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The initial financiers of Labor Zionism and Theodore Herzl were barons of the Rothschild clan. Their goal was the creation of a state in the image of their Sabbatean beliefs: that is, anti-Torah, anti-Talmudic, anti-religious and anti-Jewish. To the Sabbateans, any Jew who does not accept anti-Judaism is fit for execution. Israel has chosen morality and God, and that means execution is the correct punishment.

Rabbi Antelman is not alone in tracing the Rothschild path to an American financial takeover. Hundreds, if not thousands of researchers have proven that the European Rothschilds sent their German agents of the Schiff, Astor and Warburg families to serve the interests of the cabal formed by the Jesuit illuminati, British Freemasonry and Sabbateanism.

We return to David Morrison’s book to have a look at who was conducting the affairs of American Jews during the Holocaust era. **

pp. 36-37 ~ “The leading figures were Judge Mayer Sulzberger, Louis Marshall, Cyrus Adler and Jacob Schiff.

Schiff was the towering figure of that group that, to a large degree, represented wealthy American Jews of German background.

Louis Marshall was named president of the JDC, and Schiff’s son-in-law Felix Warburg, the treasurer. Warburg soon became chairman.

In the 1940s, the Warburg connection to Hitler was exposed in a startling book by one of their own, Sidney Warburg. He wrote that he was sent to Hitler’s court to finance Hitler’s rise with American funds funneled through the Warburg banking operation in Hamburg.

For further confirmation, read Anthony Sutton’s, Wall Street And Hitler. And who was Felix Warburg allied to but Chaim Weizmann?
pp. 63 ~ When traveling to America Weizmann and his wife enjoyed the company of Felix Warburg and his wife Frieda.

pp. 40 ~ The power behind the group that made up the JDC and American Jewish Committee was Jacob Schiff. From a wealthy banking family in Germany, he joined Kuhn Loeb in New York in 1873. In 1875 he won the hand in marriage of the daughter of Solomon Loeb and a full partnership in the firm. His specialty was railroad finance. Working with E.H. Harriman, he acquired the Union Pacific Railroad in 1897.

Now we dive into the bowels of the plot. Schiff backed the Rockefeller railroad interests, which led ultimately to the foundation of the CFR in 1922 by the same J.D. Rockefeller. E.H. Harriman was the company George Jr.’s grandfather, Prescott Bush, was working for when he funneled millions of dollars to Hitler.
This connection has been documented by numerous writers including Sutton and John Loftus.

The Rothschild method was to identify crooked robber barons and promise them total wealth and control, if they follow and promote the Illuminati/Sabbatean line.

The CFR is the diplomatic arm
guiding America and the world
into a global satanism. 
No matter who the American voter chooses, he gets the CFR and more. If Bush wasn’t elected last time around, Al Gore would have been president. His daughter is married to the grandson of Jacob Schiff, assuredly meaning he is Sabbatean.

Rabbi Antelman asserts that the Sabbateans sent more than financiers from Germany to infiltrate American Jewry. He insists the Conservative, and more so, the Reform Movements, are tools used to draw American Jews away from their traditions and into the arms of the Sabbateans. **

pp. 39 ~ Judah Magnes confessed without provocation that in Berlin he had been converted to Orthodoxy and he knew Theodore Herzl.

pp. 41 ~ All three groups courted Judah Magnes for a leadership role. Schiff was a major supporter of the Reform Temple Emanu-El in New York but he and Felix Warburg also contributed to the Jewish Theological Seminary. Solomon Schechter, who came from England in 1902 to become president of the seminary, lent his support and prestige to the Zionist cause.

“We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”~ Statement made before the United States Senate on Feb. 7, 1950 by James Paul Warburg (“Angel” to and active in the United World Federalists), son of Paul Moritz Warburg, nephew of Felix Warburg and of Jacob Schiff, both of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. which poured millions into the Russian Revolution through James’ brother Max, banker to the German government. **
Sabbatean Labor Zionism concocted a dreadful tradeoff with the Nazis, which resulted in 50,000 indoctrinated German Jews escaping to Palestine from 1933 to 1939. The 3 million Jews of Poland were too religious to join the enterprise. And those who weren’t religious largely supported the moral and proud scions of Zeev Jabotinsky, known at the time as the Revisionist Zionists.

pp. 42 ~ Louis Dembitz Brandeis, an early Zionist leader, protested to the Schiff-Warburg group over the route that Joint Distribution Committee funds took from the United States to Polish Jewry. Millions of dollars were channeled through the Aid Society of German Jews that included Max Warburg. Brandeis protested to Felix Warburg that the German group supported the ban on immigration of Polish Jews into Germany.

pp. 47 ~ At the outset of WWI, Jacob Schiff felt the tug of his German roots. He aided Germany financially and told a friend: “My sympathies are naturally altogether with Germany, as I would think as little to side against my country as I would against my own parents” … Schiff’s brother-in-law, Max Warburg, was a German delegate to the economic talks at Versailles.

He had discussions with John Foster Dulles…Dulles brother Allen served in Turkey as assistant to the US High Commissioner. From that post he aided the attempt to cover up the Turkish massacre of the Armenians during the war. His superior, High Commissioner Mark Bristol averred: “The Armenians are a race like the Jews ~ they have no national spirit and poor moral character.”

There isn’t the space to present the machinations of the leaders of American Jewry, so we will focus on just one, the leader of Reform Judaism and the American Jewish Congress, Stephen Wise. His closest friend and correspondent was Felix Frankfurter. Of him, Jerry Rabow in his book, 50 Jewish Messiahs, writes:

“United States Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter is reported to have received a copy of Eva Frank’s portrait from his mother, a descendant of the Prague Frankist family.” **

pp. 208 ~ The five or six Supreme Court justices that attended the performance on behalf of European Jewry were deeply impressed but it never crossed their mind that it was up to them to do something about it. They figured that if Frankfurter hadn’t done anything, there was little to do.

** Here is a quote from Frankfurter:

“The real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise their power from behind the scenes.” ~ Justice Felix Frankfurter, U.S. Supreme Court.

The Seven Noahide Laws ( are basic Talmudic laws that apply to all Gentiles. According to Judaic authorities, the 10 Commandments are meant only for Israelites, while we goyim have to follow the Noahide Laws instead. The Seven Noahide Laws have already been signed into Law in the United States (Read the text of the Government's PUBLIC LAW 102-14 (HJ Res. 104) March 20, 1991 (

Of Stephen Wise, Rabbi Antelman provides this description in To Eliminate The Opiate Volume II:

“Consider Stephen Wise, head of the Reform movement in the United States during World War II. As the slaughter was going on in Europe, Wise was more interested in his own gratification. Wise was both a Communist and a Sabbatean. That he was a Communist is attested to by Maurice Malkin, a member of the Communist Party who returned to Judaism, in his book Return To My Father’s House.
Wise was a Sabbatean, as was shown in Helen Rawlinson’s book Stranger At The Party. In her chronicle of a sexual encounter with the so-called Rabbi Wise, she describes how Wise raped her in his office on his conference table, and quoted the verse from Psalms which Sabbateans did when engaged in sexual intercourse.” pp 217

Now follow David Morrison’s chronicle of Wise deliberately condemning European Jews to death by torture. Lest you believe today’s American Jewish leaders aren’t capable of organizing a second Holocaust, always recall the very same process, using carbon copy American Jewish leaders, is at work against Israel at this moment. PM Sharon is simply doing what the CFR tells him to. **

pp. 107 ~ Wise wrote to Albert Einstein displacing blame for Roosevelt’s silence on the Nazi atrocities on the Warburgs: “I must say to you in strictest confidence that I saw the President yesterday…His first word was, ‘Max Warburg wrote to me lately that things were so bad in Germany that nothing could be done.’ The President threw up his hands as if to say, ‘Well, if Max thinks nothing can be done, then nothing can be done.’”

pp. 110 ~ Steven Wise circulated, in January, 1937, an internal memorandum to the Governing Councils in the World Jewish Congress making it clear, “in the most emphatic terms that it cannot be a party to any scheme of the Polish government which looks to a place for Polish-German emigrants.”

pp. 113 ~ At the same time, he circulated this memorandum, he wrote to a New York congressman who intended to introduce legislation to ease restrictions on emigration to America: “I have every reason to believe that any effort that is made at this time to ease the immigration laws will result in a serious wave of anti-Semitic feeling in this country.”

pp. 120 ~ After Austria fell, Wise met with representatives of the American Jewish Committee and some non-Jewish groups. The meeting came in the wake of an attempt by New York Congressman Samuel Dickstein, to introduce legislation that would allow unused refugee quotas to be allocated to those fleeing Hitler. The gathered agreed unanimously: The organizations represented at the conference will take the position that the proposed legislation is inadvisable.”

pp. 128 ~ In the week following Kristallnacht, the British offered to give up most of the 65,000 quota for British citizens to emigrate to the United States to increase places for Jewish refugees. Under Secretary Of State Sumner Welles responded:

“I reminded the Ambassador that the President stated there was no intention on the part of his government to increase the quota for German nationals. I added that it was my strong impression that the responsible leaders among American Jews would be the first to urge that no change in the present quota for German Jews be made…The influential Sam Rosenman, one of the “responsible” Jewish leaders sent Roosevelt a memorandum telling him that an “increase of quotas is wholly inadvisable. It will merely produce a ‘Jewish problem’ in the countries increasing the quota.”
pp. 129 ~ The General Jewish Council met the following day and spent hours of debate on an agenda that did not include the Kristallnacht. When the leaders of the American Jewish Congress addressed the issue, they did so by adopting a resolution giving the following advice to their constituents across the country: “Resolved that it is the present policy of the General Jewish Council that there should be no parades, public demonstrations or protests by Jews.”

Stephen Wise on American Jewish Congress stationary sent out a report to his members labeled: CONFIDENTIAL. NOT FOR PUBLICATION IN ANY FORM WHATSOEVER:

“In behalf of the American Jewish Congress I send you this report clarifying our policy in meeting the present crisis in the life of our fellow Jews in Germany. The silence of the American Jewish Congress should not be regarded as a lack of activity on our part. It is the result of well considered policy.”
pp. 145 ~ In the wake of Kristallnacht, New York Senator Wagner introduced legislation to allow 20,000 German Jewish children into the United States. Stephen Wise testified before the legislation committee: “If there is any conflict between our duty to those children and our duty to our country, our country comes first; and if children cannot he helped, they cannot be helped.”…Reynolds saw no difficulty in accommodating the refugee children in the United States. The legislation, without support from the Jewish leadership, got nowhere.

This is the same man who said, "I have been American for 63 years, but I have been Jewish for 4000 years." His allegiance was being put to Israel, yet how swiftly he could reverse this to keep small Jewish children out of America.
** If the children were not destined from Germany to Palestine, they were not destined to live. The same thing happened when choosing the Polish Jews fit to live.
pp. 154 ~ A letter to American Jews on United Jewish Appeal stationery continued to support the ‘selected’ immigration of Jews to Palestine, despite the fact that 3 million Jews were now trapped in Nazi-occupied Poland: “Selectivity is an inescapable factor in dealing with the problem of immigration to Palestine. By selectivity is meant the choice of young men and women who are trained in either agriculture or industry.
pp. 178 ~ During the summer of 1942, Gerhart Riegner sent a cable to the State Department detailing the Nazi plan for exterminating European Jewry. At the behest of Under Secretary Of State Sumner Welles, Wise kept the report secret.

pp. 187 ~ In the February, 1943 issue of Wise’s American Jewish Congress publication, Opinion, there is an extensive review of the Hitler era to date with articles contributed by 52 people. No one mentioned the word ‘rescue.’

pp. 200 ~ When Anthony Eden was in Washington he met with Wise and told him nothing could be done…Eden’s private secretary Oliver Harvey noted in his diary: ‘Unfortunately, A.E. loves Arabs and hates Jews.’

pp. 212 ~ There was an appeal from Italy which stated that an appeal from the pope might stop the deportation of Jews from Italy. The Zionist Emergency Committee did nothing about this matter. A meeting wasn’t even called.

pp. 217 ~ Stephen Wise declared: “We are Americans first. Nothing else that we are, whether by faith or race, qualifies our Americanism…The way to save Jews is to unite the Jewish people behind the victory program of President Roosevelt.”

Truly a dishonest tongue!
pp. 220 ~ A White House staffer recorded in his diary that, “The President told us from his bedroom that he would not see the delegation of rabbis.”… Judge Rosenman, who was also in the bedroom said the group was not representative of the most thoughtful elements in Jewry. Rosenman’s statement to Roosevelt that “leading Jews of his acquaintance” opposed the rabbis’ march.

pp. 227 ~ While Wise sent private memos clearly stating they thought the rescue of Jews was possible…in public they supported the Roosevelt administration’s steadfast assertion that nothing could be done…

pp. 230 ~ Congressman Gillette recalled a visit to his office by Wise and a few of his colleagues:” None of these gentlemen seemed to be enthusiastic for…the saving of the remnant of the Jewish people.”

pp. 241 ~ Wise felt strongly that the Gillette legislation did not provide for the “proper type of commission.” With all that was known about the obstruction of the Jewish rescue by the State Department, Wise was lobbying to leave the issue in their hands.

Henry Morgenthau’s aide Josiah Dubois uncovered the State Department’s policy relevant to the issue of Jewish rescue… The stunning title to the Dubois memorandum was: REPORT TO THE SECRETARY ON THE ACQUIESCENCE OF THIS GOVERNMENT IN THE MURDER OF JEWS … Dubois pointed to the restrictions on visas as, “the most glaring example of the use of the machinery of this government to actually prevent the rescue of Jews.”

pp. 270 ~ The Roosevelt administration took the usual position that there be no special effort for Jewish refugees. Stephen Wise also saw no human course of action: “The issue is in the hands of God.”

** David Morrison’s conclusions are too generous, but his scholarship is invaluable. He has added an essential contribution to the indisputable fact that America’s Jewish leaders, led by Stephen Wise, purposely murdered by proxy, the Jews of Europe. Now they are working on the Jews [they've corralled] in Israel.

Readers should also check out this important PDF file on the Sabbateans by Barry Chamish

Notorious Chabad Lubavitcher rebbe and pseudo-messiah Menachem Mendel Schneerson who taught, "A Jew was not created as a means for some other purpose; he himself is the purpose, since the substance of all divine emanations was created only to serve the Jews....The heavens and the earth were created for the sake of the Jews, who are called the “beginning.” He also said, "This means everything, all developments, all discoveries, the creation, including the “heavens and the earth ~ are vanity compared to the Jews. The important things are the Jews, because they do not exist for any other aim; they themselves are the divine aim.” "A non-Jew’s entire reality is only vanity. It is written."

There is also continuity in the cabbala of rabbi Isaac Luria, through the Jewish pseudo-messiah Sabbatai Zevi and his so-called incarnation Jacob Frank, to the cabbala of the notorious Chabad Lubavitcher rebbe and pseudo-messiah Menachem Mendel Schneerson who was a staunch advocate of the Lurianic cabbalism fostered by the first Lubavitcher rebbe Schneur Zalman.

To quote this article
Rabbi Isaac Luria (1534-72), was perhaps the most visionary and original of the theosophical Kabbalists. Luria offered novel insights into and interpretations of the classic Kabbalistic text, the Zohar, and his myth of creation, deconstruction and restoration became a dominant motif throughout later Kabbalistic and Hasidic thought.
Luria’s theosophical system serves as an important foundation for the New Kabbalah, i.e. for a Kabbalistic approach to contemporary theology, philosophy and psychology.
Schneur Zalman, the first Lubavitcher rebbe, regards the very act of God revealing himself in letters and words as an act of Tzimtzum, a radical contraction of the divine essence. Each substitution and transposition of words and letters indicates a further contraction of the divine light and life, degree by degree.
The sefirotic vessels, which, according to Luria, are the products of the Tzimtzum, are regarded by Schneur Zalman as “letters” whose “roots” are the five letters in Hebrew which always terminate a word, and which no letter can follow. Letters, by structuring and limiting divine thought serve to carry out the function of the divine contraction and are thereby held to be equivalent to the sefirotic vessels.
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson was the seventh Lubavitcher rebbe, and his immediate dynastic predecessor (the sixth rebbe) was rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson who is celebrated in this Jew-spun Wikipedia article in these terms.
Yosef Yitzchok (Joseph Isaac) Schneersohn, ‎ 9 June 1880 OS ~ 28 January 1950 NS, was an Orthodox rabbi and the sixth Rebbe (spiritual leader) of the Chabad Lubavitch chasidic movement. He is also known as the Friediker Rebbe (Yiddish for “Previous Rebbe”), the Rebbe RaYYaTz, or the Rebbe Rayatz (an acronym for Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak).

After many years of fighting to keep Orthodox Judaism alive from within the Soviet Union, he was forced to leave; he continued to conduct the struggle from Latvia, and then Poland, and eventually the United States, where he spent the last ten years of his life. He was one of the most influential world leaders of Jewry.
Chabad Lubavitcher Conference in Brooklyn, N.Y.
~ exemplifying the wicked power and wealth of Jewry in America

Here’s a good article on the evil Lubavitcher rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson and his influence in America during his lifetime …

See also the following linkfor details on what Lubavitchers and other Hasidic (Sabbatean/cabbalistic) Jews anticipate will be an imminent appearance of the Jewish messiah …

This leads on to the practical cabala (satanic rituals) of the Sabbatean cabbalists, which is alluded to by Sir Richard F. Burton who authored: Human Sacrifice Among the Sephardine or Eastern Jews (1850).

For the Rothschilds developed ties with Jewish ritual murderers of the ilk of those mentioned by Burton, at least as early as the mid-nineteenth century. The foregoing is endorsed by the fact that Jews of the ilk of Sir Moses Montefiore and the Rothschilds used bribes and lies to obtain an edict from the Turkish Sultan to ‘exonerate’ certain Jews of Damascus and on the isle of Rhodes charged with ritual murder in 1840, and no doubt because they had their own priests doing exactly the same thing.

The wealthy ‘Sephardic’ Jewish elite in Western Europe and America have been paying kidnappers large sums to get (especially Christian) children and youths to torture, rape, and kill as offerings to the fallen angel Satan. Ritual murder of that sort is referred to as the Rothschild Mass, because it’s intended to imitate and mock the ‘perpetual sacrifice’ of Christ in the Roman Catholic “sacrifice” of the Mass, and involves mingling blood from the slain innocents with a velvety dessert wine at banquets and with the flour used in making matzah for some of the Jews, especially those of Hasidic variety.

Here’s a couple of links to articles on satanic human sacrifices in recent times …

And here.
See also these articles 
Satanism in America Today, Parts 1 & 2 (July 14, 2001)
Satanism in America Today, Part 3: America’s Unknown Martyrs (July 15, 2001)

Satanism in America Today, Part 4: America’s Unknown Martyrs (July 16, 2001)

Satanism in America Today, Part 5: Stalking The Victim (July 31, 2001)

Satanism In America Today Part 6: Stalking the Victim (August 8, 2001)

Satanism In America Today Part 7: Stalking the Victim (August 8, 2001)

This article exposes satanic Sabbatean ritual by Jews, including child molestation, torture and sacrifice, in the United States.

Throughout many years of investigating satanism in America today, I was shocked and saddened to uncover the rampant Sabbatean satanism/Illuminism/ throughout the many Jewish communities in America, as I participated in social assistance to Russian JEWS (NYC) and performed home care/ child care in their Jewish communities in NYC, Charlotte (NC) and Washington DC and Chicago.
Previous reports I have published across America include articles exposing people like Jewish abortionist DR. PHILLIP KITTNER, satanic high priest in the satanist mecca of ASHEVILLE NC, who aborted by DAY and offered human sacrifice of the innocents by night.
Abortionist Hern of Boulder, CO, is also a Sabbatean satanist in that region. He is very open about it. His nurses of his clinic, in the past, actually wore patches on their uniforms with satanic pentagrams displayed to them, as reported to me by Christian pro-lifers frequenting his clinic to protest.
My previous reports exposing SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY, also exposed LEONARD MILLMAN, former CIA drug money launderer in the SILVERADO SCANDAL in Denver, CO.
I personally interviewed one man who had married into the MILLMAN family, only to come out after discovering LEONARD MILLMAN and family WAS A POWERFUL MEMBER OF THE JEWISH SABBATEAN SATANIST CABAL found throughout the US and world wide.
One of the more detailed and horrifying accounts I encountered, but have NEVER previously published and am doing so for the first time now, is THE SECRET SABBATEAN SATANIST LIFESTYLE OF “DR STRANGELOVE,” Hungarian Jew and considered the “father of the H-BOMB,” EDWARD TELLER.
Teller is now deceased, but many of his victims remain alive, that he used and abused in dark BOHEMIAN GROVE satanic rituals, and among fellow Sabbateans across America, and in Hollywood as well.
I encountered the wife (Paula)of one of “ED TELLER’S BOYS” (Jim Shaw, now deceased) while investigating in Denver, Colorado, Christmas of 2007. I stayed in their home for the holiday seasons to interview Paula, Jim Shaw’s former wife before he died a few years ago, among other reasons.
Paula personally poured out her heart regarding the horror that her husband, Jim Shaw, had endured after being forced to become one of “Ed Teller’s boys” that he used in grim SABBATEAN SATANIST rituals, not ONLY in the BOHEMIAN GROVE, but also in other Jewish Sabbatean satanist rituals nationwide, as well as in Hollywood.
Paula shared how, from the time Shaw was turned over as a child to Ed Teller, he was used for pedophilic purposes, and especially in JEWISH SABBATEAN SATANIST RITUALS, forced to sacrifice babies under Teller’s orders and control, and used sexually in such rituals as well.
She also shared his account of how Jim was introduced to Teller’s many Jewish friends in HOLLYWOOD, and passed around to big names and Hollywood producers acquainted with Teller, to be sexually abused, often beaten up for sport as well.
During this time, Ed Teller was a big financial supporter of a display making the rounds across America, perpetuating THE HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL. He even traveled witih it at one point, Paula revealed.
As Jim emerged later into adulthood, he finally managed to cast off the shackles of SABBATEAN SATANISM and ED TELLER, and became a Messianic Jew, one who believes in Jesus Christ. And he exited that sordid and grim world of Ed Teller and the Sabbatean Jews.
Paula told me it was not without many battles. Paula, herself a Messianic Jew, told me of the many attacks and retaliation by TELLER and his Sabbatean cronies and their attempts to get his “love boy,” Jim, back into his dark clutches.
Angered that Paula was helping keep TELLER away from Jim, Teller attempted to have Paula abducted with the intent of sacrificing her and getting rid of her
She shared how their Sabbatean van pulled up next to their car one day, and several recognized Jewish Sabbateans assaulted her and attempted to abduct her, producing a syringe filled with the knock-out drugs used by such satanist abductors frequently, and dragged her away from her car.
Only the quick actions of her husband managed to help get her away and out of their hands. Their van drove away in quick retreat, without their intended victim.
The attacks became frequent, she said.
Jim and Paula evaded them each time, including their poisoning and death attempts on both their lives eventually (because they BOTH knew too much and became a threat to these Sabbateans and Ed Teller’s cover.)
Paula fully gave the glory to God and their Messiah, Jesus Christ, for their ability to overcome these threats and attacks from very powerful satanists.
She and Jim both knew how deadly and dangerous they were, how widespread their organization was, and how they were also linked with the deadly Jewish ILLUMINATI, such as the ROTHSCHILDS. Also the Jewish/Russian Jewish MAFIA so prevalent in America today.
You can go to links confirming and exposing Teller’s involvement in BOHEMIAN GROVE.*…&aq=f&oq=&aqi=

Of course, what such sites will NEVER tell you, is EDWARD TELLER’S HORRIFIC SABBATEAN SATANIST involvement, the countless dead infants and victims filling his years of involvement, and the true life account of ONE MAN WHO ESCAPED this satanist pedophile ring and the control of Sabbatean EDWARD TELLER, Jim Shaw.
Jim died a few years ago, and Paula remarried. But Jim’s damning testimony exposing the hidden horrors of Jewish Sabbatean satanism continue to warn and wake up Americans to this day
According to a reply by a Jewish informer on Craigslist, dated 2009-07-10 …
This is what they do to Christians once they abduct them for sacrifice. They brutally rape, torture, humiliate, and tempt them to deny Jesus. And if they will not, they are sacrificed. And they LOVE to use crosses to sacrifice Christians on…especially Jewish Illuminati Sabbateans. Former members told me all about it.
This is what they planned to do to me in 1995, according to my father’s former high priest: abduct me in the mountains of NC and haul me away in chains and duct tape and a knockout drug in a RYDER RENTAL TRUCK and take me to their caverns in the Great Smoky Mountains of TN … You can read about this on .
I asked a Jew I was talking to in NYC one day about HOW could Jews be so foolish as to turn to Satan, when they had the Bible, covenant, and promises of God to the Jews. He said to me, “Well, if JESUS IS NOT THE MESSIAH, then who else do we have to turn to….. But SATAN through the false messiah Sabtai Z’vi and his SABBATEANISM!”
How tragic! Sabbateanism is big in NYC and NJ. Many aspire to be rich and powerful like the ROTHSCHILDS who once had their base in NYC, same in WASHINGTON DC region well, Florida, and California. It is everywhere.

To one who understands and feels the nuances of these matters, this video is completely vile. There is no blood, no shocking imagery, just the power of voice and intonation.


In the light of the foregoing it’s hardly surprising to find that there’s even a private order of Aaronids (Jewish priests or kohanim) who have been commissioned by the Rothschilds to serve Satan, and get Israel’s antichrist installed and worshiped in a new temple at Jerusalem, where blood sacrifices are to be offered to the Devil on an altar in its forecourt.

Especially since prophetic scripture says antichrist will be a practical cabbalist of the ilk of the Sabbateans, who will call down fire from heaven like the prophet Elijah did to consume a sacrifice, in the presence of the prophets of Baal.

Rothschild Aaronids now head up and largely order official Jewish ritual murder of Christians and Gentiles in most of Europe, the Levant, and the United States; and notable among them have been the Schneersons of Eastern Europe, who provided the lineage of the notorious Hasidic Chabad Lubivitcher pseudo-messiah Menachem Mendel Schneerson, and who claim to have produced a succession of zaddik or “holy men” who ostensibly have the anointing of Aaronic priests of old.

All punctures and cuts in official Jewish ritual murder are as precise as those executed by Israel’s Aaronic priests, and include shechita, which is the rite of drawing a razor sharp knife across the throat of a live victim to drain the blood.
Does this finger placement look familiar to you?

According to Wikipedia:

During the existence of the Temple in Jerusalem, kohanim performed specific duties vis-à-vis the daily and festival sacrificial offerings. The Kohen Gadol (High Priest) played a special role during the service of Yom Kippur. Today, kohanim retain a distinct personal status within Judaism and are still bound by special laws in OrthodoxConservative Jewish communities. This is the position of the kohen's hands and So what gives with Spock? and, to a lesser extent, in

The name of the founder of the Rothschild banking family was Mayer Amschel, which is interpreted by Sabbatean cabbalists as “the steward of the angel” ~ Mayer means “a steward” and Amschel is German for “angel”.

Mayer Amschel was a yeshiva Jew who studied Hashkalah, a blend of religion, Hebrew law, and reason; but he ultimately became obsessed with Sabbatean cabbalism, which directly fosters the diabolical mission and world-plan of the fallen angel Satan.

So just what has Madonna been trying to sell everyone on as she whores for Sabbateanism?

Amazing how Madonna's facial features become more semite as she hugs another great Sabbatean whore, Shimon Peres. Madonna, excuse me, Esther, since her elevation in the Kaballa world, the ritual millions of us watched as she kissed Brittany, has always said her performances do not just "happen" but are rituals performed onstage. Compare the noses. Now we know.

Jewish Sabbateans ruling the world for Satan intend to overtly sovietize the U.S. under their Leftist sock puppet, Obama the crooked; if he lives and/or stays in office long enough, and by that precipitate a holocaust of sorts for white (especially Christian) American patriots.

Obama has been cited as a convert to Islam, but he’s really agnostic, with pronounced antichristian tendencies and a Muslim background, in the service of followers of the cabbala of the Jewish pseudo-messiah Sabbatai Zevi.

Obama thus has things in common with the pseudo-messiah Zevi and his followers in the Donmeh movement in Muslim Turkey, which has understandably made a lot of paranoid ‘right wing’ Jews in America think he’s the biblical end-time antichrist.

For many Jews know prophetic scripture and other evidence indicates that antichrist will be a practical cabbalist of the ilk of the Sabbateans; and that he will rise from a Middle Eastern Muslim country and probably be received by Muslims as an oracle of Muhammad, before being received by the Jews as messiah and reigning for Satan from Jerusalem.


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