Saturday 5 April 2014


Russian cartoon
Dear Readers: First, apologies for being late with this week's offerings but there were a few small things that had me away from home for a bit.  Second, I would like to address the issue of "stolen materials". Short and sweet, if you have a complaint, come to me. I will happily remove whatever bothers you or what you think you own. Happily. Over the years several souls have contacted me over such issues and without complaint I respect their wishes. Politely even! 

Please don't waste everyone's time posting formal complaints with Blogspot. That is so cowardly. To whoever complained about the contents of the September 14, 2013 collection, the page has been completely removed. I am sure you are pleased but be forewarned that, since it was almost impossible to discern just what of the 60+ images offended you or stepped upon your sensibilities (whatevvah!), they will all make return appearances at some point in time. Then, feel free to contact me to identify your particular bugaboo and it will be removed forthwith. With all due haste. Yada yada yada.

Please have the internal fortitude to deal with me rather than a go-between. Judging from the content and the very high number of visitors to that page (over 1000), I am pretty sure I know which eternally disgruntled folks laid the complaint. You cannot suppress freedom of speech forever!  Anyway, nuff said and on to the good stuff.

Now, substitute "anti semitism" for "racist" and realize this is the ADL.

The road to the White House

 Look to the background of this lovely piece

 Russian Cartoon ~ I don't know the context but there are many possibilities.

Kids need dads to learn how to sleep!

Iranian "cartoon"

Sheldon Adelson is thrilled by this bloodletting.

Can you read this? Maybe you are an insomniac!


  1. shared these with a friend in the third grade, and he only had to passover a few on account of the adult language

    happy clestial events


  2. I liked this one best:


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