Friday 30 April 2010


April 29, 2010


Israeli soldiers open fire along the Gaza-Israel border on Palestinian demonstrators protesting the Tel Aviv-enforced no-go zone, injuring one.

Ziad as-Sarafandi, coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Buffer Zone in Rafah where Thursday’s demonstration took place, said Israeli troops used live ammunition at the protesters, injuring a young Palestinian from Rafah.

The protests are being conducted every day for the past week. Gaza residents are demanding access to their private and agricultural lands which are completely sealed off and declared a “combat zone” by the Israeli forces.

Individuals entering the area are “considered a threat to the citizens of Israel,” an Israeli military spokesman claimed.

On Wednesday, a similar shooting at protesters east of Gaza City injured a 19-year-old Palestinian in the leg. The young man later died in hospital.

Two days earlier four people were injured, including a female solidarity activist from Malta who was filming the protests.

As-Sarafandi demanded that Israel put an end to the enforcement of the no-go zone, which has taken away at least 20 percent of the agricultural land in Gaza.

He further said that if the Israelis want to enforce a buffer zone, they could do so on their side of the border. Source

The ones doing the killing and maiming are the Israelis.

Buffer zone/Combat zone what hogwash. The land as par usual does not belong to Israel. If anyone should stay off the land it is Israel.

Individuals entering the area are “considered a threat to the citizens of Israel,” an Israeli military spokesman claimed. More hogwash. Israel is the one killing people. They are the real threat.

Keeping the farmers off their land is just wrong on every level.

How are they suppose to make a living, if they can’t farm their own land?

Then again they won’t let the fishermen fish in their own waters either.

Again Israel is breaking the law.

They shoot an kill protesters a lot and call it self defense.



  1. It seems a new trick is to bust up the sewage lines where raw sewage runs into Palestinian orchards, farms and ground water.

  2. Mick... ya just made my blood boil. Yet I have written on their dirty water tricks in the past in some detail. That is one small reason they put the settlements up high....

    I tell myself that they, too, are being set up for the final big one, played by the puppeteers. But they make it so easy to forget compassion! I mean we all know the aim is to have the Jews and Muslims kill themselves off and take as many Christians along for the ride as they can manage.

    Do a search on my blog and you will find at least 4 write ups about water and lots of photos from the intended damage they did to the waterways in the bombings. They are DETERMINED to make Gaza uninhabitable ... btw... if it can be dirtied, they dirty it. When they over ran Palestine in the beginning they stuffed bodies into wells to ruin the water.

    But heck, no crime committed is there? According to the Talmud, it is not THEIR fault if the Palestinians get ill or anything. All they did was do what they did. If the Palis wanted to they could have fixed things. So they, the "chosen ones" are off the murder hook.

    BTW you are so right about the planet. You saw how the Iceland ash threw things into a tailspin... I have been keeping an ear to the ground, so to speak, regarding Yellowstone. That one is the mother of them all. And I would not put it beyond possibility that HAARP will be employed again and again and again... as it has been already.

    Momma took charge when they blew Atlantis and Lemuria. Twice. Might happen again.


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