Thursday 3 September 2009


The value of human life surpasses all other values.
Be it state or scripture, society or religion,
the significance of everything lies in developing humanity
to the optimum point through knowledge,
culture, health and affluence of life.
It is for the blossoming of humanity
that civilization has so many impediments,
the state presents various forms, theories
multiply and the scriptures abound
in ordinances and regulations.

What does the state stand for,
what is the use of these regulations,
or what are the marvels of civilization for,
if humanity is deprived of manifesting itself,
if human beings do not get any chance
to build a good physique,
to invigorate their intelligence with knowledge
and to broaden their heart with love and compassion?
Instead of leading humanity to the goal of life,
if the state stands in the way
then it cannot command loyalty,
because humanity is superior to the state.
~ Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar

There are two parts to this posting. The first, A LETTER TO THE SLAVES FROM A GLOBALIST, I found many years ago. I was mesmerized by it, but everyone I showed it to, laughed and called me silly or paranoid or, even worse, a jaded cynic. However, it rang true to my beliefs at the deepest levels. That was eight or nine years ago. I knew nothing of the Talmud or Zionism back then, just that nondescript term for "the Illuminati".

Yesterday I reread it with fresh eyes and was awed to see how many of the things mentioned are our current reality, Obama and Bush notwithstanding. It is pure Zionism as we see it today, drawn fresh from the Talmud. Hoax or not, it certainly speaks to many of our concerns today ~ wars, inoculations and vaccines, Codex Alimentarius, the NWO, Iraq, Afghanistan, 911, Israel, the theft of body parts, entertainment,the Federal Reserve and the money situation and losses we deal with today.

It is my prayer that this finds a bigger audience willing to accept what they read, then move on to what the second part of this post advocates. The second piece I post is from the site of THE OLIVE FARMER.
His site is a well of inspiration always. Like the Olive Tree, it is strong and grounded in the earth and reality ~ and full of gifts for those willing to take the time. THANK YOU FOR THE INSPIRATION, MY FRIEND.

Why did I combine the one with the other
for a single posting?

Gosh, I am glad you asked because doing so
makes perfect sense to me.

I wished to highlight
The Olive Farmer's vision
through comparison to
the vision of the parasite.
We, as human beings,
have a choice to make
and the time is NOW!

Do we do nothing
and accept this joyless world
the globalist is foisting upon us?

Palestine is the perfect example of their wish for us. We are all potential Palestinians. Are you willing to accept this as the future of humanity? For your children and for your grandchildren? For yourselves?


This is truly a wonderful thing. In our media we present before you exactly what it is we want you to do. Then, as if in a flash, our little servants obey. We can send American or European troops to wherever we like, whenever we like, and for whatever purpose we like, and you dutifully go about our business.
How much more evidence do you need? We can make you desire to leave your homes and family and go to war merely at our command. We only need to present some nonsense to you from the president's desk or on the evening news and we can get you all fired up to do whatever we like. You can do nothing but what we put before you.

When any of you seek to resist us, we have ways of making you look ridiculous as we have done with your militia movement. We have delighted to use this movement to show the world how impotent any resistance is. They look so silly marching around with their guns as if they were some match for our military.

Look at what we did near Waco. Did the Davidian's little store of weapons help them? We have generously taxed you and used that money to make such sophisticated weapons you can in no way compete. Your own money has served to forge the chains we bind you with, since we are in control of all money.

Some of you think you may escape by buying some land in the country and growing a garden. Let me remind you that you still pay us ground rent. Oh, you may call it property taxes, but it still goes to us.

You see, you need money no matter what you do. If you fail to pay your ground rent to us, we will take your land and sell it to someone who will pay us. Do you think we cannot do this?

And with your ground rent we pay for the indoctrination of your children in the public schools we have set up. We want them to grow up well trained into the system of our thinking.
Your children will learn what we want them to learn, when we want them to learn it, and you pay for it through your ground rent.

Those funds are also used for other projects we have in mind and our contractors are paid handsomely for their work. You may doubt that we own your children, or have such control, but you will find that we do.

We can declare that you abuse your children when you spank them and have them confiscated.

If they do not show up for school indoctrination, we can accuse you of neglect, thereby, giving them to us.

Your children are not yours.
They are ours.
You must inoculate them, you must bring them to our hospitals if we decree or we will take them from you. You know this and we know this.

Through our electronic commerce we are able to see where you are, what you are buying and how much you have to buy things with. Where do you suppose we come up with our monthly financial statistics?

Through the Internet and other sources we can even know how you think and what you say. It is not especially important to us what you believe as long as you do what we say.

Your beliefs are nonsense anyway.
But if you think you have a following, and we perceive that you might be somewhat dangerous to our agenda, we have ways to deal with you.

We have a Pandora's box of mischief with which to snare you. We can have you in court so long you will never get out. We can easily drain away all your assets over one pretext or another. We have an inexhaustible fund with which to draw from to pay our lawyers. These lawyers are paid by you in the form of taxes.

You do not have this vast supply of wealth. We know how to divide and conquer. Have we not brought down rulers of countries through our devices? Do you think your tiny self will be any match for us?

And, let us consider your religions and the "moral majority." The "moral majority" is neither moral nor is it in the majority. We have delighted to use this wet noodle of a movement to make ridiculous the Christian faith.

The silly men who run that organization always end up with egg on their faces. We have always put them in defense of themselves as we have so successfully done with the NRA. We can make it seem by our media propaganda that the National Rifle Association is actually the New Radical Attackers.
Have we not turned the American conservative movement on its ear? If it serves our purposes we can use the conservatives to turn the liberals on their ear. It makes no difference to us but it serves to make you believe there are two sides struggling for their particular position.

This helps to make things seem fair and free since everyone has a voice. Actually, there is only one side now with all kinds of masks on, but you are unable to penetrate our purposes.

You see, we can do whatever we like and you can do nothing about it. Does it not seem reasonable that you simply obey and serve us? Otherwise, you get eaten up in the resistance you suppose will liberate you.
You cannot be liberated.It is impossible. We supply your fuel for your cars. We can turn it off whenever we like claiming that there is some sort of fuel shortage. What if your car breaks down? You cannot get parts for it without us.

We supply all the money you use. At any whim of our desire we can stop the money supply or cause a complete crash all together.

We can then order the president to declare all money worthless and that we will have to have new money. All of your stashes of cash will go up in smoke in a moment's time.
Don't you need food? If necessary, we can cause a trucker's strike which would stop deliveries of food to your local store. We can starve you whenever we like. You only have food because we have provided it to you from our table.

During the great depression we controlled the food. We heaped mountains of food behind fences and let it rot. The hungry were then made to work in our labour camps even though there was enough and more to feed them. Do you really think you can beat us?

You say you will hoard gold coins so you will still have money in the time of the crash. We can simply pass a law which outlaws the possession of gold as we have done in the past. If we find gold in your possession, we would simply confiscate it and put you in prison for breaking the law.

While in prison you would be required to work in one of our prison industries. We have so formed a picture of the labour camps in our prisons these days that no one seems to object to them. We tell people that murderers should pay for their own keep.

No one seems to consider that
we have the power
to put tomato growers in prison also.

Did you know that your legal right to grow your own garden is being legislated away?

We can pass laws that prohibit gardens and then make up some scientific reason why you may only buy food from our sources. If someone sees you growing tomatoes, they will report you to us and then we will have you in our fields working for us.

Oh, silly nationalists, there is no escape for you, for since long before you were born, we were planning your capture.

Your teachers and ministers have been forming your thoughts for us for generations now. You have no idea how to pull out of our influence short of suicide.

Go ahead and commit suicide, it will only help us to deal with the excessive population. You cannot hurt us, find us, or even imagine what we are up to.

I am throwing you these few crumbs only so that you may, if you have a little good sense, obey and follow our orders.

We run Hollywood. The movies such as Terminator and Armageddon, along with a great host of others, were simply created to get you thinking according to our directions. You have been made to delight in violence so that when we send you off to kill some bad man we have put before you, you move without a whimper.

We have placed violent arcade games in your malls to prepare your young minds in the art of battle. We have made you to view our armies and police as the good forces and you submit to things that were unthinkable just a few decades ago.

Our artful programs, are all designed to help you submit and even help the New World Order.

Star Trek, and other such creations, have taught you to simply obey orders from the new international rulers. Oh, silly people, you thought you were being entertained, while you were actually being educated.

Dare I use the words, "brainwashed" or "mind control?" By the way, have you seen the new Star Wars?

What a masterpiece of mental manipulation. Humans confer with nondescript beasts of all shapes and sizes and they confer in English. I wonder where those space beasts learned English.
Oh, the simpleness of the mind
of the citizen.
He never considers
he is being taken into fairyland. 
We have placed advertisements for Star Wars almost everywhere you go. You will find them in Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Taco Bell and a host of our institutions of commerce. There is something we want you to learn from this movie. Or, perhaps it could be said, there is something we do not want you to learn, from Episodes 4-6. Either way, we will have what we want in the whole affair.

Of course, to keep you off guard we have instructed our elected officials to appear to be correcting the evil of our violence. President Clinton is now speaking against violence in Hollywood movies. This will not solve the problem, but will only make the people believe the problem is being worked on.

Sex and violence are the very best powers to use to help us gain our advantage. How the people loathe to give up their sex and violence, so we place all they want before them. In this way, we keep them so occupied they do not have the integrity or brain power to deal with the really important matters which are left entirely in our hands.
President Clinton has been very helpful to us. We knew of what character he was before we placed him as president. Exposing him was very helpful in adjusting the moral habits of the youth downward. This is to our advantage.

Even more agreeable to us were the vain efforts of those who thought they could remove him against our will. He is useful to us and he will not be removed by anyone until we are ready to have him removed. Excuse me if I seem to be mocking your system of beliefs, but they are rather outdated.

Have you no eyes to see your vain liberties and your righteous pontifications are nothing before us?
You can only do
what we say you can do.

We remove presidents when we are ready and the leader we set up will be there until it serves us to have another.

At that time we place our proposed leader before you and you vote for whom we want. In that way we give you the vain voting exercise in the belief you had something to do with placing your president in office.

We use the nations
for what we want to use them for.

Everyone knows that they must yield to us ~ or die. 
Fortunately, we have had a few resisters such as Saddam and Milosevic that have been helpful in showing the world leaders what we will do to them if they do not submit.

There is only glory in following our purposes and doing what we say. If one does not, there will be such a sad and tragic result. I would really have you spared of such an end.

But, then, again, if you are not spared, it is of no consequence to us. We will use you to alleviate some of the overpopulation problem.

Some of you have thought you could stop us by placing a bomb in one of our abortion clinics or in a government building. Silly souls! How can that hurt us?

All that does is give us an example to use so that we might place more controls and heavy burdens on the population. We love it when you rebel and blow something up. You are our reason for making more laws against all those things which might contribute to your freedom from us. If someone did not blow something up on occasion, we would have no justification in placing more hedges about you.

Can't you see how impossible
it is for you to resist us?
The more you wriggle,
the more we squeeze.
Our kingdom is the kingdom of money. Excuse me, but I must confess that we are the rulers of the kingdom of non-money. You must see the humour in that statement. We have given you a piece of paper or some numbers on a computer screen that we have termed money.

It is backed up by nothing and proven by nothing but what we say it is. We create it from nothing, we print it, we loan it, we give it its value, we take its value away. All things that have to do with money are in our hands.

Think of it, what is it that you can do against us without money? If you try to resist, we can cancel your credit or freeze your accounts. Your cash is easily confiscated. We have made so many rules in the realm of living that you cannot live without money.

Camp on government land and you must move in two weeks. You cannot grow much of a garden in two weeks. Many of our wilderness trails are entered by permit only.

We have passed laws that do not allow you to live in trailers over a certain period without moving to another location. Have you not thought it ridiculous that we will allow a man to live in a box full time but we will not allow a man to live in an RV full time unless he is in a taxpaying campground?

Our recent war in Serbia has many purposes to it but we do not speak of these things openly. We let our talk show hosts blather all sorts of nonsense but none of it touches the core. First of all, there is a wealth of natural resources in Kosovo that we must have complete control of. Kosovo has large supplies of uranium in its soil and uranium is very helpful to our regime. Also, it suits us to keep all such minerals out of the hands of potential enemies.

Milosevic has not been helpful in giving those resources into our hands so we simply make things difficult for him until he does. Even now, victory over Yugoslavia is imminent.

We are reducing that proud nation to the level of humility we require from all people. After the war, if Mr. Milosevic does not sufficiently humble himself, we will take him to the world court charged with war crimes.

We made up that term; rather ingenious, don't you think? How could there be such a thing as a war crime? The very nature of war is that the rules are off. It is so entertaining to watch the nations try to fight war according to the laws we have placed before them.

The only war crime there really is only involves the crime of being against us. Anyone against us is violating our law. As you have seen when someone is for us we do not care what they do. Was not Nelson Mandela a bomb-toting terrorist who killed many of his enemies? We made a hero of him.

We observe no laws when it comes to war. We do what we want, when we want and where we want. We can starve nations to death, we can ruin civilians and any other horror for which we would take our enemies to court. Look at our example.

We bomb Serbia out of its wits, bomb Kosovans out of their homes, poison their rivers and streams, turn off their electricity making a grand crisis in that country, and then we masterfully make it appear it is all Mr. Milosevic's fault and he needs to go to court for it.

It is the same way we made our inferno at Waco look like Mr. Koresh's fault.

Then there was our chief villain, Saddam with all of his weapons of mass destruction. Bad men are a dime a dozen and we can conjure one up whenever it suits us. This is really quite funny when you think of it.

I am not one who is usually given to humour, but I do catch myself laughing sometimes at the absolute absurdity of the notions we place before you and you readily accept.

Do you wonder that the leaders of the world tremble at our presence? They know they have no power except the power we give them. We have no fear of Russia or China for we are already in full control of their system of things. China knows that we can freeze any number of its corporations in America and all of its capital at the stroke of a pen.

We want you to be in the system. When you are buying a house, we not only receive the tax revenue to use for our purposes, but we gain large increases from the interest on the loan. You may pay for your house two or three times over from the interest alone. The interest is also taxed which is again placed for use in those sectors of influence we choose.

We do not want you to escape free
and that is why we have made it as we have.
You are our property.
We will not permit you to buy or sell unless you submit to our mark of authority. If you go to court against us, we will wear you out there and in the end you will lose. If you use violence, we will end up having you in one of our labour camps, more specifically called prison industries.

You need our money, our entertainments, our fuel, and our utilities to function and if you don't have them, you feel deprived. By this, you are made to yield to our will.
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My family. My friends.

This has become the work of my life.

Everything else matters, nothing else matters.

The future of humanity is in our care,
the future of our beautiful planet is in our care.
The future is OUR responsibility.
This is big stuff.

Dig in, grit your teeth, gird your inner self
with truth and shield yourself with compassion.
Do some work .
We have a duty.

We have a vital duty and now we have
the very first opportunity in the history of mankind
to fulfill that duty.

We are living in exceptional times.

The future looks upon us now,
watching and waiting to see if
we can summon the will to act
according to our lights.

They await our decision.

Will we fill graveyards, or will we build homes?
Will we build trust, or enmity and division?
Will we cleanse the world, or fill it with more poison?

There are times when a human being
has to cast aside the worries and fears
that beset them and step up.

This is such a time.
This is OUR TIME.
This is the world war of the soul.

Please, for our future, get enlisted.
History will judge us for cowards or heroes.
History will judge us for our legacy.

Your life,
my life,
everyone's life
should be dedicated to this future.

The future is, after all, ALL we have.

All our children,
and their children,
and theirs have.

My friends, the future is all there is.

There are 6.5 billion souls here on our wonderful home.
Together, we WILL become
the strongest force for good ever known.
There is no choice in the matter.
Your Specie needs YOU!

If we tread carefully and with wisdom
we can avoid the errors of the past,
go through the transition of hardship,
and emerge into a future
filled with the light of human love.

If one person believes that, others will take them for a fool.
If we all believe that, then that person would be a fool not to.
This is the fundament of critical mass.
This is why work is required.

The family of humanity has at last come to an understanding.

Never before in the history of humankind
have we had the opportunity
to sit and listen to one another,
to hear each others voice across the world,
to reach a common understanding between us.
A common understanding
outside of the control and influence
of the evil elite.

At this very moment and for the first time
mankind is collectively arriving at this understanding.
This understanding comes from the discovery of
the Truth.

The truth that mankind
has been inculcated with the belief
that we are not ONE.

Sold the lie that we need to hate one another,
fear one another,
kill or starve or maim one another
for our own individual survival.

This lie withers when exposed
to the bright light of truth.
It is dying now.

You can see those that aren't yet free,
clinging desperately to one lie or another,
hanging on grimly
to something they have learnt
from the false reality gifted
to us over Millennia.
Divisive and ridiculous ideas
of race or religion or nation or debt,
instruments all of torture and control.

They too will come into the fold.
They too will accept the great hug of love
that humanity has within it.
The great hug of love that we yearn to give,
we yearn to receive,
we shall all have.
The warm and protective arms of a humanity
free at last of fear.

I'm going to ask you for your help.
I have an idea I would like to share with you.

Please help, as many of you already are.

Humanity has to act very quickly now
if we are to avert the hardship and slaughter
that the evil global scum are driving us towards.

In many places
our brothers and sisters
are already in this hell.
They need our urgent help.

The power the elite have
is made up of us ~ and only us.
Without their manipulative controls over us,
they are weak and defenceless.

Refuse to pull the trigger, they cannot kill.

Refuse to fly the plane, they cannot bomb.

Refuse to inject the child, they cannot pass their poisons.

Refuse to pay the interest, they cannot grow richer.

Refuse to pay your tax to the governments
in their hands,
they cannot spend it on death.

Refuse to hate, they cannot divide us.

Refuse to believe, they cannot make us fools.

Take the control of money from them,
they lose control of their vile political acolytes.

Please understand the power of humanity
standing in the light.

There is nothing we need fear if we act together.
The end of the dominance of evil is a step away.

A short step into the light for humanity,
a long march into the darkness for evil.

We can, together, consign evil to the history books.
Together we can deconstruct this paradigm of evil.

Piece by piece,
sharing each of us our portion of the burden,
we can cast aside
this ludicrous and foul confection
of lies with great ease,
with the easy shrug
of 6.5 billion shoulders.
The evil elite are parasites,
tiny but greedy,
sucking the future of happiness
from the efforts and skills of mankind.

That's ENOUGH of that.
It is Time to Start Again.

So here is the favour I will ask of you.
Respond if you can.

Each person
that applies their shoulder
to the wheel of our fortune
lessens the effort required for the others.

Each person added brings ever closer
the final end of the torture,
the killing,
the false health that is sickness and death ,
the poverty and starvation,
the misery,
the evil,
the hatred,
the mistrust.

Each extra shoulder of support brings ever closer the day.

We each of us have lists of contacts.
We each of us have family and friends.
We each of us care for those people.
We each visit sites that allow posting.
We each speak to a neighbour, a friend, a colleague.

We each of us need to stand forward,
step into the breach,
cast our fear aside and vow
to rid our future
of the filth and foul subjugation
that will be our gift to the future
if we do nothing.
We need to "come out" as human.

So, friends:
Make a pledge for humanity.

"I will bring the truth to 5 new people a day."

Many will initially turn aside,
following their programming.
But, if from each 5 we can bring one into the fold,
and they likewise speak to five a day~~~~~

There is a certain beauty in mathematics,
a certain unstoppable certainty.

Send them here.
If you like what I write (thank you),
re-post elsewhere.

Send them to other sites
where the truth sits,
even if sometimes that truth is diluted
or perhaps not quite the truth.

Tell them to believe nothing
but to let their inner humanity
be the judge of what is right.

Let your fellow human beings walk with you.
Hold their hands, as is your duty, and lead them.

Remember, we have nothing to fear other than each other.
Without us, the evil elite have nothing.

They will pay for their wrongs
and will endure justice,
the justice meted out by a higher humanity,
a humanity free of fear and full of light and love.

Maybe we'll just hug them.
But their control will be over.
Their ability to regain that control gone forever.
They will feel a justice of compassion and truth.

This is our future.
This can be our legacy.

Future generations of humanity
will laud us or despise us
according to how we act TODAY.

Love to you all,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx

Show yourself to others.
Fear nothing.
We are many.
Let them find us,
and let them find us too many,
beyond number.
Let them feel our authority at last,

Can you understand the comfort of seeing a million followers?
(Not of me ,I hasten to add, but of the Idea, the "Idea of Us".)

If each current visitor brought five
to this small offering of the truth each day,
and then they brought five each day,
why: It would take us only ten weeks
to reach mankind!

That might just be fast enough to avert disaster.

Would you like to try?

Then get to it!!


AFare24Get said...
Wow! That's all I can say after reading your amazing contribution, opinion, and what you added from 'The Olive Farmer'. Wow & thank you. Julian

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  1. This video touched my heart, Noor...

    I decided to further pass this amazing message around by putting it up in my own blog, with full credits to both Olive Farmer,and yourself.

    Well done, young lady!


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