and the nations so that there can be no division of the land into tribal territories. The Jews desperately seek to turn over the rearing of children to the State and to the media, so that there will be no families to accrue and hold wealth and real property for all posterity. Instead all will become assets of the Jewish controlled super-State, which the Jewish merchant sells to the Goyim as if loving universal "Fraternity". In the name of "Fraternity", the Jew robs the Goy of his identity, his nation and his posterity, thereby depriving him of any and all fraternity.

Both Jewish Capitalism and Jewish Communism accomplish these Jewish objectives, and both use Jewish religious maxims as bait. The Jews misled the Russians to believe that by destroying their own Russian nation, by stealing the land and distributing it amongst their Russian families, and by forgiving the Russian peasants their debts, the Russian people would obtain "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!" Instead, the Russian became a slave on State owned land, a slave without credit with which to build anything. The Russian lost his personal, national and religious identity and all his fraternal bonds to his ancestors, contemporaries and descendants.

Jewish Capitalism is doing the same to us in America. The Jews now want us to clamor for secession in the name of "Fraternity", so that we lose most all of our land in the name of gaining a smaller nation like us, and we lose our fellow citizens as defenders of the land on which we live and as providers of revenue and goods for the entire vast and bountiful nation we enjoy today. The Jews now want us to clamor for debt forgiveness so that our money becomes worthless and they can take over all our real property leaving us without anything of value and without credit. The Jews now want us to clamor for "Freedom" so as to spark a chaotic revolution after which they will impose a dictatorship in the name of restoring "Order". The Jews now want us to clamor for "Equality" so that they can devalue and tax to death our real wealth and convert everything we once had to State ownership, which is to say, Jewish ownership.

In the name of Mosaic law as iterated in Exodus chapter 20, and especially the Mishpatim21 , 22 , 23 and 24; and in Leviticus 25 ; the Jews steal all that we have including our genetic heritage, our culture, our nations and children, forever and ever. As the Jews state in the Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin, folio 59, the law of Moses is their inheritance and those Goyim who study it deserve death, therefore they teach it to us in order to kill us off: chapters

"R. Johanan said: A heathen who studies the Torah deserves death, for it is written, Moses commanded us a law for an inheritance; it is our inheritance, not theirs."

Bear these facts in mind the next time you observe the Jews doing "outlandish" things to our beloved nation, and also ponder the word "outlandish", as in from another land, as in Jewish and the foreign elements the Jews inject into our world in order to destroy us, to take away our liberty, to deprive us of equality, and to destroy our fraternity. What the Jews are doing to us is outlandish, it is the infinitely alien and inhuman Jewish spirit.

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