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April 4, 2014
In order to correctly view world events one must have a thorough knowledge of true history, both ancient and contemporary. One must understand the end game; the purpose that is driving the forces on the planet toward this one aim. A person should also have a correct view of the prevailing power structure and what elements must be combined in order for this it's end goal to be achieved. This article seeks to draw a present day picture so the reader might be better able to predict future moves by the elite Jews, based upon their present actions.
The elite "Jews" goal is a One World Government. This New World Order seeks to achieve planetary population control on an individual level. The first real step toward this was World War 1. This war lasted 3 years. 
With the advent of WW One, the League of Nations was erected. 
Then came World War Two. This lasted 9 years. At its end, the United Nations was erected. 
Today we are almost midway through World War Three. This last step toward a One World Government started on September 11th, 2001, and if the patterns stay the same, it will last 27 years ending in 2028.
At the end of this planetary conflict the world will witness the completion of the "Jews", New World Order out of "Israel".
"Only the king and the three who stood sponsor for him will know what is coming" ~ Protocols of the Elders of Zion

The Vatican City Corporation is the center of belief system and legal control- corporation religion control (in US-UK-Colonies- all 501 C3 type Churches. Institutionalized Islam). 
The Vatican has owned and controlled the British Crown (Believed by some to be the modern Throne of David) since 1213. The Corporation Crown- City of London, has been owned and controlled by the Rothchilds for about 400 years. 
The Rothchilds family are the bankers for the Vatican City Corporation and both own the "Fed" Reserve in America that owns the Corporation UNITED STATES 1871. This Corporation is different than the Articles of Confederation and it's united States or the United States which are Common Law Trusts set up for mainland America.
The "Jews” took control of the Vatican City Corp in 1958 through Vatican II thereby effectively usurping  control of all 3 City States.
Both Crowns are separate jurisdictions. The Lawful British Crown is right now a slave to the Vatican City Corp yet it also owns about 1/5 the land surface of the planet. This author maintains that the Common Law, Throne-Crown, was usurped by the "Jews " with the installation of Queen Elizabeth who was not coronated on the Stone of Destiny ~ Jacob's stone.
The Corporation Crown is used for planetary financial control. This Corporate Jewish entity owns and controls every single central bank on the planet save only 2 nations now; Iran, Syria.
This Corporation was incorporated in 1871.
DC is the lawful British Common Law Crown's territory ~ their foothold left in America after the revolution of 1776.
It is a separate jurisdiction from the mainland. In 1860, America's Common law Republics were walked out of "sien die" (until we meet again). Lincoln created the Corporation fiction Government that was registered in 1871 as the UNITED STATES to rule in its stead. This legal fiction has been bankrupted, thus it is now owned and controlled by the Corporation Crown (City of London) since 1933 through their legal fiction Corporation "Federal Reserve" ~ created, illegally, in 1913. This private Corporation is now owned by both Vatican City and City of London Corporations through their "Federal Reserve" banks that dot America extending an unlawful de facto rule over mainland America.
All 3 Corporation City States are owned and controlled by the City of London "Jews" today. These entities are the vehicles to control the competing 6-sided Jewish political control matrix that are,
Corporatism and
All of these political ideologies have one thing in common ~ Globalism, with a one world Government as their aim.
All of the movements are working to their end goal, to be erected out of "Israel" and right now, the "Jews" are winning because they dominate the 3 control apparatuses as they continue their planetary consolidation of power process through endless wars, immorality and chaos.
The "Jews" act independently of belief system controls by way of lawless, destructive and murderous behaviour. They also act independently of actual law having implemented their Talmudic controls over the legal fiction matrix which are separate from actual law which in truth, always trumps their legalities.
However, the "Jews" are controlled by the financial systems, but this lever of power is in the hands of all the elite Jews (Rothchilds) and Vatican City Corp.
As these elite exorcise their dominion of religious controls, they enhance this power by dominating all of the media outlets and education centers in the west.
Religion is another word for belief system. Even atheism is a religion. In order for World Government to be achieved, the 3 major monotheistic religions of the world must be combined thus sucking into its matrix other lesser type of "god" beliefs. 
This means that Apostate Christianity, Islam and Judaism must be meshed into something new. Why? Because the 3 major monotheistic religions are adhered to by the majority of the planet’s population and one cannot fool the world into accepting this JWO unless they believe that;
1. It is true- the truth
2. It is a fulfillment of their particular religions prophesies
3. There are no other viable alternatives 

"Confirming the dynastic roots of King David to the last strata of the earth" ~ Protocols of the Elders of Zion
The goal of the JWO is not only a planetary Government out of "Israel", but also a world ruler in the body of a man. This is who the elite Jews in the Protocols call their "King David".
This man "God" is being groomed to be the Chief Executive of a New World Corporation Government and Chief Priest of a New World Religion. Who he is, one can only speculate, but this author's money is on the next King of the British Throne.
There will be a World Congress.
There will be a World Senate.
There will be a World Supreme Court.
There will be a World Military.
There will be a World Financial System and
All of this will consist inside a top-down authority structure governing the different nations and races of the planet ,however the "Jews" plan to practice an exclusive membership inside this body, representing the different nations of the world.
In order for the Chief Executive and Chief Priest role to be fulfilled, both the Vatican City Corp and the Common Law British Crown's power must be transferred to "Israel". Hence, religious belief system control and the Stone of Destiny must be transferred to "Israel". 
Paleo Christianity maintains that the British Throne is the modern day British Throne while authentic, apostate Christianity and Judaism believe that God's earthly Throne is the Ark of the Covenant ~ the Ark being a literal seat/chair. Jacob's Stone (Stone of Destiny) is considered by sects of Christianity to be the mercy seat's (Ark ~ Throne) footstool. 
The authentic Ark is believed to have been discovered by Ron Wyatt just outside Jerusalem in 1982 by many inside both Judaism and Christian circles. If this is true, then the Vatican physical presence in Rome must be destroyed and a New King must emerge to take control of the Common Law British Crown thus fulfilling both religions prophesies. 
The New King's rule can only happen if Jacob's Stone and the Ark (God's Throne) unite which achieving the prerequisite for both the "Jews" King David "Messiah" or the Christians King Jesus to reign.
The reader should note that King Jesus is Satan to "Jews" inside Judaism as the "Jews" King David is Satan according to Paleo Christianity.
The earliest and most successful form of Government according to both Judaism and Christianity is a Republic. The most efficient form of Government according to both is a Monarchy. Hence the JWO will be a combo between both a Monarchy and a Republic. Right now, the American Republic is still in de jure existence but in order for this form of governance to be put in place in "Israel" a de facto or authentic form of it must be transferred from America.
As mentioned previously, the UN is the present day "world congress" but this entity must be abolished for the UN's power to be transferred to "Israel". As of today, the UN's headquarters is in New York City, but when or if this city is destroyed, the perfect pretext will be in place to form a New World Congress out of "Israel", representing the different nations and races on the planet.
The World Senate will be made up of a particular ruling race. As of now, the "Jewish" Zionists believe they will dominate not only the Senate but the entire JWO Government power structures. 
Other monotheistic religions, nations and races have other ideas however. Islam believes that their egalitarian type of world view will dominate its composition, while Zionist Christianity, in its apostate form, backs up the "Jewish" dominion view.
As of now, the world dominating Supreme Court on a National level is SCOTUS. The legal system it operates upon is predicated upon the Vatican's decrees but as mentioned previously, the "Jews" have inserted Talmudic law within its matrix, hence, the Vatican's destruction is paramount, as is the present Corporation US system if this system is to be transferred as well. 
Rothschild Courthouse complex in Jerusalem

Only the destruction of both the Vatican City Corp and the US Corporation will bring a new type of legal system implemented out of "Israel and as of now, the "Jews" plan on that being a Talmudic Court with their modern Pharisees and Sadducees from their supposed "Levite" stock.
This power is in the hands of the US/DC Corp today. After WW3 the "Jews" want a World Military apparatus that will be a combination between the militaries of the planet with the Chinese dominating it. 
This can only happen if the Western European/white Nation's militaries have been effectively destroyed which again is imperative from an elite Jewish perspective.
As previously noted, the City of London Corp and Vatican City Corp control America's "Federal Reserve" ~ the Dollar. The City of London Jews control the IMF and through it, everyone else's, including the BRIC nations’ currencies. With the destruction of the Dollar, the monetary power of DC/US and its half controller, the Vatican City Corp, will be destroyed leaving only religious controls.
This will leave the Jews of the City of London Corporation in their most powerful position to date since it is only they who will control the planet's nation's different monetary systems through their IMF.
But in order for the JWO to be completed from a financial stand point, all of the world's national money systems, as well as the BRICS must go down. This is absolutely imperative in order for a worldwide financial system to take its place.
The new world money system will be a computerized chip that is implanted inside the forehead or hand of all individuals on earth.
This is confirmed by a Newsweek article in 1991, citing representatives of the United Nations. Since this chip implant is the ultimate in human control systems, any who refuse it must either be put to death or excluded entirely from being able to buy or sell.
There will be no more competing Medias. A new religion will be enforced through the Chief Priest/Executive's decree ("law"). A new morality will rule the world and all Media will be forced to conform to its programming. People will be allowed to write or comment, but official news and all types of programming will come from one source and one source only. (ED Noor: Think of a world in which Fox News is the only option!)That source will be a tightly controlled, centralized authority system with representatives at every level of the Governments and their Societies. In order for this to be achieved, World Government must be completed as the rest of the nations on the planet accept their fate.
Ed Noor: The following explains the importance of al Aqsa in the theme of things. 
As of right now, the Dome of the Rock via Islam sits on top of where the old Herodian Temple system was. Either this Dome of the Rock will be meshed into a new temple system via the combining of world religions or it will be demolished by the "Jews" so they can erect a new temple which they envision as their "Messiah's" palace and court.
Planetary National Sovereignty has lost its war with Jewish Globalism. World Government will come into being, one way or another, thus for one to hope, wishing or fight this reality is not only counterproductive, it is futile.
Recognizing this fact of life is essential toward being competent in the exercising of one's beliefs or politics whether one is for the JWO or against it.
For those who oppose the JWO, there is only one viable option left to their disposal. They must resist the end goal of the Jewish elite to dominate the structure they are erecting, or they can martyr themselves so as to not be under its dominion.
From this author's perspective, it seems wise to continue opposing the Jewish Matrix upon religious, spiritual, ethnic and political grounds. This can take many forms, even advocating for national sovereignty through the creation of new money systems outside their control. 
But in order to effectively upset the JWO agenda, national, ethnic, religious and political groups must come to grips with what must be done to literally take the reins of power from the "Jews" once their JWO is completed. 
Only a last minute push in this direction can achieve the results that all peoples hope for, and that is to have a world free of Jewish dominion, based on their race where all the ethnic groups and the nations they compose, not only control their own destiny with semi autonomy, but a NWG that is structured in such a way as to give all ethnic groups, nations and languages, a share in its administration.

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  1. you get it, but technology has acted as a multiplier for the jews who number 120 million in actuality, and they will make their end times prophecies come true and drag the vast majority of the human race to its destruction.

    They are actually canaanites and were cursed by God for the most part - this deception reveals the biggest lie; they are the complete opposite of the chosen people and have no right to the land in the middle east.

    Their final solution is to spiritually enslave all non-gentiles except for certain groups such as the white man whom they are sworn to kill in entirety.


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