Wednesday 18 March 2009


Photographs courtesy Bud Korotzer
March 17, 2009

People of conscience took to the streets again last night in New York City. This time to protest a fund raising dinner for the ISRAELI ARMY of Palestine.

So long as the occupation continues, so long as the genocide continues, those people will continue to be seen and heard.

The young man in the green hat and the green kaffiya (in honor of St. Patrick's Day) is a close friend of Tristan Anderson and he updated the crowd to Tristan's medical condition which is, if you read my previous post ~ TRISTAN ANDERSON AND PALESTINE ~ FOREVER ENTWINED ~ on the situation, not good at all.

Stand in Solidarity with the Palestinian People of Gaza and in outrage against an elite fund raising dinner ($1,000 a plate) for the Israeli Occupation Forces.

While New Yorkers lose their jobs and homes in increasing numbers every day, billions of our tax dollars go every year to fund murder and oppression of Palestinians ~ but for the super-rich dining at the Waldorf, even that’s not enough!

While diners inside the Waldorf party to raise money for murderers, an American citizen, Tristan Anderson lies in critical condition from a tear gas canister (paid for with US tax dollars) fired at him during a peaceful protest Friday in the West Bank. A fellow protester said “He had a large hole in the front of his head, and his brain was visible.” (Ha’aretz, 3/14/2009)

This is the kind of cold-blooded murder Palestinians face every day, and which diners at this event want to raise more money for!

There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest” ~ Jewish Nobel Laureate, Elie Wiesel

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