Sunday 7 June 2009


I do apologize so many of the original cartoons have disappeared over the years. However, there are lots more cartoons and alternative images under the Alternative Saturday Cartoons if you go through the menu on the right.

While working on this compilation, a now ex-friend contacted me in a chat forum we have used for years. Last week I had sent her a page of Talmudic laws, the more shocking ones. Well, darn if she did not think I was attacking her specific friends and she just came and lit into me really hard. I remembered last year when she tried to tear me down for being a Muslim. We decided to agree to disagree.

Well this morning, she wanted me to drop everything I was doing and go and debate with them. They sent me a YouTube to watch first. I took a look at the title and knew what I was up for so declined. And was of course, reviled as a spineless coward. It was from a series called "Why One Should Never be a Muslim." This one said, "because Muslims never smile." I thought of my laughing Muslima friends and thought, OMG that is soooo silly! The whole series was nasty. I cannot be bothered to waste my time arguing, let alone with someone who approaches with that mindset!

She lambasted and lambasted trying to engage me but I refused so she finally left telling me to leave her alone and not talk sh*t to her about her friends and not to complain since I was too cowardly to go and face real Jews who know about "this stuff".

Ah well, life goes on with or without her. Pity though, but if she wishes to remain ignorant, so be it. I have to get moving ... smiles.

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