Friday 19 April 2024


And here we go again. As always, discussing world events is best done with the blogs to the roll on the right. Me? I am just managing to get by simply by forgetting all about events when I am out and about. Hopefully this finds you all enjoying spring and the good weather as much as possible. There is too much going on; they are definitely doing their best to overwhelm us with negativity and, tbh, they are succeeding beyond their dreams.

To the gentleman who was taking me to task over letting cats out. What I meant was, letting cats out of the house. I was not thinking of feral or barn cats. That is another story entirely. 

Now to get to work here!

Today you will find quite a few vintage cartoons. What they prove is, some things NEVER change.

Again, some things never change although I believe the majority of Europeans in those waves of migrants were more than decent folk. Why they paint these folks brown I do not understand.

Once again, some things never change.

Not an unusual event up here. Sea lions.

Baphomet has been worshipped by these folks for a very very long time.

Check this out, people! I know these mayors are installed from one end of Canada to the other.

There were rumours that Klaus was hospitalized last weekend. Our hopes were high...

Turkish apartments

No comment but I think this might be Ariel!

What they are doing to President Trump is election interference. Not to mention a criminal and costly exercise over this utter nonsense.

Meanwhile, a letter from Stormy.

Not a good look, Donald.

I have been a Caviezel fan for well over a decade now. However, I do believe he is overstating the issue somewhat.

I do not believe these two get along very well.

RIP Kirstie

This 800 year old bridge in Cumbria. Still well used.

Not all cargo box homes are equal...

They are working very hard to manufacture a really really deadly flu.

Once again Alex is ahead of the game discussing this issue. Laugh all you wish at him but on so many issues he has hit the nail on the head. This is another one.

Did you ever singe your hair?

The Taliban is back to stoning women, if they ever stopped at all.

The man just walked up to the altar where Mass was being celebrated by the Bishop, and began stabbing him. The parishoners Managed to pull him off and hold him down until police arrived.


Ann Margaret living life before helmets were mandatory.

I used to consider this man's art just interesting. Now all I see are people crossing borders or sneaking into unsuspecting towns.
During Operation Cast Lead, posting this image in a Canadian University, could get one into major problems. Ryerson in Toronto was very rigid.

I grabbed this one because I liked the style of the artist. Then I noticed that slur on Iranians painting them as primitives. As if the culture that created Rumi is primitive. This reminds me of when British cartoons, 100 years ago, was painting the Irish as gorillas. That dehumanization project.

That Iron Dome works.

A bookshop in Sicily

That is this coming Tuesday, folks. This is huge.

WOW! How to destroy the Ukraine and Russia simultaneously according to the Rebbe

Big men with a little girl. Apparently they had a lot of fun with her.

These people take advantage of a human's decency to kill them. This is no surprise at all is it? Use a person's good intentions and nature to destroy them. We see it all the time.

While the world is distracted by events in Gaza, the West Bank Palestinians have been under government sponsored increased terrorism from the "settlers". They want to take all the land... everywhere.

A lot of "men" to capture one terrified boy. Why do they blindfold him? To increase his fear.

Back to those warnings from Alex Jones.

After listening to several interviewers with disenchanted people who regret their decisions, most say that they found they were just experiments, the doctors were basically making things up as they went along. Their stories are horrendous. They all said that once they had problems (the experiment was a failure) their transition doctors dropped them like hot potatoes.


When they tell you their plans, pay attention. They are not messing around.

This person who shook up the basketball world with his "I am a girl" crud is now married and expecting a child with his wife. Go figger.

This one tells it like it is. Just the basics.

Walking the gauntlet!

Far more efficient than the town crier. He just told the truth, things have changed thanks to Obama of late.


I have used the word "grok" all my life; interesting that it comes into play now. The word was created by Heinlein in Strangers in a Strange Land. If you did not read the book, you were clueless about its meaning. Extremely sharp move to name this frigging program GROK.

Again, some things never change.

Grandma is a fine artist.

Puerto Rican porch

And again....


My theory on why they are describing these men as white is that is part of a long term plan to destroy white folks. There are "stats" of white criminals in the future to prove how evil our race is. If Google can refuse our colour, it is not really a hard stretch. Google is totally trying to erase us not only in images but in altering our history.

The passion of revolution. This was in Greece a few years back.



  1. Excellent as always, Noor!
    These particularly resonated with me:
    59 - the attention span of today's sheeple, 68 - of course!, 74 - woke oppression, 96 - fake "fact checkers", 97 - accurate observation, 114 - Pavlovian training of the sheeple, 124 and 134 - Trump's greatly mistaken support for the killer vaxx, 135 - "PhD" who can't spell where he want to go!, 143 - Crying Wolf summary, 177 - Sheriff with ultra-rare (totally absent in most politicians) "common sense", 181 - Sheeple!, 187 - One of MANY examples of industry corrupting "The Science", 285+ Israeli inhumanity, and 317 - no balls... and no brains!!!
    Several others portray Iranians as backward and responsible for problems in Middle East. IMHO, nothing is further from the truth. But #114 is very effective on the brainwashed sheeple.
    Gracias y saludos!

  2. Maybe it was just me, but when one watches the announcement by bush backing the days, it sounded more like

    "War on TerrA"

    Thank you and have a nice weekend!

  3. The impact of good parenting and mothers in particular is so true. My mother was a "practicing" Catholic, but after we had the great ontological argument about the existence of God, I never had to go to church again. Now that was mothering! So much of this sexual deviancy that is apparently taught in schools is just abhorrent. Let kids be kids as long as possible. That may be the only thing that protects them as adults.

  4. Hi Noor,

    This article on Trump, from The Truthseeker on your blogroll, explains why we should not be fooled into considering "The Orange Buffoon" (my moniker for him) to be any better than, or different from, the other Giant Sphincters which currently stink up USA politics to the heavens. They're all traitors to the American people, like TURD'OH!, the UkiNazi, and the Orange Rag'ead are to Canadians.

    "Trump Sold-Out His Base to Shovel $95 Billion to Ukraine and Israel"


  5. No 165 was unnecessary; or did I miss the point?

  6. Dear Noor, it is more and more difficult for me to look at your memes. I have to put one after the other, not possible to see them in line as in former times. Thanks for your brilliant work. Kind regards from the other grandma


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