Thursday 29 April 2010


The Hand of Hope

I think I have developed a literary crush on Dog Poet and his writing. Always he is dead straight on but he has the magic touch of building the possibility of hope where previously there was none. Enjoy.

April 27


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Maybe one of the reasons that people don’t see what’s coming when its coming is that it doesn’t look like what it is on the way in.

Maybe it’s because its only one of the preliminaries and people don’t make the connection that it’s leading to something else.

It’s like having flu symptoms but it’s not the flu, or that rash that looks like an allergy but it’s not an allergy. It’s the first appearance of a terminal situation.

The situation in Thailand and the situation in Arizona may seem like anomalies and momentary imbalances that are part of the usual self-correcting mechanism of life.

One could say that war, plagues and natural disasters are also permanent accessories of this self-correcting engine.

Looking at the crime situation in Chicago, where it’s illegal to have a gun and so only the people who really shouldn’t have them have them well, that’s probably self correcting, too, and calling in the military is the best answer.

One might well wonder how the situation got the way it did in the first place.

One might well wonder how anything got to be the way it is.

For some reason this is not often focused on by the media.

The crash of the American financial system at the hands of those in control of the money can surely be considered a major cause in the growing social unrest.

It seems that the population is being intentionally squeezed until it riots outward from the pressure.

All the financial systems in the world are connected to each other and when you place simultaneous attacks upon all of the major hubs, it doesn’t take an expert to tell you trouble is on the wing.

Strangely enough, few experts seem to be presenting very much expert opinion. Instead, they seem to be reading from carefully prepared texts.

When one looks at the Iraq and Afghanistan wars it is difficult (if not impossible) to see what the benefit has been.

There hasn’t been any reduction in terrorism because all the main terror acts were carried out by government agency.

Then there were the terror acts that were prevented in those carefully staged events that involved shoe and crotch bombers.

The pipeline hasn’t been built in Afghanistan and doesn’t look like it will be.

Other than the government-sponsored looting of antiquities in Iraq, I can’t see any profit there either except... except for the profits that have been realized by international drug dealers, arms merchants and bankers so... it must be that these were the only reasons for the conflicts to begin with.

If you can point me to something I’ve been missing I will be ever so grateful.

Of course, the subjugation of the Muslim religion can be considered a motive, given that it was Israel who engineered the conflicts to begin with.

This crime syndicate is also heavily connected to the international drug dealers, arms merchants and bankers so, that makes sense.

Over two thirds of the United States Senate fired off a letter of support for the Middle East crime syndicate which controls it.

These are powerful men and women who appear to owe their allegiance, not to the country they are sworn to protect but... to a crime syndicate that has played havoc with the lives and fortunes of the American people.

It appears that these men and women cannot get elected without the permission of the crime syndicate. How did that happen? Why does it continue to happen?

This brings us back to the media which controls the public perception of what is happening and why it is happening. 96% of this media is owned by agents of the crime syndicate.

Well, that explains that.

You’d think that after awhile the public would catch on but it appears that the public is extraordinarily stupid.

This appears to have been achieved by control of the educational system and by the massive proliferation of banal entertainments, as well as a control over the quality of the food and drink that is consumed by the masses.

It seems that way to me but I could be wrong.

This leads to an interesting situation.

Since those in seeming control of world events are mostly self serving criminals, it seems unlikely that they would exercise good judgment and work toward restoring an acceptable balance before revolution becomes a necessity on the part of those most abused by this system.

Instead, they are encouraging the need for revolution as if that were their primary objective.

Since they would be the natural target of any revolution is makes you wonder what’s actually going on.

We see that the teabagger phenomenon is being engineered through government agency and we wonder if they simply intend to control the revolution.

There’s a lot to think about.

These criminals can observe the evidence of history and bank on being able to continue along, while adjusting their positions and persona to the needs of the moment and directing public outrage in whatever direction they intend it to go.

I’m guessing they think that the more things change the more they remain the same and are confident that when the tables are turned, the same people will still be sitting there.

It’s a given that those who are supremely confident in their own powers are the most likely not to believe in powers other than their own.

They mouth the usual convictions about religion but probably put no credence in it whatsoever.

One thing that has become increasingly clear to me is that these are not human beings in any sense but appearance.

I’ve personally observed a greater power at work than that of human agency.

It’s very real to me and I am convinced there is no human agency without it.

My sensation is that this power sleeps in humanity and awakens occasionally for the purpose of instruction and example.

My feeling is that this power can awaken to any extent that it wants to whenever it wants to and... just because it doesn’t appear more often is no indication of what it may or may not do whenever it feels like it, at the given time of its choice.

Since it is resident within the human mind and circumstance and also composes the environment as well, it can alter or adjust anyone or anything in any way it pleases.

So, what I see happening is the actions of a band of international criminals with the idea that they are operating according to some plan of their own with a particular outcome in mind.

At the same time I see this greater power as the actual controller, which is directing this criminal enterprise to a much different outcome than they are anticipating.

While this criminal enterprise is working through their agents around the world and sitting back in relative invisibility, they are also being operated and controlled from a location invisible to them.

It would be a fine poetic justice and one I am strangely confident about.

I would look at present time as that period of grace, extending the possibility of change to any who might be inclined to take advantage of it.

I believe there is a pressure within the collective human mind to awaken to the meaning of their deeds and the opportunity to correct their course.

Those who persist, despite the increasing warnings they are receiving will be allowed to continue to wherever that leads.

Those who do awaken will be shown other ways to go, depending on where they find themselves, at the time it occurs to them how very lost they are.

It can be a startling moment when you find that everything which was familiar is no longer familiar at all.

It could be that I have no idea of what I’m talking about.

I’m hearing voices and this is the sort of thing they are telling me.

I’m aware of the general view of people who hear voices.

Interestingly, members of the crime syndicate also hear voices but those would be different voices with different information.

Whose information is correct?

I suppose only time will tell in that regard.

What I do know is that the information they are getting is resulting in what looks to me to be truly insane behavior, with no redeeming merit except feverish self-interest at the expense of everyone but themselves.

This seems wrong to me.

It also seems to add to an increasingly imbalance all around.

You would think that any sane and rational person would see the danger in the sort of things the criminals are engaged in.

These are supposedly very smart and well educated men and women.

It doesn’t seem reasonable that they wouldn’t be able to see themselves as they are.

There must be something at work that has blinded them.

They have been hard at work blinding their victims and all the time something has been at work achieving the same condition in them.

It makes you wonder.

End transmission......

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