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By Barbara Lee June 29, 2009


Michael Jackson, the King of Pop

Skepticism greeted the initial announcement on that the King of Pop was dead. There will probably be some who continue to doubt, Elvis-style, that Michael Jackson died yesterday at the age of 50, while others still might argue that a very troubled man suffered a variety of deaths over the last half century, on any number of less tangible levels.

The only real story at this time is Jackson's mythical over sized personal hell. That one of our most vivid, shared cultural memories might be the sight of the grotesquely damaged artist tearfully protesting his innocence in the first of two wretched child abuse scandals speaks volumes. Especially since so many people of the late night talk show and tabloid disposition inexplicably found it all so amusing.

It wasn't, of course. And if the rumours that emerged from brother Jermaine's scrapped tell-all are to be believed ~ that Michael's unearthly talents were pimped from the get-go in exchange for influence ~ then our lazy callousness towards his suffering and those he was alleged to victimize is all the more damning.

Michael Jackson was driven to be an entertainment and music genius ~ doomed to a miserable life the moment his father, Joe Jackson, realized what a talent he had in the boy as a very young child.

Joe Jackson

As a result of various circumstances in his life, Michael became, like so many other major stars, a victim of MK Ultra mind control ~ traumatized, extremely dysfunctional and eccentric. Joe had noticed early that his sons all had musical talent. In Michael's case, when he was five, it was discovered that he could imitate the dance steps of James Brown and had a distinct singing voice.

Either Joe or someone else decided to train them to make a lot of money. Joe created The Jackson 5 and was merciless. He disciplined the boys in a horrifying m
.anner using all the tried and true tested techniques of professional CIA trauma-based mind control to reach his goal.

All of the Jackson children suffered severely from the mistreatment; they were never allowed to play with other children as they grew up. If they disobeyed and ran out to play, they were severely punished. They all, including the sisters, never had a real childhood and this is certainly why Michael never really grew up and became locked into childhood.

It certainly accounts as well for the eccentricity of both LaToyota and even more so for Janet, the much more talented sister. Trauma based mind control victims get "stuck in time" at some point of the trauma training, in this case childhood, usually at the age when the training begins in earnest.

By the time he was five it was discovered that Michael could imitate James Brown's intricate dance steps well and had a distinctive voice, Joe realized he was the real talent of the kids. As a result, young Michael became target for the most severe training. Some people, who know the story behind how Joe treated the child think that he was just a power-hungry greedy man. Others say it was the only way he felt he could lift his family out of poverty.

Both theories could make sense if we neglect the fact that the trauma he exposed the boys to was extremely sophisticated and cannot have come naturally to him. He knew exactly what he was doing and succeeded flawlessly.

He succeeded with Michael so well that, as the Guardian's Joe Queenan put it in 2007, "He was so famous that if you cut his fame in half he would still have been eight times as famous as the next most famous person, whoever that may have been."

So where did Joe learn all of this? It was all taken from the manuals of Illuminati trauma-based mind control, and his patterns followed the rules and techniques exactly. Nothing he did was accidental. Suffice to say that the trauma aspect is deep enough to shatter the victim's mind into many pieces and involves, among other things, sexual trauma.

Michael's fragility and madness were the result of his father and the others behind the scene. As his brothers have attested, Michael was "sold" to the highest bidders who took his sensitive soul and continued to twist it until he became monstrous. Everyone wanted a piece of him.

They created a genius whom the world enjoyed for his music and artistry, but they also created a human wreck who could, and did, fall apart, disintegrating before our very eyes.
To the end, his fragility was apparent, the same fragility that was so evident and lovable in Marilyn Monroe.

Like so many other Ultras, Michael was exceptional. Only the best are trained to the level he was. Michael became perhaps the most exciting performer of his generation, famous for his gravity defying dance, feverish, crotch-grabbing moves and his high-pitched voice punctuated with squeals and titters. His single sequined glove, tight, military-style jacket and aviator sunglasses were trademarks second only to his ever-changing, surgically altered appearance.

I think of Judy Garland and so many other stars as I write this. The narrative is so weirdly similar: a life of towering genius blighted by bottomless corruption, all for our entertainment and somebody else's wealth, with a tortured child at its source (and Oz). Examples again would include Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nichole, and Madonna as well as any entertainer who passed through the halls of Disneyland as Mouseketeers such as Britney Spears. Yes, Disney was a major player in MK Ultra work in North America.

Let me supply a simple example of how it works.
Just think about this: You are a child and an abusive parent accuses you of stealing something from the house. You know you're innocent. He screams and shouts at you and orders you to confess. You cry and assure him you didn't do it, but he doesn't listen. The punishment for 'not telling the truth' becomes more and more severe, so what will happen in perhaps 99% of such cases?

The child will lie and say he/she did it, to have the abuser to stop! One could translate this to the CIA torturing of so called 'terrorist suspects'; even if they are innocent, most of them will likely confess to get a break from the torture.

Moreover, if you're tortured long enough, you will split your personality to abstract yourself from the pain, and you become a compliant servant to the torturer. Add the mandatory sexual abuse and the mind shatters into compartments easily accessed for specific uses as the victim's handler dictates. THIS was Michael's personal reality.

There is, as well, a high degree of Satanism and ritual involved in MK Ultra training and this became manifest in his frequent use of satanic signals and hidden messages in his work. MK Ultras are always about much more than money, they are also part of shaping the cultural awareness of the generations they influence. Mainstream examples would include the Beatles, Eminem, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Anna Nichole, Britney Spears and Madonna.

Michael forming the El Cornuto, something he incorporated into every dance routine.

Michael reluctantly admitted to being deeply involved in the occult. He had his own special room with all the walls full of mirrors, where he lived out his occult practices and called up demons from the spiritual world. He also said he wokes up in the morning with a whole song in his head ~ lyrics and music ~ and he himself was in awe about it. "I didn't write this! Someone else did! I am simply the courier who brings the message to this world!"

(Jim Morrison, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger and many others have spoken of the same phenomenon of inexplicable demonic inspiration and automatic writing already hearing the final product.)

"Music and magic is a fantastic combination" he once said regarding the theme song he penned for for the now-closed Siegfried & Roy show in Las Vegas. "It is what I always wanted to capture in my shows."

Even so, when I heard of Michael's passing my first thought was "good riddance". However, when looked back at his life, I realized there, right in plain sight was a man who had been treated inhumanely all of his life; he did not deserve such cruel sentiment. I was not a die hard fan, but for almost 40 years he was always somewhere in the news, on the radio, dancing, entertaining. He was, quite simply, part of the back drop of my life and now he is gone.

Michael Jackson when he was a young boy. He used to dance to the beat of the washing machine, and so his Mother Katherine knew he was a gifted dancer. By the time he was 5 years old he was singing with his brothers ~ Marlon, Jermaine, Jackie and Tito ~ as the Jackson 5 began to be created by their father.

The public met Michael in the late 1960s, as the precocious, spinning lead singer of the Jackson 5. Michael, 10, surrounded by his brothers (middle row, left-right) Tito, Marlon, Jermaine and (back row) Jackie in 1968, two years after they formed the Jackson Five. Among their No. 1 hits were "I Want You Back," "ABC," and "I'll Be There."

1971: The brothers jumped for joy during the halcyon days of the Jackson Five, but the cracks would begin to show less than a year later when Michael made a bid for solo success with the theme tune for the film Ben.

Katherine and Joseph Jackson stand with the boys who are showing of their numerous framed records, in the family home in Gary, Indiana.

This cover of Michael's first solo EP when the decisions was made for him to pursue a career away from his brothers.

While the art direction and design have dated, what makes the cover so appealing is Michael’s sheer charisma and charm. He’s the very embodiment of youth ~ full of exuberance and casual optimism; his wide smile and cockiness all the more adorable because he appears to be wearing his big brother’s clothes.

Tragedy is defined as as ‘a form of art based on human suffering that offers its audience pleasure’. The cover of Got To Be There is resonant today as a poignant ‘before photo’, given what a tragedy his life became. He scaled a pedestal shared by only a handful of other entertainers which served to make his self-destruction more compelling.

1972: These trousers, made of four different types of material, signify that neutral-colour slacks were just SO last decade!

1972: Cher with the Jackson family on the set of Sonny and Cher Hour. That is 37 years ago! Cher still looks the same, Michael obviously chose the wrong plastic surgeon.

1975: A young Michael (centre) performed live with his brothers in February in London. Thank the heavens that men's styles have.... toned down somewhat.

1978: Michael was the Scarecrow in The Wiz. He was the Scarecrow, Diana Ross was Dorothy, Ted Ross was the Lion, and Nipsey Russell was the Tin Man. The Wizard of Oz was a prime teaching tool in MK Ultra training.

1977: Michael swapped stories with Muhammad Ali and his wife Veronica.

1978: Woody Allen and Michael at Studio 54 in New York City.

1979: Michael was blossoming into a beautiful young man with the eyes of a dreamer, but look deeply and you can see a whisper of haunt in his expression.

1979: The release of Off the Wall, his debut solo album, helped Michael progress from novelty child star to trailblazing solo artist. He did it with the help Quincy Jones, whom he met on the set of Jones's adaptation of The Wiz! His eyes are still clear; his face shines with hope even though, by then, he was well into the MK Ultra mind control programme.

1981: The brothers enjoyed their 15 minutes with Andy Warhol

1981: Michael found common ground, and temporary love, with fellow child star Brooke Shields.

1983: Times were simpler back then. Michael's loves included monkeys, llamas and cardigans. He began to amass his private zoo around this time. His vitiligo has begun to become startlingly noticeable by now which explains the patchy look of his complexion.

1984: Something about Michael caught Andy Warhol's eye. Here is Warhol's Pop Art interpretation of the star on the cover of Time magazine. Warhol served the Illuminati; the only way to make the cover of Time in normal circumstances was to be one of their more highly promoted projects/products.

1984: Michael stood out from the zombies in the video for Thriller. 'I'm not like the other guys,' he said, stating the obvious somewhat.

1984: Thriller was the first creative work in which Michael allowed his dark side free reign and is still one of the most mesmerizing macabre pieces of dance and film ever made. Just from the change in subject matter indicates that Michael was into full swing with Satanism and the occult.

1984: Michael and first lady Nancy Reagan at the White House. Could she look so unhappy because he was dressed more royally than she?

1984: Diana Ross nabbed a bit of Michael's thunder following his success at the AM Music awards. He won eight awards, including favorite male vocalist and favorite album for the top-selling Thriller.

1984: During the rehearsal of Billie Jean, on the last day of shooting for a Pepsi commercial at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles in 1984, Michael's hair caught fire resulting in hospitalization and began a thread of pain that ran through his career ~ and made painkillers all too accessible.

1984: To escape the crowds in London, Michael placed statues on top of his car after visiting Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum where his likeness was on show.

1988: Michael performed his classic crotch grab at the 1988 Grammy Awards ceremony in New York. His album Thriller won eight Grammys in 1984, but the follow-up LP, Bad, won only one, for best-produced non-classical recording.

1988: This exhibit by Jeff Koons entitled "Michael Jackson and Bubbles" was on display at the opening of the Broad Contemporary Art Museum.

1988: Michael performed some of his signature, gravity-defying moves during the film Moonwalker.

1988: An aerial view of Neverland Ranch; Michael acquired the California property in 1988 and turned it into a childlike wonderland complete with animals and amusement park rides (he took the name from "Peter Pan").

This was the year that
Michael wrote his first autobiography and disclosed that as a child his unyielding father that was abusive in nature. By the end of the 1980s, Michael was crowned, "Artist of the Decade," for his 'Thriller' and 'Bad' albums

1991: Michael with child actor Macaulay Culkin, another Ultra, at Disney World Florida. The pair remained friends for years, despite the age gap, but finally severed their friendship following a bitter row over whether Superman could 'have' Batman. More evidence that Michael never truly grew up. However, when called as a witness for Michael, Culkin gave extraordinary testimony.

1991: Michael fulfills his official King of Pop title during a concert at Wembley. His outfits got less colourful as the dance moves became more exotic and erotic.

Around this time, his
dermatologist revealed Michael had a skin disorder known as vitiligo, which leads to white patches on the skin. Meanwhile, amidst this pain, Michael had to deal with rumors that he bleached his skin to look whiter and was not, as many charged, denying his ancestral past.

1991: Mark Ryden created this cover, one of the best art albums ever done. It would take hours to decipher all of the Illuminati and Masonic imagery buried within it which is more proof of Michael's occult leanings. Very comparable in content and depth to the cover of Sargent Pepper's Lonely Heartclub Band by the Beatles.

1991: Michael visited Nelson Mandela in South Africa who, he says, treated him like the father he wished he'd had.

1992: Michael's close friendship with Liz Taylor weathered many storms, not least of which because she was convinced Captain Planet could have both Superman AND Batman. Yes, another Ultra. She was part of the Jackson family, the whole group.

1992: Michael's young companion Brett Barnes calls shot gun on a ride at Eurodisney Paris.

From the Reagans to the Clintons, Michael met most of the Powers around the world. Here he holds hands with Chelsea Clinton as her father pours out the charm to an audience.

1993: This was the scene at the Super Bowl XXVII at Pasadena when Michael performed at half time with 3000 children.

1994: Michael with his father Joe at a family gathering held at Tito's house. Michael once again spoke of the strained relationship with his father due to "overly strict parenting". As might be expected, such relationships between trainer and child, are rocky at best more often than not. Witness the relationships of other star Ultras such as Anna Nichole, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, to name a few.

1994: By now it is quite obvious that Michael has succumbed to facial surgery a few times. The vitiligo has whitened his skin almost completely. Indeed, his masculinity seems to be lost. This was taken at a Family Reunion: A Gospel Music Celebration.

1995: A 10-metre-tall Michael was pulled along the Thames to publicize the launch of his new album, History Past, Present and Future.

Michael and Lisa Marie in Versailles in 1995.

1995: Michael married Lisa Marie Presley in 1995.

"I can't recall the exact subject matter but he may have been questioning me about the circumstances of my Father's Death. At some point he paused, he stared at me very intensely and stated with calm certainty, 'I am afraid that I am going to end up like him, the way he did.'

"I promptly tried to deter him from the idea, at which point he just shrugged his shoulders and nodded almost matter of fact as if to let me know, he knew what he knew and that was kind of that."

1995: But before divorce they found time to compare naked torsos in the cringe worthy declaration of love for the video to You Are Not Alone.

1996: Michael and his second wife Deborah Rowe-Jackson pose for a wedding photo minutes after the ceremony. If ever there was a bizarre marriage this was it. She was impregnated by artificial insemination. “It's just like I impregnate my mares for breeding. It was very technical. Just like I stick the sperm up my horse, this is what they did to me. I was his thoroughbred."

The day after Michael's death she announced that Michael never even knew the children were not his. She is quoted as saying, "I got paid for it, and I've moved on. I know I will never see my children again. I was never a good mother and never want to see my children again."

1996: A close-up of Michael's big, shiny, metallic outfit on the opening night of his History tour.

1999: Michael in New York with Prince Michael, after a trip to the WTF Museum.

2001: Michael performed onstage with Britney Spears during his 30th Anniversary Celebration, The Solo Years concert in New York's Madison Square Garden.

2002: Michael shocked fans when he dangled his baby, also known as Blanket, from the balcony of the Hotel Adlon in Berlin. It is obvious from the expression on his face that Michael had snapped and lost control of himself. This horrific event caused waves around the world and tarnished his accomplishments with a very black mark.

2002: Michael sued German concert promoter Marcel Avram in a civil lawsuit at Santa Maria court.

2003: A Santa Barbara police mugshot shows Michael following his arrest on child molestation charges. Now Michael had hit rock bottom. It was my personal feeling at this time that the powers that be, for some reason, were displeased with Michael and this was their means to dispose of him. Just ruin him and remove all his credibility. The whole situation stunk of their usual dirty tricks.

2003: Michael felt totally betrayed and misrepresented by the documentary by Martin Bashir's Living with Michael Jackson.

2003: Michael was charged with 10 counts, including molesting a boy, plying him with liquor and conspiring to commit child abduction, at the Santa Barbara County courthouse in what has to be the lowest point of his tumultuous career. They pulled out all the stops to break him.

2005: Michael called the trial “the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.” Acquitted of all charges by a jury but convicted by public opinion, he spent the rest of his life trying to recover from the ordeal.

The hardest thing for Michael was that children spoke against him. He had never trusted "adults" and felt a true bond with children. He was stunned and completely shell-shocked by this turn of events

But trying to recover in North America was a losing battle. Late night comedians derided him as a pedophile. Michael felt driven to give up his beloved Neverland Ranch and leave the country.

2008: Things come full circle. Before leaving, Michael said goodbye to another man whose life proved chaotic, the "godfather of soul" James Brown, the revolutionary singer who inspired him as a small child with his amazing depth of soul and ability to dance.

2006: Michael meets King Hamad Alkhalifa who himself greeted the performer in his palace where Jackson thanked the king for his hospitality.

On a mall outing in Bahrain, Michael wore an abaya, pants, a white shirt and men's shoes. His head and face were wrapped in a black veil and he also wore black gloves.The veil, abaya and gloves were of a style typically worn by conservative Bahraini women. If it was an attempt to be disguised, unfortunately the shoes gave him away.

Perhaps this was to be a promo shot for the album Michael was to have been making in Bahrain. No one really knows but it certainly is an interesting photo.

Michael, March 5, 2009, announced his upcoming shows to be held in London to crowds of screaming fans. Preparations were in full swing and Michael was working hard to get himself back into tip top shape for the shows.


Michael Joseph Jackson
August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009
Michael has returned to his beloved Neverland,
may he find the peace that eluded him in life



INTERVIEW WITH CATHY O'BRIEN ON THE TRANCE FORMATION OF AMERICA ~ highly recommended. Cathy is a survivor, one of the few who healed to a functional level. Her exposes are very enlightening. Because of the names she mentions , her work has been also before the US Senate. And NO ONE has ever dared to come public to defend themselves despite the fact her books have sold in the millions. No one.





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  1. Nice article.

  2. Sorry, but I'm not going to shed any tears for the passing of a child molester.

    This MJ fanatasy is part of the celebrity worship that is infecting damn near every American's brain and a lot of others.

    While we're not waiting anxiously for the next snippit about MJ or Britney or Lindsay or some other Hollywood trash, we lustily cheering on the wars for Israel in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Talk about "mind control."

    One need to look no further than the Empire's news channels, FOX, CNN and MSNBC to see that as they ran on-stop coverage on MJ.

    Goodbye Neda, hello "Mikey" Jackson.

    Even the US House took a moment of silence.

    All of this for a pervert who lost much of his fortune paying off parents so they wouldn't file criminal charges of rape and sodomy.

  3. Greg, my original point was to get people to understand and see just how much MK ULTRA is involved in our lives.

    They do not even believe it exists. But it is there and MJ was a prime example of such abuse and where it can lead to.

    That was my prime objective, guess I did not do as well as I had hoped. It is the Mind Control I was trying to point out. That is why I added so many links. They have nothing to do with MJ but everything to do with MK Ultra.

  4. I believe he was under mind control, however, I don't believe that the molestation charges were faked. That was probably an outgrowth of his conditioning - he was pretty screwed up in any case.

    Here is a piece from TMZ - looks like more evidence of conditioning via "OZ Cryptic" - you need to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the painting in question:
    On June 11, Jackson purchased a picture of the Wicked Witch of the West, a painting called "The Donut Queen," and a painting called "Play Ball." The artist for all three works was Nelson De La Nuez. Jackson plunked down $13,000 for the three items, which were delivered to his home on June 15.

    We're told Jackson was "obsessed" with the Wicked Witch painting.

  5. Great posts. Like you, I am well aware of MKultra, and how Michael was a slave in the system. Ultimately, I believe he woke up, and was turning the cards on the elite. Michael did what he could under the circumstances, but his concern for others seems to shine through no matter what. I hope this is a wake up call for many, and I do believe his untimely death was planned, and more is to come on the many layers of control and abuse occuring in this country. Great article.

  6. Brice Taylor who claims to be a victim of Monarch wrote a book on it - she gives a little info on the Jacksons here


  8. thanks for the article! And for the above link about Jew mobsters. There was an MJ song called 'they don't care about us' when it came out SHTF in all media! Because Michael wrote and sang:'don't jew me' 'don't kike me' and it seems that ALL HIS PROBLEMS STARTED after that. Michael claimed poetic license, to no avail.

  9. The reaction of some people is ridiculous.

    IF MY CHILD WAS MOLESTED by anyone... let alone a Celebrity... NO AMOUNT OF MONEY CAN CHANGE THAT..

    If it was true.. Shame on those parents for accepting a pay off..

    In my opinion.. if Money can make you stop defending your child.. then I see no truth to the accusations whatsoever!

    Even in his death people can't stop...

    YOU DON'T KNOW... don't make statements about people you don't know...


    this article was very good. Minus the rude comments posted afterwards..

    Thank you


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