Wednesday 25 March 2009


Splitting the Sky attempts to arrest criminal Busch
but police hired "to serve and protect" Canadians
arrested him instead.

March 17, 2009
Calgary, AB -
While the alleged "law and order" loving Conservative government of Stephen Harper, and alleged "Leaders" of all other sitting parties in the House of Commons ignored Canadian law and polices and flouted international law, ignored Lawyers Against the War (who had prepared a dossier on Bush concerning war crimes), and ignored thousands of caring Canadian citizens who had petitioned the government, made phone calls and sent FAX messages, George W. Bush was illegally allowed to enter Canada by Immigration Canada. He was then allowed to roam freely on Canadian soil by the RCMP and other police agencies, whose duty it was to arrest him. They chose instead to fall in line, follow orders, and to protect him. They all had a choice and failed to make the correct and moral one.

Average Canadians of conscience are disgusted and ashamed at this travesty of justice, and the cowardice of our federal and provincial servants, as well as by the City of Calgary who welcomed the butcher from Texas and, on their behalf, we offer our apologies to the rest of the world, particularly those affected by the illegal wars and occupations, DU contamination, theft of resources, and of course torture, for this further indignation.

Many concerned, informed and caring citizens of Canada tried their best, in the short time they had, to launch a campaign of resistance, to raise awareness and to hold their government accountable. They voluntarily dedicated untold thousands of hours and braved harsh weather conditions, risked their careers, relationships, and even jail for this effort. This Bush visit is a blight on the image and reputation of Canada around the world, and an insult to good, upstanding, moral Canadians.

Such Canadians are also appalled at the arrest of four protesters outside of the Telus Convention Centre, two of whom symbolically threw thongs at a concrete, exterior wall, and one man "Splitting the Sky" who took it upon himself to demand that police arrest the criminal Bush, and then attempted (without violence) to enter the facility, apparently to attempt a citizen's arrest on behalf of the people who have been killed or harmed by George W. Bush and his minions.

He did not get far, as could be expected. Nonetheless, the 60 year old man, (a veteran native Mohawk activist and actor, aka John Boncore) was thrown to the ground, handcuffed, and taken to jail, where he was he was beaten and charged with "assault" and "obstruction". This is a further insult to Canadians and the concept of "justice", in light of the crimes of Canada (aiding and abetting) for having allowed Bush to enter and to speak here. Rather than releasing him on his own recognizance, Splitting the Sky spent the night in jail, where he was beaten, before being taken before a JP in the morning, and released on $500 bail, paid for by local activists.

The government of Canada can rest assured that this cruel and punitive act will now result in the use of the trial to showcase the claims against Bush. He will receive massive amounts of publicity and support across North America and around the world, as well as contributions to his defense fund. Very clever of Mr. Harper, his cabinet and their cowardly stooges to create such a martyr, wasn't it? Splitting the Sky was already interviewed live on air today on the Nutrimedical Report with Dr. Bill Deagle on GCN and on the Unbought and Unbossed Show with Raymond Geisler on CHLY-FM. (Mar. 18th)

The Canadian Corporate media, which is connected to and benefits from the war industry, dutifully refused to show the Canadian people the whole story, gave it very little advance coverage on the 17th, and few spoke of the accusations against Bush, usually saying only that these were "anti-Bush demonstrators". Subsequent articles seem to be an exercise in covering their collective, complicit asses. They no doubt hope that this issue will be gone and forgotten. We shall ensure that this is not the case!

This is an excerpt from a video featuring random interviews of Calgarians, asking their opinions about the March 17th, 2009 visit by ex-President Bush and accused War Criminal coming to their city. This man used to hunt war criminals and has a real problem with the Canadian government and it's agencies not arresting Bush upon arrival, as well as with the sponsors, the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, et al who invited him. He is to be commended highly for his bravery and true patriotism.

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