Thursday 17 April 2014


By Pepe Escobar
ON THE ROAD IN PROVENCE ~ To quote Lenin, what is to be done? Back to Brussels and Berlin? A close encounter with dreary Northern NATOstan, consumed by its paranoid anti-Russia obsession and enslaved by the infinitely expandable Pentagon euro-scam? Perhaps a jaunt to Syria war junkie Erdogastan?
Talk about a no contest. Joie de vivre settled it; thus The Roving Eye hooked up with Nick, The Roving Son, in Catalonia, and armed with La Piccolina ~ Nick's vintage, go-go '80s Peugeot caravan powered by a Citroen engine ~ we hit the road in Provence, prime southern NATOstan real estate. Instead of breaking crystal meth, non-stop breaking of fine infidel liquids and choice Provencal gastronomy.

Call it a subterranean, non-homesick, non-bluesy investigation into the economic malaise of Club Med nations; the pauperization of the European middle class; the advance of the extreme right; and the looming prospect of an economic NATO. All within the framework of exceedingly cool family quality time. And subversively enough, with both laptop and mobile turned off.


We were fortunate enough to catch the inaugural week of the Van Gogh Foundation in Arles ~ with its remarkable entrance portal inscribed with Van Gogh's enlarged signature; its suspended garden of coloured mirrors; and a crack exhibition on the master's chromatic evolution up to the frenetic 15 months he lived in Arles. A few minutes contemplating La Maison Jaune (1888) is an intimation of immortality, revealing what exceptionalism is really all about.
Aesthetic illuminations were a given ~ from Baux castle at sunset to sipping a Perrier mint on a terrace overlooking the countryside around hilltop Gordes; from a starry night in the open at the Colorado Provencal (intriguingly trespassed by a military helicopter flying low, Baghdad surge-style) to debating the merits of each variation of chevre de Banon ~ that Epicurean "cheese of exception" wrapped up in chestnut leaves.

And then the crossing to the Grand Canyon of Verdon ~ the most American of European canyons, attacked on different angles from both the north and south rim, including a trek along the old Roman trail and a close encounter with the jagged, chaotic, ghostly rock silhouettes of Les Cadieres (chairs, in Provencal) ~ the Verdon's answer to the Twin Towers. Call it a quirky Provencal take on Osama and al-Zawahiri trekking the Hindu Kush.

As we descended from the Col des Leques, the owner of a mountainside cafe told us he had just opened for the whole season, lasting until mid-September. But here, in early April, the Verdon was bathed in silent glory, except for the occasional badass biker.

Then ~ as in Godard's Pierrot Le Fou ~ a dash towards La Méditerranée. First stop in Front National-controlled Toulon ~ so proper, so regimented, so fearful even of non-immigrant skateboarders, yet displaying a monster NATO cargo ship in full regalia.

It's impossible to have a plateau de moules in mid-afternoon at the port, but at the Ah-Ha Chinese restaurant there are Verdon canyons of food are available around the clock, which once again goes to show how Asia's entrepreneurial drive has left Europe in the dust.

Cue to a Platonic banquet at the venerable Auberge Du Port in Bandol ~ orgiastic bouillabaisse paired with the best local wine, which would be a close match between Bastide de la Ciselette and Domaine de Terrebrune. None of these infidel liquid marvels, by the way, have been touched by globalization.

There's hardly a single millimeter of free land space in the coast around Marseille - that's part of a well-known dossier, the environmental destruction of southern NATOstan. Still we managed to find a relatively secluded grove for the appropriate Valéry mood (la mer, la mer, toujours recommencée).

Then the dreaded moment reared its ugly head ~ at Sanary-sur-Mer, where Huxley wrote Brave New World at his Villa Huxley and Thomas Mann held court in the Chemin de la Colline. Brecht in fact might have sung anti-Hitler songs out of a table at Le Nautique; so after debating with Nick the comparative merits of Beneteau sailing boats, I finally decided to stop with all that Brechtian distancing and walked to the nearby kiosk to buy the papers, order a cafe au lait, and turn on the mobile.

Not impressed is an understatement. One week off the grid, and the same sarabande of paranoia, frenetic pivoting and monochromatic exceptionalism. Yet, there it was, like a pearl at the bottom of the turquoise Mediterranean, buried in the info-avalanche: the definitive news of the week, perhaps the year, perhaps the decade.

Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller had met with China National Petroleum Corporation chairman Zhou Jiping in Beijing on Wednesday. They were on their way to sign the 30-year, mega-contract deal to supply China with Siberian natural gas "as soon as possible". Probably on May 20, when Putin goes to Beijing.

Now this is the genuine article. Pipelineistan meets the strategic partnership Russia-China, as solidified in the BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, with the tantalizing prospect of pricing/payment bypassing the petrodollar, otherwise known as the "thermonuclear option". Ukraine, compared to this, is a mere sideshow.

It was on the road from the Mediterranean back to Arles via Aix-en-Provence that it hit me like an Obama drone. This whole trip was after all about the sublime chevre wrapped up in chestnut leaves in Banon, those "rose petal" bottles of wine; in Bandol, artisan producers and season mountain folks spelling out their fears in village markets and unpretentious chateaux. This was all about economic NATO.

The Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement is a top priority of the Obama administration. Tariffs are already almost negligible across most products between the US and the European Union. So a deal is essentially about a power grab over continental markets by Big American Agro-Business (as in an invasion of genetically modified products), as well as American media giants. Call it a nice add-on to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) ~ which in a nutshell means an American takeover of the heavily protected Japanese economy.

Southern NATOstan does offer glimpses of a European post-historical paradise ~ a Kantian rose garden protected from a nasty Hobbesian world by the "benign" Empire (the new denomination of choice, coined by ~ who else ~ neo-cons of the Robert Kagan variety).

Yet the main emotion enveloping southern NATOstan, as I witnessed since the start of 2014 successively in Italy, Spain and France, is fear. Fear of The Other ~ as in the poor interloper, black or brown; fear of perennial unemployment; fear for the end of middle-class privileges until recently taken for granted; and fear of economic NATO ~ as virtually no average European trusts those hordes of Brussels bureaucrats.

For nine months now, the European Commission has been negotiating a so-called Trade and Investment Partnership. The "transparency" surrounding what will be the largest free-trade agreement ever, encompassing more than 800 million consumers, would put North Korea's Kim Jong-eun to shame.

The whole secret blah blah blah revolves around the euphemistic "non-tariff obstacles" ~ as in a web of ethical, environmental, juridical and sanitary norms that protect consumers, not giant multinationals. What the behemoths aim for, on the other hand, is a very profitable free-for-all ~ implying, just as an example, the indiscriminate use of
ractopamine, an energy-booster for pork that is even outlawed in Russia and China.

So why is the Obama administration suddenly so enamoured of a free-trade agreement with Europe? Because US Big Business has finally found out that the Holy Grail of an economic pivoting to China won't be so holy after all; the whole thing will be conducted under Chinese terms, as in major Chinese brands progressively upgrading to control most of the Chinese market.

Thus Plan B as a transatlantic market submitting 40% of international trade to the same big business-friendly norms. Obama has been heavily spinning the agreement will create "millions of well-paid American jobs". That's highly debatable, to say the least. But make no mistake about the American drive; Obama himself is personally implicated.

As for the Europeans, it's more like rats scurrying in a secret casino. As much as the National Security Agency monitors every phone call in Brussels, average Europeans remain clueless about what they will be slapped with. Public debate over the agreement is for all practical purposes verboten for European civil society.

European Commission negotiators meet only with lobbyists and multinational CEOs. In case of "price volatility" down the road, European farmers will be the big losers, not Americans, now protected by a new Farm Bill.

No wonder the direct and indirect message I received from virtually everyone in the Provencal countryside is that "Brussels is selling us out"; .

in the end, what will disappear, in a death by a thousand cuts manner, is top-quality agriculture, scores of artisan producers with a savoir-faire accumulated over centuries.
So long live hormones, antibiotics, chlorine and GMOs. And off with their heads in the terroir!

NATO issuing threats to Russia is such a lame, convenient diversionary tactic.

As La Piccolina left Provence carrying its share of sublime artisan goods, I could not but understand why the locals see an economic NATO future with such Van Goghian apprehension

Courtesy of Asia Times
Publication date of original article: 15/04/2014
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  1. dig that high brow prose...

    what can Brussels do about the Global Pogrom
    & Viral Anti-Semitism....anyway ?
    Many Happy Celestial Events


    1. Hi Davy and ty for the links. Your notes always give me a smile. The prose is very high brow, I have never underestimated the sophistication and wit of Pepe Escobar. He hides some VERY important concepts behind that prose that cannot be ignored so this is not really just a holiday piece by a long shot. He is telling the world what globalization is doing to the small people of southern Europe.

  2. if I can put only one smile on your face...

    this lifetime will have been worth it.

    it is my intent with my "comments" to do just that, and let you know that your efforts
    are sincerely appreciated, you the for what it is worth dept.
    mucho grande big celestial events just ahead....

    y mucho gracias


  3. Have you seen this one Noor? My Spanish readers check in once in awhile. I am called the disinfo guy once in awhile on the Hitler//Angie thing but I stick to my guns. I am pretty hard headed about it.

    1. Sadly I speak not a whit of Spanish so that is just an interesting set of images for me. Let me know when it is translated so I can read it.

    2. do your best mublin, an old man told me one time about a boy who beat his head against a wall, and was asked why, the reply, it feels good when I stop...

      took me a long time to get that one.

      whether the LEADER who will go unnamed was of this heritage or that heritage
      seems inconsequential to the issue of who owns the theatre....and pays the
      scriptwriters...whether the present day incarnations of the moneychangers and the pharisees exist in relation to that unique paradigm is casually dismissed by
      the Anti-Jesus mockers and scoffers....and BLASPHEMERS.

      be that as it may, the world daily endures the JEWISH TERRORIST STATE
      calling itself "Israel" obvious LIE.

      the absurd reduction..."JEW" = "LIE"...and the bleak and foreboding reality
      is the insufferable braindeadgoy "celebrate" their freedom to "JEW" worship
      on 4 JEW LIE....

      Now only a "Supreme Being" could design a script so perfectly.

      only a fool says in his heart the is no....



  4. O.K. Systran leaves something to be desired on translation but here you go.

  5. Do I detect some anti-European sentiment in this article? It's one thing to talk about average Europeans being clueless about what they will be slapped with and scurrying like rats in a secret casino. How about the people in the 50 states?. The pauperization of the middle class is not happening in the Americas? Is he comparing scurrying rats with ramboes roaming the range?

    According to CAP (Common Agricultural Policy), it promotes quality and diversity, 750 traditional local foods are protected along with 2000 wines and spirits from Newmarket sausages and Azore pineapples to Rioja and Beaujolais. Of course it's more complex than that, but can you imagine it would be more modern and efficient for the Europeans to import beautiful cheap food from US, Canada, China?

    Oh, and France is banning GMO, with a lot more countries following:

    Sorry Noor, somehow this article seems to me a little hypocritical, even with the prose. But I go for the orgiastic bouillabaisse although I'm not that fond of fish soup either.

    1. All I can say is take it up with Pepe! Personally I felt no anti European sentiment. I came away from reading it thinking about all the small things that are so special about the various cultures are threatened by the globalization we-are-all-the-same process. I agree that Merkans and Canucks are politically behind their European cousins and this brings me concern. As for fish soup, I have not had any fish since Fukushima! So no bouillabaisse for me either.

  6. I get the feeling that European are a much more valued slave than Americans or Canadians. For instance France has just blocked GMO at the last minute. I suspect other euro countries will follow suit.

    China has turned away 85% of US GMO corn and so has Russia. The point here is which gov is willing to poison their own people and which ones are not.

    Europeans at least have sense enough to know their treasury is the IMF. Americans unfortunately do not have that much sense. They still believe they are out there fighting for freedom like John Wayne and the fed is in New York. No the same people that print the US dollar also do the same for Canada, Australia, New Zealand. That is the crown corp in London.

    I still see people like Lendman and Paul Craig Roberts talking about how America is taking over Europe and Nato yada yada. How can this be when American social security numbers come from London just like Canada and Australia? It just shows me Roberts is still shilling for the republican party and portraying a storyline of those poor european bankers being dominated by America. I call bs.

    If the US balked at being mercenaries, the economy would crash overnight. In fact the UN already claims ownership of the national parks and everything else mostly as collateral for a failed US corporation. I find it pretty scary when Americans ramble on as if their politicians have actually been elected and all we have to do is get that next great guy in there and turn it all around. It is equally as scary when people actually think der Fuhrer was close to shutting down the NWO although actually financed by them. As you probably know, I am banking on the universe making the proper corrections. As you may have noticed the Ukraine just had their reichstag fire by the same cast of characters.

    And you know Barbara, I haven't eaten any fish since Fuku either :)

  7. This was one of the more uplifting things I have read lately, because it just rung so true from the cosmic convergence piece.

    T“For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, please know that the current pandemic of ignorance and arrogance is quite purposeful. It is induced — by the Universe itself — for the protection of the masses so that their ignorance has become bliss. The bliss that comes with not knowing the grim realities which abound everywhere one looks"

    To me this just makes perfect sense. T


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