Saturday 13 April 2024


Tufted Titmouse

Blackrock and other such companies are most likely gobbling up these homes for as few pennies on the dollar as possible.

The first places to be raided were any place with antiquities. In Sadam's palace soldiers destroyed so much history.

Same for Canada under Turdeau

Sort of a long read but worthwhile. Paints a picture.

I had not heard this before.

Another Titanic assassination

Old friends. Clinton socks.

Bardot. Those boots!


In Ontario courts, one must make sure everyone is aware of each others' pronouns before the case can continue.

This guy is not the solution.

Lest ye forget:

So one third of Canadians are ... who ARE they?

People are noticing.

Borrowing ideas from the CPP again. There is no religion allowed in China. Those who are insistent in their faith, are tortured and sent to work farms, body parts on call for the medical profession.

His first rib. That little tongue.

Nah. Stock up on foods first.

Lunch is ready!

Apples in autumn

Totally the same fabric and print.

How masterfully Paris is designed.

Up here we call them Trudeauville.

A sign of hope. This is one of the California Redwood forests that was destroyed by fires a few years ago. Growing at the base of these trees and in some cases from within the trunks, fresh greenery is present.

No Biden autobiography due to lack of interest.

That single tear

The god he refers to:

You cannot make this stuff up!

Computer. 1955. Italian design.

You look in your rear view and ....

The rumour is he died from a turbo cancer. I am not going to pull any jokes on OJ. Wait awhile. It is simply disrespectful no matter what he did or didn't do.

I caved in. This week I could not ignore all the American and Trump material that comes by. So you are getting it today. Remember I do not post the Trump material that praises him; I do not trust him very must at all. But he is also a historical figure and what is happening to him matters. It would not matter who was the victim, it matters.

See that teeny truck down there?

Trump has been under threat of assassination for years. But now it is getting much more real.

Fact checkers have been going crazy trying to beat this one into disappearing.

This is so gross. I will NEVER eat dumplings when I don't know the cook!

They want you nekkid and wearing plastic bags! Seriously, it seems that way, doesn't it?

Magnificent Rainbow Anemone

This is so very true. Frequency. The higher it is, the more all engulfing it becomes, open to inspiration. Their attack on sound waves, slowing us down, is intended to keep us enslaved as well as to slow the world down for the arrival of their Lucifer.

How Trudeau-ish.

Catch her wink? Major skills here.

Just as funny as Bacon Baby above. How the heck do they fix this one?

She is a doctor and has not figured it out. This is happening to so many babies who were given the death jab. Or whose pregnant mothers got the jab.

This is a completely off-the-grid family home. Up past Tofino on the West Coast, it is quite remote. An amazing story. Story and more photos HERE.

Europe is beginning to catch on but it is already late... so late. Meanwhile the un-elected heads of the EU are not listening too well.

Brilliant sun rise. Jack Frost painted the windows during the night.

Darn. Here we go! These folk are as dangerous as Greta.

Part of the group who bombed the Crocus in Russia.

Last week I posted this incident of Harry damaging his horse playing polo. In the bottom photo, he was warned by the stable masters to not take out Drizzle, his favourite mare because she was well into pregnancy. He insisted on riding her despite warnings from the veterinarian. Drizzle had a heart attack and died taking her foal with her. 
My contempt for this arrogant dickhead grew significantly reading this. Meanwhile Harry is being singled out as an international expert on polo and getting set to tour. Judging by the bottom photo, my comment last week was apt. He is a cruel rider and damages their mouths as well. Look at that self indulgent screaming pose there. Poor Drizzle.

Spring in Budapest.


Mother (the dog) and child (the magpie). Doggo found the abandoned nestling, brought it home, they nursed it and the bird survived and adopted the pup as a parent.

Am I posting too much on this situation? Let me know. I don't think you can post enough but I want to hear from you.

How they do it.

What they think of us.

Either you get this or you don't.

America was warned by many but no one listened.


The first Jewess I met, in high school, S Swartz, said, within minutes of our meeting, "The only thing Jewish about me was my nose and I had it fixed." She lied. That was in 1961 before I knew anything.

Nasty. No payot or beard, no big furry hat, but he is Chabad royalty nonetheless.

This is the more typical approach in Israel. Some might protest, but this is how the majority think. A few years ago I saw interviews with some of the butchers of Dier Yassin and they were bragging about their atrocities, just as evil as what we see today in the actions of Israeli soldiers. They were bragging about things that Israel has denied for so many decades.

The Holycoast reference. It justifies everything.

Liberal "logic" 101

I remember when this magazine put art on the cover. Now we get woke people discussing their genitals to titillate our vision. See that big scar on the thigh? That is now the bulge.

People were wondering about why these two had scars on their lower bellies. I suppose when these folk give birth they would have to have a Caesarian because the birth canal would be messed up. The conclusion was they were just put there to distract yet normalize the chest scars.

Now I suppose I will never binge Reacher. What a loser.

A cat's meanderings around the neighbourhood for just one day. This is another reason I think keeping cats indoors is cruel.

What IS this nonsense?

Beautiful royal "ladies" of history.

Cody Roberts ran the wolf pup down with his snowmobile, chased it to exhaustion. He then disabled the injured animal, wrapped duct tape around it's mouth and took it to the Green River Bar in Daniel, Wyoming, for cheap thrills before being shot behind the establishment. Officials are trying to find a way to prosecute this man further but killing wolves is legal in Wyoming.

How does this become airborne? A miracle of nature.

This headline absolutely gagged me.

"Balaclava-clad teens". I wonder what they are not telling us.

EVERYTHING is about racism with these people.

Interesting but not surprising.


How sad and sick is this? "relentlessly white"?


  1. Hola Noor!

    Please DO keep posting about those topics that your heart and soul tell you are important! You have excellent "instincts".

    I concur with your views about the "Orange Buffoon". IMHO, he's just another Israeli puppet who, if (s)elected to return to the Presidency of the USA, will again do nothing to "drain the swamp", and among other atrocities, will continue to support the deliberate mass murders and genocide of thousands of innocent civilians in Palestine who have the very unfortunate fate of owning and living in a location which the illegal occupiers and brutal mass murderers want to steal for themselves.
    Sadly, the "Senile Pedophile Brandon" is even worse. So the entire world is F...ed!, because we all have to bear the results of the moronic and unjust policies of these prostate-tuted clowns.

    In Canada, we have to put up with Prime Moron Blackface TURD'Oh, the Soros-level-evil UkiNazi, and their treasonous facilitator, the Self-Serving Turbanator! Now, like in the USA, we're being presented yet another self-serving political prostate-tute, aptly monikered as P.P., as our potential "Savior"! OyVey! What evil crimes have Canadians committed to deserve such pitiful "leaders"?? Maybe we haven't actually selected them, they were imposed on us, by trickery, deceit and misrepresentation? I weep for our once-great Canada. Then again, looking at the current "leaders" of many European countries (e.g., Germany, France, UK), it seems that ours as only as bad as those others. Not a consolation!

    Thank you always for all your work and wisdom! Please keep it up! Gracias!



  3. I find the worst thing about the world is you can't find reputable reporting. You have to read as much as you can take and infer the truth. It's a sad state of affairs when all MSM has to be regarded as totally unreliable. And the other "worst thing" is that all too many people take all their information from the MSM and do no digging to corroborate or dump on this narrative. Covid is a perfect example of the negative information being available but not acted on.

  4. "In Ontario courts, one must make sure everyone is aware of each others' pronouns before the case can continue."

    Does that mean, my pronouns can be "Judge" and "Fuck"?!?
    That's what they're saying, right?
    And if they don't agree, they're breaking the law.

    We need to to use this crap against them, more than we do now.


  5. Image 292; love those chicken memes!

  6. My " pronoun(s);" i.e.; how my enemies ( and the Enemies of Humanity ) may address me and which you are all welcome to use for yourself; are " My Master." This can be shortened to " Massa " as in " OHHHH LAWWD!! YOU IS THE BEST MASSA IN THE WHOLE WORLD!! To which I will reply " I know."

  7. "A cat's meanderings around the neighbourhood for just one day. This is another reason I think keeping cats indoors is cruel."

    I don't agree on this with you Noor.

    We have two indoor cats, and they're perfectly happy, playing with their toys, come "bother" us for being pet, because they decide when they want to be pet, and sit with us.
    And like most cats, sleeping alot, and getting wet food on sundays .

    One cat always sleeps with me (yes, in my bed), the other on the couch or on my chair. The other one is slow, so if she had to hunt, she'd starve to death.
    One is 16yo, the other 15yo, and I hope they stay with us for atleast another 10 years.
    Outdoor cats usually don't make it past age 15. So what's better?

    A life in the "wild", fighting other cats, hunting for food, or a life indoors, with all the comforts they can have?
    The cat that sleeps with me, was kicked out as a 6 week old kitten.
    Her mom and other kittens were send to a shelter, because the father of that family, decided "he was sick of the cats".

    So she slept with me since. Sat and slept on my lap, and when I went to the toilet, I took her with me, and put her on the litterbox.

    Not all cats have a better life in the wild Noor :)



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