Sunday 22 March 2009


Canadians must wake up to the fact that
Israel controls our government
just as much as it does the USA
. And note that inevitably,
the Israeli shill has to fall back on the Holocaust
to try to bludgeon his way through Galloway’s arguments.
The good point is watching the Israeli whore
thrashing around and clearly aware that
he is losing the war for legitimacy in the public eye.
We have all recently seen the true soul
of this rogue people at work in Gaza.
This absurdity is shaming us before the world ~
and ourselves. But then, shaming and throwing guilt
has always worked before. I say it is time to

By Thomas Walkom

March 21, 2009 "The Star"

Jason Kenney has gone over the edge. The increasingly erratic immigration minister made headlines last week when, in a fit of pique, he cut off funding to an Arab organization that helps newcomers learn English. Now, Kenney has banned British MP George Galloway from entering Canada, on the spurious grounds that he supports Middle East terrorism.

It's a clumsy move, designed presumably to bolster the Conservative government's support among voters who ardently back Israel.

But in a roundabout way all it does illustrate how absurdly broad Canada's new anti-terror laws are and how dangerous they can be in the wrong hands.

Galloway's apparent crime was to deliver humanitarian aid last week to Gaza's Hamas government, which Canada deems a terrorist organization. But the 54-year-old Scottish MP's real sin was that he couldn't resist rubbing it in. Others have taken aid into Hamas-controlled Gaza, including a delegation of Canadians and Americans who crossed into the Palestinian territory on March 8.

Who is really a true leader of men? A Galloway man of action....

As well, other Western politicians talk to Hamas. Last weekend, another British MP met the organization's top leader.

But the nattily dressed Galloway, known at home as Gorgeous George, is a relentless showboat, famous in his own country for appearing in a reality television show.

He praises Hamas extravagantly, calling on the West to recognize it as the legitimately elected government of Gaza. He castigates countries like Canada that are trying to isolate Hamas as the real criminals of the piece.

Expelled from the ruling Labour Party in 2003 for opposing the invasion of Iraq, he now sits in Britain's parliament as the sole member of Respect, an anti-war grouping.

When London's Daily Telegraph accused him of taking rake-offs from Saddam Hussein, Galloway famously sued and won.

In short, he's egotistical, opinionated and ~ on the question of whether the West should deal with Hamas ~ probably correct.

But he's not by any stretch of the imagination a danger to this country. Even Kenney must recognize that.

Yet in terms of Canada's ludicrously broad immigration and anti-terror laws ~ which deem criminal anyone who advocates any kind of relationship with a proscribed organization ~ he's apparently inadmissible.

Even Canadian Jewish Congress head Bernie Farber, who staunchly opposes Galloway's views, argued in a newspaper piece published yesterday that the MP does have the right to speak here ~ although not to promote or raise money for Hamas.

(When I reached Farber yesterday afternoon, he said he now fully supports Kenney's decision to bar Galloway and believes the law was applied correctly.)

Sadly, the Galloway incident is part of a pattern. Earlier this week, Kenney said he would not renew $2.5 million worth of contracts that the Canadian Arab Federation uses to teach English to new immigrants.

Ostensibly he was punishing federation head Khaled Mouammar for calling on Canada to treat Hamas and another proscribed body, the Lebanese militia Hezbollah, as "legitimate organizations."

In fact, Mouammar is articulating a fairly common opinion among practitioners of realpolitik. Even the British government is reopening talks with Hezbollah, an organization it and Canada regard as terrorist.

The real reason for Kenney's snit may be that in January Mouammar called him a "professional whore," who supports Israel abroad to win Jewish votes at home.

Professional fool might be more apt. And a dangerous one. It's not unusual for politicians to pander for votes. But a government that limits freedom of speech on grounds as flimsy as those cited by Kenney is unconscionable.

KENNEY QUOTE: Look, equality doesn’t mean treating everybody exactly the same; there are forms of just discrimination. ~ National Post, February 15, 2005


Firebrand British MP George Galloway is vowing to take Immigration Minister Jason Kenney to court after the feds banned him from coming to Canada later this month.

"I'm very, very surprised by it, but I'm fighting it," Galloway said in a telephone interview from Britain. "My friends are even now planning judicial review of the reasonableness of the minister's decision. I will one way or another be heard in Canada ~ either in person or by some other technical means."

Galloway said he has traveled to Canada many times, as recently as last year, has no criminal record and has never had a problem entering any country.

Kenney's office said Canada Border Services Agency flagged Galloway as a security risk and the minister won't overrule them.

"The minister will not give a special exemption from Canada's security laws to Mr. Galloway, nor will he provide special treatment to a man who brags about giving financial support to Hamas, a banned terrorist organization in Canada, or who offers sympathy for Canada's enemies in Afghanistan," said spokesman Alykhan Velshi. The government refuses to say what exactly Galloway did to trigger the ban or which subsection of the law they are invoking.

Initial news reports in Britain pointed to Galloway's opposition to the war in Afghanistan, but the decision also comes a week after Galloway delivered money and dozens of vehicles carrying more than $1.7 million in aid to the Hamas-run government in Gaza.

.... a Harper mouse who obeys the big cheeses in Israel..


Yesterday, Galloway was quick to fire off an angry salvo at Kenney, saying "this idiotic ban shames Canada."

In a column in Britain's Guardian to be published today, he goes even further.

"Kenney is quite a card ~ almost a joker in fact. He's a gung-ho armchair warrior, with an odd habit of exceeding his immigration brief."

"While on one level being banned by such a man is like being told to sit up straight by the Hunchback of Notre Dame. On another, for a Scotsman, to be excluded from Canada is like being turned away from the family home."

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said Galloway should be allowed into Canada unless the government can prove he poses a threat.

"If he's being barred on free speech grounds, that's an outrage," Ignatieff said. "I mean, he can come to Canada and talk rubbish all day long as far as I'm concerned. (But) if there is a security threat, that's another matter."

Kenney's move was praised by Jewish groups like B'nai Brith and the Canadian Jewish Congress.

... or a Kenney mouse who whores for Zionist votes at home?

"Those who support the pro-terrorist agenda of groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, whose avowed aim is the destruction of the Jewish state, should not be given public platforms to spew their vile messaging," said Frank Diamant of B'nai Brith.



  1. Hello, I saw your comment on ICH.

    //Canadians must wake up to the fact that Israel controls our government
    just as much as it does the USA.//

    Indeed they must, and indeed they won't, because Israel controls their government indeed. Government == control over the medias, the foreign affairs policy, money, etc.

    //note that inevitably,
    the Israeli shill has to fall back on the Holocaust
    to try to bludgeon his way through Galloway’s arguments.//

    That was clumsy. The so-called JDL's representative doesn't know better than this: If anybody criticizes anything Jewish, throw a word about Hitler and "6 millions Jews" and hope for the best. It's actually a trap, but Galloway didn't fall for it.

    //The good point is watching the Israeli whore
    thrashing around and clearly aware that
    he is losing the war for legitimacy in the public eye.//

    a whore not, because a whore makes a deal with their client who pays money for what it is that they want, while the shill gets paid by his client in order to lie to a third party (the taxpayers and the general public). The servant of the Zionist vampire that sucks our blood, that's more like it, in my opinion.

    They are losing the war, yes, but the war is far from over. The lying, stealing, murdering vampire of Zionism survives on fear and hate -- there is plenty of it around.

    This Canadian (from an old, old family in Canada) is angry too!

  2. Agreed tsk_tsk. My family came over here on the first boat to return from France in the 1500's making me an 11th generation Canadian.

    I know it was not MY achievement but my mother is in many history books and I am proud of my country.

    It is difficult to deal with what is happening now; I cried the first time I read an article from Europe condemning us along with the US and Britain for war crimes.

    Why did I cry? Because of course they were right, but it just hurt to be lumped in with America and its fighting ways!

    I am past the crying and just plain ticked off at those who rule this roost!

  3. //My family came over here on the first boat to return from France in the 1500's making me an 11th generation Canadian. //

    My family arrived later, from Picardy, in the 1760s.

    I suppose that makes us the children of colonialism -- no excuse for that.

    I left Canada 10 years ago. I live in Russia and elsewhere in the ex-Soviet Union. Nowadays when people ask me about who I am, the answer depends on who's asking: Passport control gets "Canadian" as an answer, while most other people get "French" or better "French Canadian" which sounds more exact to me than "Québécois" although that's also good. Anyway my last name is French, my first language is French, and my origins are French. I suppose that makes me at least as much a Frenchman than all these people who say they're Italians or Jews or whatever--even after the Xth generation! But that doesn't mean I would go back to Picardie with guns and tanks paid by the US government, to throw out whoever lives there, in the name of some ancestral rights, right or wrong.


    The Canadian Zionists and their servants are fooling themselves if they believe that censorship and obviously hypocritical decisions can save them from the truth.

    People will hear Galloway; his words (perhaps more than him, the man) are unstoppable. But Canadians should consider what to do next. They should command their representatives at the government to stop using Canadian tax money to support the Zionist nightmare.


    Good, active blog you have here!

  4. TSK TSK I feel I have made a friend here! Brrrrr to being in the Russia! You are missing the lovely springs of the west coast, poor baby.

    I have been passionate about Palestine for may reasons and that will not change. I feel that with the Zionists we are all potentil Palestinians.

    But for now, I also realize this Zionist menace must be fought on the home base too. If we do not it will become even worse internationally.

    My yesterday post on the future of America I only mention the Zionists once but of course they are behind the banking crisis the entire planet is suffering from. I have read enough to put all of this together. This does not mean there are not sell-out goyim involved, but the buck stops at the Rothschild door.

    I am UPSET to see my country.. OUR.. country going this way and feel this is an important battle.

    I was this involved when the Ottawa universities (U of Ottawa and Carleton) tried to ban pro Palestinian educational weeks planned last month on their campuses. They were finally held.

    My initial gut feeling was right, it was proven afterward that the University deans had strong Israeli ties! Pictures spoke, not mere words and allegations.

    This blackens our country and makes us look the fool in the international spotlight. I plan to keep up to date on this issue because I have also long admired Galloway as a man who for all his faults, foibles and farts, is a man of action who shames most parliamentary pansies with his derringdo, so they respond as only small men can ~ under the belt or hidden behind laws twisted to their own ends.

  5. //This blackens our country and makes us look the fool in the international spotlight.//

    That's true of every country where weak individuals are transformed into the powerful servants of the vampire called Z.



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