Saturday 27 June 2009


June 27, 2009
By Mike Adams
Just Get There
That Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett both died in the last 48 hours is shocking news to many, but it's not nearly as surprising as the fact that they were both killed by Big Pharma's toxic drugs.

Michael Jackson, we now know, died from an injection of Demerol given by his doctor ~ a man who is now the subject of an LAPD manhunt. There is little question that the injection of Demerol ~ a potent pharmaceutical ~ caused Jackson's death.

Chalk it up to yet another tragic loss of a hugely inspiring artist who has become a victim of the pharmaceutical industry and overzealous medical doctors.

Demerol, by the way, is a highly-potent opioid drug that's also highly addictive. And yet it's being prescribed (and injected) by doctors with the full support of the FDA, the pharmaceutical industry and the conventional medical community.

It is nothing less than amazing that mild drugs like marijuana remain outlawed while potentially deadly painkiller drugs like Demerol are openly injected into people by doctors.

Farrah Fawcett's death was far less sudden than Jackson's, but no less innocent. She was killed by chemotherapy ~ a toxic cocktail of chemicals pushed onto patients by oncologists who deceptively call it "treatment."

Against the advice of many in the natural health community, Fawcett gave in to her doctors and agreed to be poisoned as a treatment for anal cancer. But what she didn't know is that
one of the most common side effects of chemotherapy is more cancer!

And after subjecting her body to more chemotherapy, it wasn't long before Fawcett was diagnosed with liver cancer. Chemotherapy causes terrible harm to the liver, heart, kidneys and brain.

Before long, her suppressed immune system and ongoing poison treatments overcame her body's natural healing ability, and she died as yet another victim of chemotherapy.

Her doctors, of course, claim she "died of cancer." Clever huh?
Cancer doctors operate with that sort of clever deception: If the cancer goes away, they claim the patient was "treated by the medicine," but if the patient dies, they claim "the cancer killed them."

It's pretty easy to claim success if you take credit for the wins while fleeing the any responsibility for the losses.

Back to Farrah, while many of her friends and supporters say her battle with cancer was "an inspiration," let me be the first to publicly state that to me, poisoning yourself with toxic chemicals is NOT inspiring, no matter how much suffering you go through.

I do not believe that people should be given special recognition for pain and suffering they consciously choose to inflict upon themselves, especially when all that suffering is easily avoidable.

It would have been far more "inspiring"
for Farrah to choose healing remedies
instead of deadly poisons.

Had she chosen natural remedies, she could have skipped all the pain and suffering, restored her immune function, reversed her cancer and gone on to live a much longer and more abundant life. It would have saved her a small fortune in medical costs, too.But she didn't choose natural health (nutrition, vitamin D, immune support, superfoods and medicinal herbs). Instead, she chose poison.

As a result, her decision to ravage her body's health through "slash and burn" medicine ultimately cost more than her body could afford to pay.
Keeping the public in the dark What's especially sad about all this is that the conventional medical trade groups, the drug companies and the FDA are all conspiring to keep consumers ignorant of natural cancer remedies.

So Farrah Fawcett almost certainly did not have easy access to the kind of information about natural remedies that could have saved her life.

She would have had to read
NaturalNews or other good sources of truthful information about natural solutions for cancer like Gerson Therapy ( But this is all by design: Truthful information about natural remedies for cancer is intentionally oppressed by the medical establishment.

Those who dare to offer health products with accurate descriptions about their anti-cancer attributes are threatened with arrest and imprisonment by the FDA and FTC (

The very best doctors who can really cure cancer have been either thrown in prison or run out of the country which is why all the best cancer clinics in the world aren't located in the United States.

The medical industrial complex, in other words, has conspired to keep the American people uninformed and diseased, making them dependent on the for-profit medical system that dominates modern medicine.

That Farrah Fawcett actually made a conscious decision to allow her body to be destroyed by chemotherapy is an indication of just how insidious and manipulative our conventional medical system really is.
Instead of giving patients options, it limits their options and gives them death.

Instead of educating patients about how to prevent and reverse cancer, our medical system de-educates patients and seeks to isolate them from knowledge of natural remedies.

Instead of
empowering patients, it seeks to control and profit from patients.

It is a failed system that kills celebrities just as mercilessly as it kills those who aren't famous at all. And unless we change our approach to healing cancer, more people will continue to die as victims of dangerous prescription drugs and failed chemotherapy "treatments."
Because whether you're famous or not,
chemotherapy is still poison.


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    The talmudic bastards would try to legislate their poisons upon us, whereas your sick child can be ordered to receive radiation and chemo.

    They've forced blood transfusions onto people, and it's only a matter of time before they try to force vaccinate people with mercury, poison and biological warfare agents -> as if they haven't already done it all before.

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