Wednesday 7 April 2010


April 8, 2010
OK I am officially so not into this. 
More Canadian money wasted on being Israel's bestest ever buddy!

Above is the real stamp as depicted by an astute artist… I wonder where the Palestinians are… guess they just don’t exist or are trapped in the glue on the back of the stamp, to be buried.
Or is it because Harper denies their very existence?

But Canadians have a lot to be thankful to Isr-el for:
Thanks for using Canadian Passports for your terror assassinations and putting Canadians at risk.
Thank you for the elimination of free speech, that your agents in Canada successfully achieved. Now, no Zionist can have their feelings hurt without consequences for the speaker of ‘hate speech’. (In fact, now I can be called antisemitic for calling a Jew a Jew!) 
Thank you for Israelification of the airports and security. Why shouldn’t Canadians be strip searched just like Palestinians? 
Thank you for having your terrorist organization the Mossad stalking Montreal’s subway and Vancouver and Calgary airports. When the next pretext is needed for sweeping changes, we shall expect the imprimatur of the Seal of Solomon to be visible in the carnage. 

Thanks Penny, YayaCanada for publicizing this, and Ron for the corrective artwork:

Canada-Israel, 60 years of friendship - Joint OFDC 

What better way to express six decades of friendship between Israel and Canada than this official first day cover affixed with stamp issues from each country? Canceled in Ottawa, Ontario.



  1. Thank you for the art & information. I'll be wary of my next border crossing as I lied to the authorities already. ;-)

  2. I'll never buy such a stamp to stick on my mail, but -if I do- it will be only to personally document the idiotic segment of an idiot prime minister's time, though I'll still regret wasting my money.


  3. "Above is the real stamp as depicted by an astute artist"

    How does an artist's depiction of a stamp meet the definition of the word 'real' in any sense whatsoever?

  4. get over it!


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