Saturday 6 April 2024


Feeling slightly overwhelmed by the world today. I am sure you all can relate so just enjoy today's offerings and be grateful for what you have. Despite all this crap, the best and only thing you can do is truly enjoy what we have today.

This heavy fist applied to resistance is an international movement. The orders come from above.

It is just over two years now. The side effects have exceeded Bill's hopes and dreams. World population actually dropped for the first time since forever. I remember his unctuous voice when he said this, too.

Now you can see why California is in the condition it is in today.

Claude Monet's kitchen

The rabbi is shocked..

Qualicum Beach up on the inner side of the Island. The flats go for ages but the tide comes in very quickly; many chairs and shoes have been lost this way. Beautiful beach.

Yes, yes, yes. So do I and have almost all my life thanks to a very inspiring history teacher.

I am seeing a lot more colour on the streets, in my neighbourhood. All colours, all cultures. This has only begun to become noticeable in the past 5 or 6 months but now it is everywhere. Meanwhile, I look at the people in Trudeau Towns (tent cities) and see they are almost all White.

Temporarily put on hold.

A Canadian murdered by the Israeli military.

Posted Easter Sunday by a local representative. Blech.

A classic case of voting for the lesser of two evils that will backfire. Big time.

There is an entire cartoon series devoted to the relationship of Trudeau and Macron.

Shanghai slums

Musical notes on water

This is why we MUST stop climate change!

A fellow I know drives only vintage cars. The other day I asked him what mileage he got for the '41 coupe in the lot. Seven miles per gallon! He is an enthusiast and those cars are part of his persona.

This is so true!

Astana looks to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world and certainly designed to NWO standards of design. The architecture is stunning.

Another case of babies being sacrificed by political correctness gone mad.

This is everwhere. Look at Lampedusa in Italy. They dumped more illegals than there were citizens in the town. This is not an invasion?


This is a small thing but an indication of Harry's cruelty and indifference to his animal. A bad look, Harry. He rides with a heavy hand on the reins I imagine.

Remember these? The best for hot knifing but also the best spreading knives. I still have several.

Schmuley in his environment.

These men face those bulls without "protection".

The cartoon that had Israel so upset. Lucky they don't see the stuff I post about this creature.


The teeny chips of plastic in your average mascara.

Al Jazeera is up for censorship in America too.

The original intention of this cartoon was to show that Palestinians have no history in this part of the world. Only the Jews have local history and claim. What is left out is that Israel has stolen, over the years, every artifact in the area. They have buried items to be "discovered". This includes the Dead Sea Scrolls. But primarily, Israel stole every historic find including those that were housed in Palestinian museums.

Pictures are surfacing of these children now. I am not posting them but they exist. The pain of looking at them is too much. But then I feel like a wimp because I am just looking, not even experiencing.

This old cartoon by Latuff is even more relevant today than in 2007. Who in the area is Israel NOT antagonizing?


Male or female? Is that one heckuva Adam's apple?

Appalachian Snake Worship of God

Holy smoke!

One girl's leg was broken badly in two places. These guys are HUGE.

The person who created the Trans Day of Visibility. Isn't she lovely? That schnoz.

Most young males watched Gilligan's Island just to ogle Maryanne.

Not up to date with this story but it will be around for awhile.


It would be a shame if this kept on circulating, wouldn't it? This is PURE GOLD.

A peacock strolling along the street I raised my daughters on. They tend to escape the local park and visit all around the area.

With that name she is not White, just making a false claim.

His art was awful. A dark little deviant, blase and a legend for no palpable reason.

I never close my blinds. Nor do I ever close the window unless there is a gale wind.

My niece falls into this age category. Last week she was diagnosed with some very serious cancer challenges; she is in this category. Her news has had me in the pits all week.. Knowing what I know.....

Honey, I'm home!


  1. Gracias, gracias, gracias, dear Noor!

  2. Hi Noor,

    Thought you might like this one I made.
    Sorry, long FB url, the usual site I upload to, times out. I hope this works for you.


    1. Very funny, Mr.J !!! Ingenious!

  3. Dear walls in White House, thanks for listening to my older post. Now I am able to see memes collected by Noor in between seconds, even in my country far away and even without help of Henry's. Well, my next wish to my dearest walls in White House, please let me again comment on YT, do not shadow ban me any longer. So you will always know what I´m thinking about you. Best wishes to Noor from another Grandma, stealing memes for lazier friends

  4. Dear Noor, about meme 25 let me ask you: Did you ever see Ava Gardner as the Barefoot contessa, movie from1954 with Humphrey Bogart? The Comte was impotent and infertile after injuries he had experienced in WW II. Hollywood told us the truth as always. One has only to listen.

    Thanks for your brilliant work, always a highlight of the week. Best wishes from another grandma

  5. "Astana looks to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world and certainly designed to NWO standards of design. The architecture is stunning."

    Not really, it's a message. The "beautiful bird pond" in the front, is a copy of an SR-71 blackbird. ( (

    So I'm guessing, those "birds" have to be used first, in order to get the city in the picture.
    And that city will be beautiful for the "elite", and a 15-minute city/jail for the rest of us.



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