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An Israeli "organ donors'" cemetery.

By Kawther Salam
September 6, 2009

Many Palestinian bodies which had their organs removed are still in the refrigerators of the Israeli jails and hospitals, and many Palestinian bodies (about 300) which had their organs removed are still in secret cemeteries with numbered graves.

Israel is the only State in the world which continues holding the bodies of Palestinian victims and pursues it’s criminal policies as a cover for concealing up the proof of the theft of Palestinian organs.

Since the seventies, Israel has refused to give these bodies back to their families in a clear violation to basic norms of human behavior, Israeli laws, the Geneva conventions and other international treaties”. (Click on pictures to see them bigger).

The body of Martyr Mahmoud Touman, one of several people who carried out an operation against Israel in 1994, was returned to his family a month after the operation. His family stated that all the internal organs of their son had been purloined, and the family has pictures which prove the Israeli crime.

The body of the Palestinian woman Daren Abu Eisha, who was killed by the Israelis on 27/2/2002 near a military checkpoint in the West Bank, is still held in Israel. Her mother wishes that the Israelis give her back the body of her daughter, so that she can bury it properly before her own death.

There are crimes, there are criminals who benefit from the crimes, and the purloined bodies of murdered Palestinians are used for experiments as the reports go, yet another crime. All of this has been going on since the seventies.

All the beneficiaries of these crimes in the State of Israel, the IDF, the Israeli hospitals and elsewhere have exercised their filthy roles in a wide conspiracy, a criminal network, as a part of their everyday work.

Their crimes have accrued them fat gains besides their official salaries ~ the israeli version of “fringe benefits”. Their roles and activities within this criminal network was and is a lucrative and profitable business.

The Israeli army murders the Palestinians, kidnaps the bodies and sends them to Abu Kabir, Tel HaShomer, and other “hospitals” to be butchered. These are the central places of the criminal network, where the booty for the criminal network is taken.

At these indecent places, the butcheries of Abu Kabir, Tel HaShomer and elsewhere, the bodies are “autopsied”, organs stolen, researched and studies of likely questionable scientific value conducted, organs given to others for equally questionable research which all serve the military experiments of the IDF in Palestine, and complex deals which generate huge profits for everyone are arranged.

All this happens with full knowledge of the State of Israeli, under their occupation, and which covers it’s crimes against humanity buy using the ridiculous slur “anti-Semitism” and loud invocations of the Holocaust to silence anybody who criticizes their crimes.

Does Israeli interest in the autopsies of Palestinian bodies, in stealing and selling their organs to educational institutions, universities … or is the Israeli interest in the bodies and organs to research on the type of ammunition which the IDF used to murder the Palestinians, or are both these possibilities of interest to Israel? (To read more about Israel criminality click here).

The scandal which erupted around the theft and harvesting of organs and bodies of Palestinians has forced the Palestinian Authority (the PA) to say and to take action.

On September 3 2009, the PA announced the establishment of an inquiry commission to investigate the issue of theft of organs of Palestinian martyrs by the Israelis at various locations.

Prime Minster Salam Fayyad demanded that Dr. Riyad Al-Maliki, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Said Abu Ali, Interior Minister, and Dr. Fathi Abu Mgali, health minister, should investigate all the facts related to theft by the Israeli occupation of the organs of Palestinian martyrs whose bodies were purloined or kidnapped by the IDF and transferred to the butchery at Abu Kabir in the south of Tel Aviv.

Secretary-General of the Palestinian Cabinet Hassan Abu Libda said, according to the results of the investigation commission, the PA will decide whether or not to pursue action against Israel. He added: “all possibilities are open, and our attitude will be unequivocal, if the suspicions of theft by the Israeli occupation of the organs from the bodies of the martyrs are proven”.

Dr. bu Libda added that organ theft is not only a violation of human rights, it’s a clear violation of international treaties, the Geneva convention and the Rome statute of the ICC, and that it goes against all values and creeds. According to the results of the work of this committee, the PA will adopt a position before moving on various levels legally and internationally.

Dr. Hanna Issa
, a legal advisor of the PA, teacher of international law, PA-Ministry of Justice, said “the international prosecutor is entitled to open an investigation on the Israeli occupation and their stealing organs from the bodies of Palestinian who were killed, during the autopsies in Israeli hospitals”.

Israel has been suspected since the early seventies of stealing the organs of Palestinian bodies autopsied at the butchery of Abu Kabir in the south of Tel Aviv. All the Palestinian bodies purloined and kidnapped by IDF soldiers and transferred to Abu Kabir were autopsied, stuffed with cotton and sewn up in disrespectful ways before being sent back to their families.

These bodies were buried without being re-opened by their relatives to reveal which of their organs had been stolen in the Israeli hospitals. Nobody could imagine that the organs of their loved ones would be stolen, but everybody knew that bodies had been autopsied. They were all forced to accept the crime as a normal part of their daily life under the criminal Israeli occupation and it’s military laws.

According to the Muslim tradition “Islam forbids the autopsy of the deceased, and considers it as a humiliation for the dead person. Muslims believe in the dignity of the deceased and that their burial must happen in a speedy fashion”.

Whatever happened, whatever Israel did to the bodies of the Palestinian victims of the IDF, the IDF and the Israeli State are guilty of stealing and harvesting the victims' (or as Israel calls them, enemies) organs.

Simply, we say it frankly and with a LOUD voice:

~ Israel is guilty of murdering Palestinians who are civilians protected under international laws and treaties, which Israeli has signed, and under them Israel as the occupier is responsible for the security and safety of all Palestinians in their persons and belongings.

~ Israel is guilty of the theft of the organs of many dozens of Palestinian martyrs who were wounded, and who were abducted by Israeli personnel from emergency wards, from ambulances, from hospitals. Israel later announced their deaths, but their bodies were not handed back to their families.

~ Israel is guilty of kidnapping and purloining the bodies of Palestinians and autopsying them against the will of the their families, or without informing them, and without the presence of an Arab or Palestinian doctor.

~ Israel is guilty and suspected of stealing the organs of Palestinians and selling them to hospitals, educational institutions, and individuals, for financial gain.

~Israel is guilty of using Palestinian bodies for dissections to train students. Read the full article of the Palestinian Information center: ”Israeli doctors conduct surgery on Palestinian prisoner without their consent”.

~ Israel is guilty of stealing organs of hundreds of Palestinians whom they murdered during clashes and at peace demonstrations, and whose bodies were kept by the Israelis for several days or weeks, and then returned after autopsies performed without allowing Palestinian physicians to supervise.

The families of these victims were forced to sign documents stating that they had received the bodies and that they were buried in difficult circumstances and under military supervision. Often the families were forced to sign documents in Hebrew, which they did not understand, in order to get back the bodies of their beloved ones.

~ Israel is guilty of hiding the bodies of hundreds of Palestinians and Arabs who were declared as “missing”, and it insists on the denying knowledge about their fate. Israel is responsible hiding all these people, of murdering them and stealing their organs.

~ Israel is guilty of stealing the organs of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of detainees, who were deliberately murdered by the IDF after their capture, since 1967. Some of them were taken out of their cells alive and driven to unknown places. The death of such people was later announced, and their bodies were never returned to their relatives.

~ Israel is accused of carrying out tests of weapons used to murder Palestinians. Israel is accused of murdering Palestinians and using the bodies to conduct experiments which serve the Israeli army.

~ Israel is guilty of violating the sanctity of the deceased, and of the desecration of bodies of people for the only reason that they believe in another religion.

~ Israel is accused of purloining the organs of all victims of traffic accidents, Arabs or Jews, as their organs are always removed, with or without the consent of the deceased or their families.

~ Israel is guilty for violating international agreements based on the provisions of Article 147 of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, as well as the Rome statute of the ICC of 1998.

It is clear that a State which commits all these crimes and arouses so many suspicions and accusations, is not innocent, can not be innocent ~ where there is smoke, there is fire. There are benefits from the crimes and experiments against the Palestinian bodies, the bodies of “the enemies”.

If there was no benefit in kidnapping the Palestinian bodies and autopsying them, then Israel would never accept to transfer even one body to their so-called hospitals, or rather, butcheries.

An autopsy is not fun, it is work, personnel, time, equipments, etc. that all costs money. Too perform autopsies of “enemies' bodies” would never be done by the Israelis if there were no benefits, money, research results, and military experiments, involved.

The director of Abu Kabir, Dr. Yehuda Hiss, has been accused of stealing the organs of dead Jews and selling them. Such a State which does not even respect it’s own dead Jews and allows and encourages the harvesting of their organs would never be honest and respectful while autopsying the bodies of its victims (their Palestinian enemies), and, they are known to do everything possible to serve the interests of the IDF, which are the interests of the military state of Israel. Infamous Chief Pathologist to Once Again Evade Punishment, by Ezra HaLevi: “According to the arrangement, the prosecution will request that Prof. Hiss receive only a reprimand for his involvement in the unauthorized removal of parts from 125 bodies. In exchange, Hiss will admit to the acts. The plea bargain is subject to the approval of the court. In all of the 125 cases, Dr. Hiss and his subordinates removed organs, bones and tissue without the permission of, and in many cases, against the expressed wishes of the families of the deceased. Read the article.

“, Sunday, May 25, 2003, State Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein ordered police to launch an investigation against Prof. Yehuda Hiss, the nation’s senior pathologist and director of the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute. Read the article.

On January31 2006, the Israeli reported Dozens of ultra-Orthodox men riot in Institute for Forensic Medicine in Tel Aviv in protest of autopsy carried out on body of haredi woman, … “The problem is that during an autopsy parts of the body that are taken out are not buried; however, if the case involves disease or murder, then rabbis permit an autopsy.” Read the article and see the Video.

In conclusion, I would ask Israel to put an end to all their crimes, and to apologize for all what they did, like Germany, Austria, Europe apologized for the holocaust.

Then I ask Israel to invite a team composed of international investigators from courts of other countries, among them investigators from ICC, doctors and journalists, human rights organizations, and the Red Cross and Red Crescent, to see all the bodies still in the refrigerators of the Israeli jails, hospitals, and in secret cemeteries.

This would allow them to see whether these accusations against the innocent State of Israel are unjustified, or if the State of Israel actually continues violating international humanitarian laws and customs and is keeping these bodies from the families of the victims in order to hide these crimes and their theft of organs.

Kawther Salam is a Palestinian journalist. She had a career of over 20 years working for various newspapers and TV stations in Palestine. She has been forced to live in Exile in Vienna since 2002.

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