Wednesday 30 September 2009


For all that I complain about Canadians and apathy, it has been remiss of me to fail to highlight good organizations who do good work. This group, Canadians for Justice and Peace, has a proven record of making the voices of the average Canadian heard. And all for the few presses of a button. The short video below describes how they work. I have signed in on a few things now and they have kept me up to date on how things worked out. Or not.

Mission and Vision


CJPME was established in 2002 by Canadians who wanted to foster justice, peace, prosperity and security for all peoples of the Middle East. Founded under a different name, the current name – “Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East” – was registered in 2004. CJPME seeks to provide resources and host activities which enable Canadians at all levels to better understand the dynamics of the region, and work toward solutions for the region.

Our Mission

To enable Canadians of all backgrounds to promote justice, development and peace in the Middle East, and here at home in Canada.

Our Beliefs

CJPME evaluates the circumstances and events in the Middle East according to three beliefs:

  1. The belief that all positions should respect international law
  2. The belief that violence is not a solution
  3. The belief that all parties in a conflict must be held to the same standard
Our Activities

CJPME is an active organization with ongoing work in several focus areas:

  • Community Outreach ~ reaching more Canadians with our resources
  • Media Work ~ developing relationships with the media
  • Humanitarian ~ looking at issues from a health perspective
  • Think Tank ~ developing sensible positions on the Middle East
  • Events ~ drawing a bigger crowd to stimulate dialog in Canada
Get Involved

CJPME is a diverse and dynamic community of Canadians inspired by a love for Canada and a concern for the welfare of all peoples of the Middle East. CJPME has three established branches which manage local events and opportunities. The individuals in these chapters also contribute to national-level resources and initiatives according to their strengths and preferences.

Locally and nationally, the work of CJPME is oriented around its various focus areas: Community, Media, Humanitarian, Think Tank, and Events.

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