Saturday 26 April 2014


Possibly the best ever from Juice ~ and daring considering the subject matter and the fact that they operate in occupied territory ~ Australia.

 Time to vomit. Officially.

A lot of this going on in the banking world. Almost 40 dead bankers now. All suspicious... and no one is suspicious? A few years ago being a scientist was almost a death wish but now, banking is cleaning up its messes, and not in any way we might wish.

 Sheldon Adelson? Is that you?

"The Dinosaur and Mastodon became extinct not because of evolutionary changes, but because they were too big to be got onto Noah's Ark."  ~ Founder and President of World's Christian Fundamentals Association, in debate in Los Angeles.


 From a German sex manual for toddlers.

"It is a superb version of America, all right, but I can't remember which candidate projected it. "

Although the topic is water in Africa, I tinted it blue to remind us all of the water situation in Palestine for the Non Jewish population. Summer has not begun and the ever worsening situation has only begun for this coming season.

This is an old feminist cartoon. Looking at it today, the material applies across the board ~ not a gender specific problem in this decade.

 Remember LBJ announcing the Vietnam War?

Remember coming home  from school and scarfing down a banana or washing down a hastily tossed together PBJ with a long gulp of milk? The above are all are pretty well sub Continental fast foods from India back in the day.

 "IF" .... ?!


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  1. Immensely funny stuff.. I look forward to Saturday nights!


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