Friday 19 June 2009



We have remarked on the strange omission of works which one might expect in our libraries, works which treat of the phenomenon of parasitic communities in human civilizations.

And we have suggested that these works have not been written because the parasite exercises control over the academic and scholarly life of the host. Is this a fantastic conclusion? Not at all …

Since the host is physically stronger than the parasite, obviously the parasite cannot control him through physical strength. Then he must exercise mental control. How is this done?

The Jewish parasite controls the gentile host through an entire class of gentiles which he has created, and who serve him by maintaining control over the gentile host. This class is known as the shabez goi.


We have pointed out that the Jewish parasite is a disease of the more advanced civilizations. One does not find the Jew sharing the hostile desert with the Australian aborigine. Primitive man had no experience of parasites. There was little food and less shelter.

But those who survived began to master their environment, to till the land, to domesticate animals, and there began to be surpluses of food. Now rats and cockroaches appeared, feasting on these surpluses.

One of the heroes of the Jewish intellectual movement, Franz Kafka, wrote a work in which a man envisioned himself as a cockroach, writing out of some ancient racial memory which has bemused thousands of university students who had it rammed down their throats by their professors, with no explanation of its overtones.

With these surpluses, there also appeared a new type of person, a variant of the species, one who existed by producing no goods or services, but who became adept at producing an illusion that he was giving goods and services.

This was the Jew, who made his appearance upon the stage of history as a magician, a fortuneteller, a petty thief, or, in the open country, a treacherous and cold-blooded bandit.

He became a physician, a teacher, an acolyte in any kind of religious group. From earliest history, he practiced money-lending, and always at usurious rates of interest.

All of these Jewish vocations have one thing in common, the opportunity for fraud. The Jew always operated from a basis of fraud, and slipped easily from one vocation into another.

A Jew practices medicine in one city, and, leaving behind a trail of corpses, turns up in another town as a soothsayer. After some widows are bilked of their life savings, he again takes to the road, assisted, as always, by the international Jewish community.

In another town, he becomes a student priest, and soon he offers daring new interpretations of the religious beliefs, until his superiors find that he is stealthily transforming every tenet of their faith into some strange and barbaric dogma.

He moves on, and turns up in another city as a highly trusted government official, respected by all, until, one evening, the gates of the city are opened to an invader, and the Jew becomes the Grand Vizier of the conquerors.


But is this parasitism, or is it merely crime? It is crime, yes, for each of these isolated events is a crime, but the whole is not merely crime, it is parasitism. Treason, fraud, perversion, all are hallmarks of Jewish life among the gentiles in the Diaspora. And it is parasitism. All of these things are not merely crimes in themselves; they are crimes which are committed as essential parts of the Jew’s parasitical relationship with the gentile host.

We must remember that there is no Jewish crime per se, since the existence of the Jewish parasite upon the host is a crime against nature, because its existence imperils the health and the life of the host. Thus, everything that the Jew does in connection with this parasitic existence is a criminal act, and part of an overall criminal existence.


A gentile government which had as its concern the health of the nation would convict the Jewish parasite and cast him off. This has happened hundreds of times in recorded history.

Therefore, the Jew knows that his first task, upon arriving in a gentile community, is to subvert and take over its government, and to paralyze the people with subtle injections of poison, so that they become helpless and unable to defend themselves.

Thus, the Jew begins agitation to set up a "progressive" government, also known as a "popular front," a "democratic" government, a "people’s" government, a "liberal" government, and all of these are synonyms for the Jewish government, which will protect the presence of the parasite and guard it against the anger of the exploited gentiles.

When he has set up this government, usually by subversion, the Jew sets out to exterminate all of the former gentile leaders whom he reviles as "reactionaries," that is, those who might react against the presence of the parasite.

First, they are prevented from engaging in any gainful employment. Then they and all members of their families have their landholdings, bank accounts and other assets confiscated.

Finally, after extensive agitation against them, the Jew arouses the populace against them and they are hunted down and killed, because they might be able to set up a "reactionary" government if they are allowed to survive.

Thus the Jew has introduced the blood-thirsty custom of genocide, or extermination of groups, into world affairs.

Now, does not this sound familiar, the confiscation of assets, the mass murders? Oh, yes, Russia, 1917, the victory of the Bolsheviks, the carrying out of Marx’s program of Communism, when a government which believed in the principle of "solidarity" was installed to enslave the gentile Russian people.

The Czar and his wife and children were murdered in cold blood, because the biological Jew is not concerned with chivalry in his struggle to maintain control over the gentile host.

We have only to read the sadistic Book of Esther in the Bible to see the Jewish custom of mass murder exposed in detail.


Is the helplessness of the gentile host before the onslaught of the parasite an essential weakness? We have only to think of the strong, healthy man subdued by flu virus to get the answer. Health in all matters is the principal defense against the attack of the parasitic virus.

For centuries, the larger and stronger gentile host has gone down in defeat before the smaller and weaker, but more deadly, parasitic virus. The survival of the gentile host is a matter of understanding biological laws.

The gentile community has set up elaborate codes by which it lives, codes of honor, codes of laws, and the trust which the observance of these codes breeds in the members of the community.

They respect the law, they respect each other’s families, they respect each other’s property, and they defend the nation when it is attacked.


It is the code of honor which gives the Jewish parasite his first opening in the armor of the gentile host, since this code is binding upon the gentile host, and its members achieve status in the community only if they observe it.

But the parasite is bound only by his determination to achieve parasitic status upon the host. The gentile’s code is itself a biological phenomenon, since it grows out of his attitude towards all life, and it is a manifestation of his innate courage, his honor and his industry, the virtues upon which he builds his nation.

The code of the Jew is quite different: It is a code which abnegates all other codes.

He agrees to pay one price and later settles only half of it; he appears in court with forged deeds and wills, paid perjured witnesses, and kept judges, thus taking over gentile properties.

He takes advantage of the gentile wives while their husbands are at work, thus shaming them, and in time of war, the Jew avoids army service and disrupts civilian life at home. At the times of gravest peril, he makes deals with the enemy and betrays the nation.


Since the parasite depends upon the host for its food, we would suppose that it would do everything within its power to aid the gentile community to become richer and more powerful.

But, overriding every other consideration is the parasite’s determination to keep its position upon the host. For five thousand years, history has recorded the efforts of gentile hosts to dislodge their Jewish parasites.

Empires rise and fall, continents are discovered, wildernesses are explored and settled, and man makes progress through new inventions.

Yet through it all, one factor remains constant. The gentile host, fearful of the damage which it is suffering from the presence of the Jewish parasite, tries to dislodge it. The parasite has prepared for such efforts, which it always foresees, by attaching itself so securely to the host that the host only damages itself in its wild struggles. In some cases, the gentile host destroys itself in these efforts.

The Jewish host prefers seeing the gentile host destroyed instead of leaving peaceably from a still-living host. If the host dies, the parasite looks for another host. It has no feeling of any kind for the host which has provided it with food.

This callous attitude is typical of the philosophy of the Jew, and it is exemplified by the current phrase so popular in Jewish Hollywood, "Who needs it?"

Like other Jewish sayings, this phrase has become part of contemporary American life, yet gentiles do not know what it means. It means that the Jew doesn’t need the gentile host, because he can always find another one.


Millions of gentile Americans work hard all of their lives, raising their families and feeding themselves. When they die, there is hardly enough left to pay the funeral costs. Despite the fact that they have lived useful and productive lives, none of the profits have accrued to them or to their families, they have been unable to accumulate any of the world’s goods.

Yet millions of Jews, who produce nothing, accumulate vast fortunes, and die with a disproportionate share of the nation’s wealth, which then goes to the parasite community.

Why is this? Is it because the gentile worker is lazy? No, he has worked hard all of his life. Did he gamble away his earnings? No, he has never gambled. It is the Jews who make up the majority of the nation’s gamblers.


We find the answer to this question in the theory of biological parasitism. The gentile worker has spent his life in providing sustenance for the Jewish parasite, enabling the parasite to live in luxury while the gentile worker labors long hours each day in order to survive on a mere subsistence level.

The earnings of the gentile worker vanish before his eyes into the Jewish monetary system, as calculated and abstruse monetary laws go into effect.

Meanwhile, the Jewish educational system instructs the gentile worker’s children that they can look forward to the privilege of laboring all of their life to support the Chosen People of God, who live in the style to which they have become accustomed.

The Jewish monetary system is a series of variations on the shell game at the county fair. The gentile is certain that the pea is under the shell on the left, but when he bets on it, the shell on the left has nothing under it. The gentile puts his money down on other Jewish peas, but whatever he buys suddenly depreciates. The bonds which he purchases drop in value, and he sells at a loss, in order to avoid losing everything he has.

Many people immigrated to America because the Rothschilds had suddenly risen to power in Europe, and were now looting the continent.

As these gentiles fled, the greedy Jewish parasites inflicted heavier taxes on those who remained, conscripted the youths into armies which were leased for hire to other nations, and invaded every level of life with their pernicious influence.

Now, a feature of the parasite is his mobility. When the host moves, the parasite follows, catches up with him, and re-establishes his attachment. The American pioneers resented the efforts of the parasites to follow them.

One of the longest debates at the Continental Congress concerned a proposal for permanent exclusion of the Jews. It was finally defeated by the curious argument that, as the Jews were not presently a problem, they would be unlikely to become so in the future.

This certainly went against the grain of everything that was known about the Jews and their methods. The records of these debates have survived only in a few notes taken by some of the delegates. The drafts of the Constitution which contains the proposal for Jewish exclusion have all been destroyed.

One of the Jewish vocations is that of dealer in old books and rare documents. In these dealings, records containing unfavorable references to the past can be sequestered and destroyed. Other rare documents, which contain no unfavorable references to the Jews, are sold to gentile collectors at huge profits.

As usual, the Jew has it both ways, protecting his flanks by destroying all references to his activities, and financing this task with the gentile’s money.


What is the function of government? The function of government is to provide the people with essential services, to guide the defense of the nation, and to promote justice and free enterprise.

Now, what is the function of a gentile government which has come under the direction of the parasite?

The chief function of a government controlled by the parasite is to guarantee his right to feed upon the host, to protect him against being cast out, and to allow other parasites the right to come in and feed upon the host.

Thus, the chief function of such a government is bound up with campaigns for civil rights for minorities, liberalizing all immigration laws, and attacking other hosts who threaten to cast off their parasites.

All other considerations of government are swept aside in the performing of these functions, which are so essential to the well-being of the parasite.

Thus, in the United States, we find the Federal Bureau of Investigation ignoring the mounting crime rate while its agents spend all of their time in battling those gentile "reactionaries" who are reacting against the harmful presence of the parasite.

We find that the American government has become a vast tax-collecting agency for the benefit of the parasites, and that eighty-four percent of the gentiles’ earnings are forcibly taken from them and given to the parasites.

We find that every department of the government has interested itself in the added function of guaranteeing the parasite’s continued security in its position upon the host.

They have set up many new economic subsidiaries whose task is to funnel all of the nation’s economic resources into the hands of the parasites.

We find that the Department of Defense, instead of guarding our nation, is punishing the nation with a tremendous blood-letting by sending many thousands of our finest youth to be slaughtered in jungles many thousands of miles from our shores, in wars which the Jewish parasites have conjured up for this sole purpose.


Instead of providing equal justice for all, the courts of the nation have become rubber stamp Star Chambers for the persecution of those gentiles who react to the presence of the parasite. These gentile "reactionaries" are arrested on some pretext or other, or evidence against them is planted by FBI agents, and they are sentenced to long terms in prison.

What about education? We find that the Jewish parasite makes a fetish of education. There must be universal education, education for all. But what sort of education does the gentile host receive in a state which is dominated by the Jewish parasite?

First, he is taught that he must never think for himself, because this is the original sin. He is carefully instructed in how to be a docile slave for the rest of his life, a robot-like zombie who will never be able to use his mind for his own protection or advancement.

Why does the Jewish parasite have to control the native intelligence of the gentile? First, the Jew is not invisible, he has high visibility. He knows that the gentile is bound to see him, to become irritated by his presence, and to wish to cast him out.

The gentile has only to look down the street on any Main Street in America to see that most of the businesses are owned by Jews. The place where he works is owned by a Jew. He pays rent each month, or a lifelong mortgage, to a Jewish bank.

He knows that he is being mercilessly exploited by a foreign body known as the Kingdom of Israel. Therefore, the biological parasite begins its instruction of the gentile child, even before the alphabet, with the definition of the forbidden sin.

What is the forbidden sin? One must never show "prejudice" towards another human being. The children hear this admonition daily from the time they enter kindergarten. They are puzzled by it, because children are naturally open and generous, they do not hate anyone. They never realize that if the teacher fails to give them this daily lesson about "prejudice," she will he fired from her job.


In high school and college, the gentile comes under the more forceful influence of Jewish teachers. They find that the Jewish teachers are interesting, because they seem to have carte blanche to say or do whatever they wish in class, while the gentile teachers seem hamstrung in everything they do.

The Jewish teachers recommend pornographic books to the children, discuss sexual perversions in detail, and frequently harangue their classes for hours about the evils of Nazism. Since there is no Nazi government anywhere, the gentile children are puzzled by this.

They do not understand the terrible fear and hatred which fills the Jewish people at the memory of a gentile people who reacted against them and cast them out.

At home, the gentile child watches television programs which are largely devoted to anti-Nazi themes. This is not surprising, since the Jewish parasites own outright the three television networks, and no program can be seen which is not subjected to their warped censorship.

In the universities, the gentile is taught that all of the world’s culture stems from the writings of three Jewish parasites, Marx, Freud and Einstein. Gentile artists and writers are no longer mentioned.


Ask any American college graduate ~ "What is the greatest evil which has ever existed upon this earth?" He will reply very promptly, and energetically, "Nazism!"

He gives this answer because it is what he has been taught. In fact, it is all he has been taught, and it is the sole result of four years of higher education.

Do not ask him WHY Nazism is the greatest evil that has ever been known, because he does not know. You will only perplex and confuse him, and make him angry at you, because he does not know the WHY of anything.

He has only been indoctrinated with conditioned responses; he is repeating the lesson which has been drummed into him until he has learned it by heart, at the hands of his Jewish and shabez goi professors.

In all of the hundreds of books which have been written about Nazism, you will not find a definition of what Nazism is. This is quite understandable. The Jews do not want anyone to know what Nazism is. Nazism is simply this ~ a proposal that the German people rid themselves of the parasitic Jews.

The gentile host dared to protest against the continued presence of the parasite, and attempted to throw it off. It was an ineffectual reaction, because it was emotional and ill-informed, as were all the gentile reactions which preceded it for five thousand years.

And how futile it all was, because today, Jewish bankers own sixty per cent of German industry, and their holdings are protected by the occupation army of America.


Since the parasite is smaller and weaker than the host, he must control it principally by guile. And because he is out-numbered, he must depend upon active agents among the gentiles.

Once he has destroyed the host people’s native leadership, he creates a new ruling class, a group recruited from the weakest and the most depraved of the gentiles. This class becomes known as "the new class," and it is composed of the government officials, the educators, the judges and lawyers, and the religious leaders.

This "new class" is known to the Jew as his shabez goi, or his "Sabbath gentile cattle."

The creation of the shabez goi class provides that the Jewish religion is basically a ritualization of the parasite’s techniques for controlling the host. A key tenet of the Jewish religion is that he must not perform the slightest task on his Sabbath.

He cannot begin his religious service until the candles are lit, but his religion forbids him to light the candles, because this would be work. He must find a gentile to light the candle for him. This gentile is called a "shabez goi." Thus, the Jewish religion cannot be enacted until the Jew finds a gentile to do his work for him.

The Jewish religion also forbids the Jew to work for a gentile, although it is permitted for short periods of time if the Jew finds it necessary to take such a position during the period he is plotting to steal the gentile’s business from him!

Those gentiles who become shabez goi for the Jews lead comfortable lives at the expense of their fellows, but they can never overcome their shame, regardless of how wealthy and powerful the Jews make them. The exploiting class which the Jews create from the most servile and contemptible of the gentiles consists of the most despicable human beings who have ever infested the earth.

Although they comprise the educated and moneyed classes in a host nation which has fallen prey to the Jewish parasites, the shabez goi wretches never lead happy lives.

In the United States, we find that the gentile bankers, judges, college presidents and leaders of religious denominations whose mission is to parrot in Pavlov, trained-dog fashion every whim of the Jews, are also the people who have the highest rates of alcoholism, the highest rate of divorce, the highest rate of suicide, and the highest rate of juvenile delinquency among their children.


This "affluent society" of the shabez goi also has spawned a massive wave of homosexuality and degeneracy in America. Is this surprising? We have only to recall Professor LaPage’s description of the effect which the parasite Sacculina has upon its host, the short-tailed spider crab, Inacus mauritanicus.

LaPage says that his researches showed that seventy percent of the male spider crabs acquired some of the secondary sexual characteristics of the female and had their reproductive organs destroyed by the attack of Sacculina neglecta. He also stated that "the abdomen of these males becomes broad, they may acquire, in addition to their male copulating styles, appendages modified to bear eggs, and their nippers become smaller at the same time."

What better description could we have of a middle-aged college professor simpering in the wake of a brawny football player? One of the characteristics of nations which are controlled by the Jews is the gradual eradication of masculine influence and power, and the transfer of influence into feminine forms. This is understandable.

The masculine force is naturally aggressive and self-assertive, independent and self-reliant, courageous and willing to fight for its rights.

The feminine force, on the other hand, is more passive, willing to accept orders, and avoids direct action. Thus, Russia and America, the two most influential powers in the world today, a world which is controlled by the Jewish parasites, are basically feminine powers, but the two powers which were more masculine in their attributes, Germany and Japan, and which did not give power to the Jewish parasites, are small and of lesser influence.

Nevertheless, as masculine forces, they retain the will to again exert force upon the world, while Russia prefers to use her influence in sinister intrigue, a worldwide network of agents and assassins, those who stab in the back.

Now America has followed in Russia’s footsteps with the worldwide force of the Central Intelligence Agency, and at home, the furtive operations of the FBI are aimed solely at controlling "reactionaries" among this host people.


In a Jewish-controlled environment, gentile men become soft and capable of any treachery, because their new class, the shabez goi, are epitomes of the living lie, with their insidious conspiracies on behalf of the secret government of the parasites. In this sort of world, manliness, strength and honor are despised.

The most important feature of the shabez goi wretches, as liberal, faceless representatives of Jewish interests, is that they never solve a problem. If we have a national problem today, we can be sure it will be worse ten years from now, and even worse twenty-five years hence. All problems intensify; this is the basic law of the shabez goi government.

We have only to look at the race problem in America, as a typical illustration. One hundred years ago, we fought a bloody war which ravaged much of the nation, in order to solve the problem of the Negro minority in America.

One hundred years later, the nation is on the point of being torn apart once more by this problem, as the shabez goi wretches have worked ceaselessly since 1900 to intensify this problem, which had been dormant from the period of 1870 to 1900.

De Tocqueville said everything which needed to be said about the race problem in America more than a century ago, but no one paid him the slightest attention.


One of the striking points of identification of the shabez goi new class is their complete erosion of all sense of responsibility. Since the shabez goi life means that they are living for themselves alone, as enemies of their people, it is understandable that they should think little of the future, but it goes further than this, as a direct biological result of the effect of the Jewish parasite upon the weakest and the shabbiest of the host people.

Today, the principal group in America which has resisted this biological effect is the working class.

This is due to several factors, first, because the working class has had less of the effect of years of "higher education," which, in this nation, is simply extended instruction in how to be a shabez goi.

Second, as workers who produce their own living, they have greater self-reliance and less erosion of their sense of responsibility and self-respect.

Although I have passed beyond any possible deleterious effect which the Jewish parasite or the shabez goi could have upon me, I know the hopelessness of the life of my people.

I was freed from this paralysis, which the Jew inflects upon the healthy members of a host nation, in two ways, first, through my life in art, and second, through my life in Christ.


In 1948, when I went to San Miguel de Allende, a beautiful village in Mexico, I began to live my life in art. At the age of twenty-five, this was my first experience of joy, because my life had been passed in the gloom which the pall of the Jewish parasite had cast over America.

I began to understand what D. H. Lawrence had experienced during his years of desperate wanderings in search of the sun and seeking a healthy life.

Not only was D. H. Lawrence dying of tuberculosis, but he was also dying of the terrible malaise which had settled over European civilization, the loss of the will to live, which had been eroded away by centuries of slavery under the Jews and misgovernment by the shabez goi.

In the bright, sun-washed streets of San Miguel de Allende, for the first time, I knew what light was. The people, though poor, were strong and self-reliant, they bore no resemblance to the Americans I had left at home.

Although I did not realize it at the time, there were no Jews here, and no shabez goi. Now I began to know the joy of the creative life, my life in art, the life of the mind and the God-given talents to which all of us are born and of which we are robbed by the Jews and the shabez goi.

Now, there was nothing selfish in my attaining this joy, because I was not taking it from anyone else, and since that time, I have wished for nothing more than to bring this joy to all of my people.

Since this desire now became the principal direction of my life, I began to live my life in Christ, because I wished to bring joy to others. As these efforts brought me nothing but poverty and what would have been despair, had I ever despaired, I found Christ and knew a greater joy than my life in art.

If the American people knew nothing of the joy of my life in art, how much less did they know of the joy of my life in Christ! The question now was how to liberate them from two thousand years of mental serfdom.

During these centuries, the Jews had continually decried the institution of physical slavery, and while noising about the possibility of physical freedom for everyone, they had subtly imposed their own brand of mental serfdom upon the gentiles.

And if physical slavery is a crime, how much greater a crime is mental slavery, the taking over the mind of a freeborn human being!

One of the greatest problems which face our nation today is the disenfranchisement of the American worker and the middle class. His vote is meaningless, it is worthless, because, no matter whom he votes for, his personal position in life deteriorates. His taxes are increased, the business pressures intensify, and his family life is subjected to terror and shame at the hands of aggressive minorities, egged on by the shabez goi wretches and the Jewish overlords.

With the shabez goi in charge of the departments of our religious life, our academic life, and our cultural life, the American workers and the middle class find that wherever they turn, they are faced with the Jew.

A Jew directs the symphony orchestra, ninety percent of the art galleries are operated by Jews, so that gentile artists cannot get a showing for their work unless they embrace the degenerate goals of the Jew.

The three television networks are owned and operated by Jews, while the studios, producers, and writers, who are nearly all Jews, bring us programs in which gentiles caper to the Jewish tune. In fact, a five percent minority has gained control of every aspect of American life.


Now, this unconscious realization causes the American worker and the middle class to become despondent, because of a deep feeling of alienation, an overwhelming sense of loss.

He knows that this is not his art, it is not his culture, it is not his religion, and it is no longer his country, because an alien has taken over every department of his life.

As a result the American worker and the member of the middle class loses his power of concentration, he can no longer think anything through, because his education, his cultural life, and his government, are all in the hands of the alien, and because he cannot think his problems through, he loses the resolve to act, he sinks into the hopeless attitudes of lifelong mental slavery which the parasite has forced upon him.


But, even though the American worker or the member of the middle class has lost his power to think things through, and to act from his will, he is still a human being, he can feel.

Thus, he endures intense mental suffering, because everything has been cut out of his life except the task of working to feed the Jewish parasite.

And even though I have passed beyond this suffering, I cannot rest because I know what this suffering is doing to the American people. I do not feel this suffering, because of the joy of my life in art, and the joy of my life in Christ, and, knowing this joy, I do not need America, and still less do I need a Jewish America.

But America is a creation of God, and as such, it cannot be abandoned to the Jewish parasites, the suffering of the gentile host must be relieved.


Although I live in joy and peace, I know that America must be restored to Christ. I would like to free her from her bondage to Satan, in the metaphysical sphere, and from her bondage to the Jews, in the biological sphere.

Although I have been freed from suffering through knowing Christ, I know what suffering is doing to my people, who have been robbed of everything, and who have been converted into mindless robots who mechanically perform tasks according to instructions implanted in them by a Jewish programming, and who respond to every question with a Jewish answer.

I resent the fact that my nation and my people have been converted into a country of Pavlov-conditioned dogs, and I am resolved to see them become men once more. Because they are cut off from the creative life, because they are cut off from the life of their nation by the Jewish parasite, their lives are empty and pointless.


One of the problems of this Pavlov conditioning is that we no longer have heroes. Now, a nation cannot grow in health without heroes.

For the past fifty years, our heroes have been the synthetic products of Jewish liberalism, those Americans who have successfully exploited their people for the benefit of the Jews, and who have expedited the mongrelization of the American people.

These synthetic heroes are made of plastic; they do not have any of the human qualities. A typical synthetic hero is Hubert Humphrey, Vice President of the United States, whom one can press into any shape, like a rubber doll, because he has no skeletal structure.

He has accepted every aspect of the shabez goi role, and he has no culture and no goals except those which have been implanted in him by the Jewish programmers.


In 1957, alarmed by the issuance of a report known as the Gaither Report, which insisted that every aspect of shabez goi life and Jewish liberalism must be intensified in America, some of my associates urged me to make a formal reply.

As this request dovetailed with some projects on which I was then engaged, I was able to draw up a sweeping reply within a few weeks. This report is reproduced here exactly as it was published in August, 1957, by M & N Associates, in Chicago, Illinois:

(Due to public alarm over the Gaither Report, which admits that the United States is rapidly becoming a second-class power, but dares not admit why that is inevitable, M & N Associates has decided to release the confidential Mullins Report, prepared in August, 1957 for a group of American industrialists. We issue this report as a public service by an impartial research organization. It has already become history.)

BY 1980, THE UNITED STATES WILL OCCUPY THE SAME POSITION IN INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS AS DOES INDIA TODAY. The United States will then be an overpopulated, impoverished country with a standard of living 50 percent below its 1957 level.

Consequently, there is no need, and little possibility, of Russia waging war against the United States. The rapid wane of the United States as a global power will enable Russia to make the American continents into Communist satellites by 1980, if she so chooses, but this prospect is unlikely.

From geopolitical considerations, the, continents of North and South America will be of little practical use to Russia. Her European and Asian policies will remain paramount to her national security, but the American continents will be of less geopolitical significance than Africa.

Because of this prospect, the Rockefeller Report and other government demands for increased "defense" spending may be properly evaluated as last-gasp attempts to shore up an artificial and doomed prosperity.

How did it happen that the United States, which in 1945 stood unchallenged as the supreme world power, could decline so rapidly?

To understand this, a brief review of the nation’s history is necessary. The country was settled by bold, energetic North Europeans who were willing to risk their lives in a wilderness in order to own their own homes and land.

Cheap labor was needed, but the Indians refused to become menials, so they were killed or put on reservations.

The New Englanders imported Negroes, but they proved to be less productive than the cost of their keep, so they were sold to Southern plantation owners, where the climate was more suitable and their owners less demanding. Even so, their importation was soon discontinued as impractical.

Meanwhile, the original North European settlers prospered and increased. With ample space and plenty of natural resources, they soon developed into the most highly skilled and productive people the world has ever known. New inventions poured from them, and they enjoyed the greatest prosperity in the history of mankind.

Successive waves of cheap labor came from Europe. A substantial wave from Ireland produced many desirable citizens, but after 1860 little further immigration came from Northern Europe. Most of it was from Central and South Europe, with some Asiatics.

Side by side with the North European settlers lived the burgeoning families of the darker citizens. Limited in number in their own lands because of their lower productivity, they reproduced in much greater numbers here because of the higher productivity of their hosts.

Despite the fact that these darker citizens enjoyed a higher standard of living here, thanks to the superior technology of the North Europeans, they felt no gratitude. Instead, they were consumed by hatred and envy of the North Europeans, many of whom had amassed large fortunes and lived like princes.

By 1900, the darker American citizens had formed a voting bloc to combat the political leadership of the North Europeans. Already a deep racial schism had formed which doomed the young republic at the very peak of its promise.

The North Europeans soon concentrated their strength in the Republican Party, while the darker citizens became Democrats, a party which also represented the white Southerners as a result of the War Between the States.

This strange alliance achieved its first great political victory in 1912 with the election of Woodrow Wilson, a misguided idealist who hailed the Russian Communist Revolution of 1917 as a "victory for democracy over the forces of despotism."

Wilson set the nation on a suicidal foreign policy caused by the racial schism of its people. This policy aimed to end all racial injustice, atone for the sins of British imperialism, reprimand French imperialism, stop German imperialism, and set up a worldwide protectorate for the colored peoples.

The North European Americans had no idea what this policy intended, and were too busy and prosperous to care. The nation gained in wealth and power by entering the First World War.

A few years later, the Crash of 1929 wiped out the fortunes and property of more than half of the North European Americans. The stage was set for the Roosevelt regime, which was to set up the rule of the darker citizens over the impoverished and dispirited white Americans, a rule carried on by the Truman and Eisenhower directorates.

Our entry into the Second World War was intended to stop "racist" Germany, as though every group in the world was not "racist" and interested in its self-aggrandizement.

In 1945, a victorious United States reaffirmed its role as the protector of the colored world. But Soviet Russia also claimed to be the protector of the colored world, and pointed out that white Americans refused to intermarry with the darker citizens.

Most white Americans maintained homogenous communities, schools, clubs and places of worship, just as did all other groups in the United States. However, the heirs of the Roosevelt regime now ruled it illegal for white Americans to separate themselves, although all other groups were allowed to do so without hindrance by the government.

Now the government began to enforce a policy of racial amalgamation, although no other nation in the world, especially Soviet Russia, followed such a policy.

Largely through the Supreme Court, an instrument operating upon powers usurped from Congress, white Americans were stripped of their private institutions and forced into racially integrated schools and living quarters.

Intermarriage was inevitable, particularly because of the flood of "integration" propaganda.

All religious groups in the United States declared it a religious duty to racially amalgamate, although not one of their leaders could cite a single tenet of dogma which required this.

White children, were taught in the schools and churches that it was their duty to intermarry with the darker citizens, and the press, radio, television and movies pressed the mongrelization campaign.

The government continued legal action against the last privacies of white citizens, although no action was taken against Negro, Jewish or other group institutions.

Yet at the very moment that white Americans were being forced to racially amalgamate, their technical skills were in greater demand than ever before! Guided missiles were being developed by imported German scientists because impoverished white Americans were working as manual laborers, unable to educate their children in technical schools.

But the shortage of engineers was laid to the fact that we had not availed ourselves of our fine negro talents; a people who squatted in dusty jungle kraals for 20,000 years without the least improvement in their conditions was now declared the rightful heirs of the American technology!

Our universities were flooded with colored students, their tuition paid by government grants and "racist" foundations for colored only. The white Americans who could have salvaged our declining technology continued as manual laborers.

All of this was inevitable. The American of North European descent, although realizing that he possessed superior skills, bore no ill will towards the darker citizens. But the colored man could not see a white man without hating him, for the white face reminded the colored man that he was dark.

Either the colored man must become lighter or the white man must become darker. No other remedy would pacify him. Anyone who has seen the advertisements for "skin whiteners" in the Negro press knows how basic this drive is among the dark people.

The pivotal Negro vote caused the white man to be legislated out of existence in the nation which he had created, and the Supreme Court declared, "All Americans are Negroes!" M & N Associates makes no comment on the justice or injustice of this development. We only evaluate the facts.

The inevitable result was that by destroying the white American’s desire to preserve himself as a manifestation of God’s Holy Will, and forcing him to intermarry with the colored, the nation was condemned to go the way of other great world powers, India, Egypt, Greece and Rome, whose white leadership vanished in intermarriage with darker peoples.

The passing of a great nation from the stage of world history is neither an occasion for sadness or rejoicing. It is simply an historical event. The process was bound to be much more rapid in the United States because of the pace of modern life and the tremendous pressure behind the dark people’s will to intermarry with the whites.

At the same time, Soviet Russia’s white managerial elite, showing no intention of intermarrying with darker peoples, continued to specialize. Selective breeding became a state policy, and thus Russia secured the future for herself, for the future was long since known to belong to that nation which could produce the highest type of technological elite.

At this late stage, M & N Associates was asked to ascertain whether the colored citizens could be restrained in their aggression against white Americans. The answer is no.

They will never be content to enjoy their higher standard of living here, because it cannot compensate for their constant reminders to themselves that they are inferiors.

Once again, bolder whites will emigrate, this time to Australia and New Zealand. At best, the United States may become a sort of British Guiana, a colored colony of white Canada, whose dollar is already worth more than ours!

It is too late for the North European stock, a minority of 50,000,000, to reassert leadership over 120,000,000 mixed bloods. The colored cannot be appealed to on patriotic grounds, for they can never know nation-feeling, but only have race. Only a people capable of defending their land can know patriotism.

Typical was A. Philip Randolph’s advice to Negroes to refuse to serve in the U.S. Army. M & N Associates does not believe that a White movement can gain power. There is no longer a White market in the U.S., either commercially or politically. At best, the whites might secede again as a white Southern republic, leaving the mulatto north to go its own way, but the result would be the same, the disappearance of the United States as a world power.

Our mulatto grandchildren will placidly watch the decay of the nation they inherited, while the rest of the world, including Soviet Russia, pay no more attention to us than is presently paid to the mouthing of the mulatto inhabitants of India. The world is realistic.


When this report was drawn up more than a decade ago, I said that it was already history. Since then, the American position has worsened on the precise lines which I laid down. I said there was no white market, and every American politician since then has borne me out.

In only one point did I err; I failed to allow for the possible reclamation of America through knowing Christ, because at that time I had not progressed this far, I did not foresee this sole possibility of reclamation for America.

Some of the sponsors of this report felt that it was unduly pessimistic. Yet, in less than a decade, many of our great cities, including the nation’s capital, lay in ashes, while we had entered an economic crisis which seemed impossible to solve.

Now, even the Mullins Report did not predict national bankruptcy against a background of burned and looted cities, in less than ten years! Who will dare to be sufficiently pessimistic about the next ten years?

Let us recapitulate how this all came about. In 1945, the United States stood alone as the supreme military power in the world, the only industrial nation whose plants had not been destroyed by the Second World War.

Militarily and economically, America was the master of the world, and the world waited for our command. We had only to raise our hand, and our command would be obeyed. England, France, Italy, Russia, and Germany, and in Asia, Japan, lay in ruins; their factories but heaps of rubble.


But we gave no command. Why? Because the parasites and their shabez goi wretches had but their one desire to rebuild Communist Russia. Dean Acheson proposed that vast new loans be made to Russia, through his law firm, Covington and Burling, which so ably represented nine Communist nations at our Federal trough.

The American postwar economy was hamstrung by Communist Jews such as David Niles, a notorious homosexual who bragged that Harry Truman never made a decision without consulting him, and who had one sister in Israeli Intelligence in Tel Aviv, and another sister high in the Soviet Intelligence in Moscow.

Harry Dexter White, a Lithuanian Jew and lifelong Communist agent, also supervised Truman’s decisions as President of the United States.

At the top of this heap of worms squirmed the master parasite, Bernard Baruch, an agile Jewish speculator who made as much as one million dollars a day through foreknowledge of government decisions which affected the stock market.

No wonder Harry Truman called Bernard Baruch "the greatest living American"! This master parasite pulled the strings of a horde of conniving political wretches, and collected United States Senators as a lesser man might net a cage full of hamsters. He publicly boasted that he had such Senators as Harry Byrd, James Byrnes, Harry Truman and many others in his pocket


Now America’s conversion to a peacetime economy was held up by these Jews, in order to give Russia precious time to rebuild her shattered economy. Not only was the United States paralyzed by Jewish "economic planners," whose sole aim was to stall the erection of a prosperous economy, but the Communists also found the ideal instrument with which to weaken America from within, a planned race war.

With the race war and the paralyzed economy in America, the Communists bought time, a precious decade, for Russia to build an atomic bomb, with the assistance of the Rosenbergs and a vast horde of Jewish spies, while other agents threw the Negro masses against the barricades in a reckless and destructive race war.

Now the government of the United States practically ceased to function, as the "spontaneous" and carefully-rehearsed "demand" of the Negro people for their "civil rights" took precedence over everything else in Washington.

The shabez goi wretches leaped into the fray on the side of the Negroes, yelping with precise responses to every command of the Jewish parasites, their paws flailing the air as they slavered for their slice of raw steak, whenever the Jews called out "civil rights" or "peace."


As the high priests of the shabez goi wretches, the Supreme Court gave official status to every demand of the Communist-inspired mobs in 1954, when it ruled that all schools must be integrated. No other single decision of the Supreme Court has ever plunged the nation into such chaos.

Americans stood appalled as armies of American soldiers marched into American cities, bayoneting and shooting white citizens who tried to claim their rights. But, a decade later, when we saw American soldiers again marching into American cities, it was to protect the Negro mobs that were looting and burning with impunity!

Now, in 1945, as we have mentioned, the United States stood preeminent in the world, as the new Rome. But in 1955, Russia was well on her way towards reestablishing herself as a world power, while the United States was weaker than it had been in 1945!

And in 1965, the pendulum had already swung in favor of Russia, for in this decade, the Soviet agents had successfully implemented a full-scale race war in the United States, and had also succeeded in committing American soldiers to the endless holocaust of an Asiatic land war.

Caught in a man for man struggle with Asia’s teeming billions, the United States would slowly bleed to death while Russia daily grew stronger, without losing a man. And Russia, at home, was calm, while the United States was drawn into a race war, the government was paralyzed, the educational system was paralyzed, and the American people had not a single representative who would defend their interests.


Jewish gold had purchased the sorriest lot of rag tail beggars and thieves that had ever infested our nation’s capital, men who, while handing over billions to the Jews, had sold themselves for a paltry few thousand dollars apiece!

Our Senators and Representatives did not even ask for their souls the price of a healthy Negro slave at pre-Civil War levels. The Mullins Report, in placing a dateline of 1980 to see the United States reduced to the status of another India, had erred by ten years. Now it seems that 1970 is the more likely date.


Geopoliticians have said for years that America was running down. Everything that our nation has achieved had been done at the cost of tremendous outpourings of energy and instinctive intelligence. There has been much native greed and cruelty also, the merciless gouging of immigrant workers, the mass slaughters of the Civil War and the systematic destruction of America’s only native culture, the Greek revival gentility of the South.

These are dark chapters in America’s history. But there are also bright pages, when America lived up to all of her promise of freedom and her offerings of hope to a sick and rotted European civilization, which was slowly expiring because of the excesses committed against her by the Jewish parasites.

And now it is America’s turn to totter on the brink of the abyss, as her economy reels from the onslaught of revolutionary mobs at home and insane Jewish adventures abroad. But there are still scientists who are blazing new trails for the world; perhaps one per cent of the nation remains constructive in the face of these disasters.

In 1957, I could not predict the burning of American cities while police and National Guardsmen stood by, under orders to "show every possible courtesy to the rioters." I could not predict that a Jew who had thrice been denied security clearance would commit large-scale American troops to Vietnam in order to sabotage our national economy, an effort which was advertised as an effort to "stop Communism" while the CIA planned the execution of the nation’s anti-Communist leader, Ngo Diem. No wonder his widow remarked to television newsmen, "With America as a friend, you don't need any enemies."


The three hundred billion dollar effort to stop Communism in Vietnam would be more believable if it had not been inaugurated by the same lifelong dedicated Marxists in the State Department who had sabotaged Chiang Kai-Shek’s government and turned China over to the Communists.

Can we really believe that these traitors, who had presented the Communist world with a gift of six hundred million people, were now prepared to make an all out effort to save a few Vietnamese from the same fate?

They showed their hand by refusing Chiang Kai-Shek’s offer to send troops to Vietnam, just as they had refused his offer to send troops to Korea, because the State Department planners had to stick to their plan of showing Asia that it was "white imperialists" who were preventing the Vietnamese from peacefully setting up a Communist state.

If Asians were sent to fight Communism, the Marxists in Washington would lose an important plank in their program to wreck our nation.

Meanwhile, at home, as the gross national product reached new highs, (due principally to runaway inflation), the Marxists continued their mad looting of the United States Treasury. Typical was the establishment of more than one hundred "think factories" in which the Jewish parasites drew huge salaries for sitting around thinking up new ways to exploit the gentile host.

We find Herman Kahn’s Hudson Institute exposed in the Nation, May 13, 1968, as having been reviewed by the General Accounting Office and its million dollar a year contract proved to have produced nothing of value.

The General Accounting Office characterized the work of the Hudson Institute as "its ideas a rehash," "superficial," "valueless." The Nation noted that "virtually no records were kept either at the Hudson Institute or by the General Accounting Office as to how money was spent, the progress of programs," and other usual business procedures.

We find that there are some one hundred similar concerns in this country, offshoots of the Rand Institute, which spend an average of $50,000 per man per year. This is a salary of one thousand dollars a week for a Jew to sit in an office puffing a cigar, a type of boondoggle which was inspired by Mortimer Adler’s twenty million dollar windfall from the Ford Foundation to "study philosophy," with the usual valueless rehash of superficial ideas as the only tangible result.

These moneys come from tax-exempt foundations or from government agencies, principally the Department of Defense, and never a word of criticism from our Senators and Representatives, who dare not criticize this method of the Jewish parasite’s exploiting the gentile host.


The rapid deterioration of America from a position of strength to a rank of second class power, racked at home by riots and bankruptcy, is a classic example of the effect which the Jewish parasite has upon the gentile host. Writing in the Washington Post on April 5, 1968, Drew Pearson exposed Walt Rostow as the man who committed troops on a large scale to Vietnam.

Rostow is a Jew whose father is an avowed Socialist, and Rostow himself, after being refused security clearance three times, was placed in charge of our national security!

The man who refused him security clearance because of his background is a loyal American named Otto Otepka, who has undergone continuous persecution ever since. State Department files were destroyed, witnesses were bribed, and perjury was committed to prevent Rostow from becoming another Dreyfus, a Jew who had gained admittance to the nation’s top security councils and who was now to be rejected because of his past.

Later, as director of our national security, Walt Rostow and a little group of high-ranking government Jews gathered in the Pentagon early one morning to cheer the Israeli sneak attack on its neighbors, and toasted each other while Israeli planes massacred American sailors on the U.S.S. Liberty in neutral waters!


The riots which have devastated American cities for three years and left entire sections in smoking ruins, remarkably akin to the destruction which Jewish-directed bombers had visited upon the cities of France and Germany a few years ago, had their initial inspiration in the writings of a little black hustler in a pamphlet called "The Fire Next Time."

It was published in a house organ of the Jewish parasites, the New Yorker Magazine, and later issued as a book. In this work, James Baldwin promised that the Negroes would burn down America’s cities. Baldwin has long been familiar as a housebroken pet of the Jewish parasites and he lived for two decades on the liberal outpourings which they gave him from various tax-exempt foundations.

Some grants were made in return for his favors, others were made to encourage his revolutionary activities, but none of these awards could be said to have been a sincere appreciation of his feeble literary talent. Since the fires started, he has prudently remained in Paris, snickering at a series of gay parties on the Left Bank while America’s cities are devastated by the black mobs who consider him their inspiration. In his interviews, which are always prominently displayed in the New York Times, he refers to the United States as "the Fourth Reich," an "in" joke among the parasites.


If James Baldwin gave an intellectual impetus to the riots, the actual planning was done by the Chinese Communists. The inside story of the burning of Washington is that the Chinese Communists devised a plan whereby the city of Washington would become a "free city," divorced from the United States and administered by a Black Power Commission.

This Commission would then charge the United States ten million dollars a year rent for the United States Capitol, the White House and other government buildings. When Mayor Washington approached President Lyndon Johnson with this plan, he was told that it was out of the question.

A few days later, the city of Washington was on fire. The stage had been set three days earlier, at a Communist cell meeting at which the Party leaders decided upon the death of Dr. Martin Luther King.

A North Vietnamese professional, Nuy Ti Ganh, was flown in for the job, while an American "Oswald" or patsy, as his name has now entered the American language, was murdered and his body buried that same night.

At this Communist Party meeting, one of the conspirators, a member of Mayor Washington’s staff, mentioned that "our soul brother, Walter" had guaranteed the safety of looters and arsonists during the forthcoming burning of Washington. Not a shot would be fired against them ~ this was the commitment.

The promise was kept. During three days of looting and burning Washington, not a single rioter was injured by the thousands of police and soldiers who stood by with orders not to fire.

Mayor Washington stated, at the beginning of the riot, that any policeman who shot at a rioter would be charged with murder. He fought bitterly against the ordering out of the National Guard, and permitted it only after extracting the incredible commitment from the National Guard commander that the troops would keep their weapons unloaded, and that they would be permitted to load and fire only after obtaining written permission from a superior officer!

This was the most ridiculous order ever issued to troops going into a combat situation! These conditions were then read over Television Stations WTOP and WTTG in Washington, so that rioters would know they could loot and burn without a shot being fired against them.


At the height of the burning on Friday evening, after the Communists had murdered Dr. Martin Luther King according to plan, President Lyndon Johnson called Mayor Washington and begged him to allow the National Guard to come in. Mayor Washington curtly refused, and hung up on him, so great was the arrogance of the Negro leader.

The following afternoon, when most of Washington was in flames, Mayor Washington permitted the National Guard to come in only to protect the looters, because some of the Washington City Police, who had been shot at and clubbed by the rioters, were threatening to fight back.

The merchants cheered the arrival of the National Guard, because they supposed that this meant a stop to the looting and burning. They were dumbfounded to see the soldiers standing by while Negroes drove Cadillacs from Newark and Philadelphia up to their stores, loaded color televisions, the most expensive clothing, and other loot, into the cars, and drove away, while the soldiers did nothing to stop them. When the stores had been looted, they were set on fire, and again the soldiers did nothing.


At 3:15 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, Mayor Washington had the instructions to the National Guard read over Television Stations WTOP and WTTG. He assured the looters that "1. The soldiers were carrying unloaded weapons and that they would be allowed to load and fire only after being given written permission from a superior officer, and 2. that the soldiers and police had been ordered to show every possible courtesy to the looters."

With this reassurance, the rioters stepped up their activity, and the riot spread to Baltimore, where the same conditions were in effect.

Mayor Washington’s instructions resulted in another wild night of looting and burning. Five hundred fifty-eight buildings were burned to the ground in the city of Washington after being looted, at a cost of eighty million dollars worth of goods stolen and ten million dollars in property damage.

As one rioter explained, when interviewed by a television cameraman while he had his arms filled with hundreds of dollars worth of expensive clothing, "Man, it’s wonderful! They can’t bother us because we got a soul brother up there!"


During the height of the rioting, WTTG newsman Hal Walker, a Negro who was allowed to move freely about the city during the riots, interviewed a Jewish merchant, John Hechinger, who was Chairman of Washington’s City Council.

"Don’t you see a pattern to this looting?" asked Walker.

"Oh, no, it’s indiscriminate," replied Hechinger.

"But aren’t only certain types of stores being burned?" pursued Walker.

"No," muttered Hechinger, and the interview was suddenly cut off of the air.

Hal Walker was referring to the map which had been prepared before the riot in Washington, on which every Jewish store was marked, and of which three hundred copies were distributed in the city on the morning before Martin Luther King was murdered.

The Chinese Communists had persuaded the Black Power leaders to stage a massive anti-Semitic uprising against the Jewish merchants who had exploited them. The main target of the burning was the destruction of credit records, and this goal was achieved.

Now Hechinger and other Jewish merchants began a frantic campaign to conceal the nature of the anti-Jewish uprising. One Washington merchant, Irv Weinstein, refused to go along with the cover-up, and he openly declared that the burning of Washington was the biggest anti-Jewish uprising anywhere in the world since the end of World War II.

He pointed out that the heinous Krystal Nacht in Germany during the Nazi regime, in 1938, in which Jewish stores were wrecked, had only resulted in a total of one hundred thousand dollars damage, while the Washington uprising had cost Jews one hundred MILLION dollars.


Against the wishes of his fellow Jews, who were desperately trying to cover up the story, Irv Weinstein tried to present a petition to the United Nations, charging Mayor Washington and the City Council with genocide, because they had encouraged the Negroes to attack Jewish stores, and had refused the Jews the protection of the City Police and the National Guard.

Ambassador Arthur Goldberg, our representative to the United Nations, refused to accept the petition, and assured Irv Weinstein that the United States Government would make good every dollar lost by the Jewish merchants.

When he returned to Washington, Irv Weinstein was visited by two Black Power leaders who told him he had three days to live. Forty-eight hours later, he disappeared and has not been heard of since.

Meanwhile, other Jewish merchants, who reopened their stores in Washington, were visited daily by Black Power leaders who charged them ten percent of their gross to stay in business, a tactic they had picked up from the Mafia.

One Jewish liquor dealer who refused them, Ben Brown, was shot down in cold blood in his store, and Mayor Washington still refused the merchants protection. Meanwhile, other Negroes were murdering bus drivers each evening, which caused the bus drivers to go on a slowdown.

The purpose of these tactics, to wreck the economic life of the city and its transportation system, had been planned by Chinese Communist leaders in order to paralyze the Vietnam peace talks. They correctly reasoned that with our capital city in flames and its economic life shattered, we would lose face and would be unable to make a strong presentation at the Paris peace talks. The murder of Dr. Martin Luther King had been timed for this purpose.

Meanwhile, agents of the Central Intelligence Agency were discovered to have also played a part in fomenting the Washington riot. When their role was revealed, CIA officials stated that the burned buildings followed exactly a plan for a Washington expressway through the city, which had been proposed for more than twenty years, but which could not be implemented because of the cost of acquiring the business buildings and tearing them down. Now that they had been burned out, the expressway could be built at a reasonable cost.


The riots which devastated American cities represented a new stage of the mongrelization program which the Jewish parasites had devised to weaken the United States, and, if Jews such as Irv Weinstein seemed to be the losers in this new phase, it was because they refused to look at the long-term program which had been devised for America by the Chinese Communists and their tools, the Black Power militants.

This program had been forced upon America during the Second World War, when the people were living under martial law, and had to accept without protest each new dictatorial decree of the Federal Government. At the end of the war, the Chinese Communist program moved rapidly to implement a forced mongrelization program along three fronts:

1. Forced integration of all army units, to prevent the existence of any armed unit such as an elite white guard which could battle against Communism at home.

2. Forced integration of schools, to educate children from their tenderest years to meekly accept government integration decrees.

3. Forced integration of churches, private clubs and neighborhoods, to prevent any adult white Americans from having a place where they could meet to discuss possible reactions against the activities of the Jewish parasites.


During the campaign for forced integration of all American Army units, the Chinese Communists found that there was a shortage of Negroes in the armed services, and they began a hasty program to attract more Negroes into the Army. One of these attempts was a poster which was widely distributed in Negro business and residential areas, and prominently displayed in Negro taverns and barber shops. The poster read:


Are you victims of race prejudice? Do white girls refuse to go home with you? As a United States soldier, you can travel abroad and be stationed in the homelands of our allies, where your high pay will make you wealthy in the eyes of the people. Your money is worth five times as much as theirs. Negro-Americans! The white girls of Germany and England are waiting eagerly to see your healthy smiles. JOIN THE UNITED STATES ARMY TODAY!

This plan came to an abrupt halt when copies of the poster were sent to Europe, where a press campaign was inaugurated to stop the planned debauching of white European girls by black soldiers, a favorite goal of the Communists which began shortly after World War One, when detachments of black Senegalese troops from the French Army were stationed in Germany and given orders to rape as many German girls as possible.

The Federal Government withdrew all copies of the poster and destroyed them. A European newspaper offered a thousand dollars for a copy but none could be found. One tactic of the Communists had backfired.


A prominent characteristic of the Jewish parasite’s techniques of slow paralysis of the higher thinking centers of the gentile masses is the continuing efficacy of old methods. The Jewish biological drive to destroy gentile civilization through the infiltration and control of the nerve centers has been centralized in the techniques of fomenting Communist revolutions in the industrialized nations.

In 1848, there were street demonstrations against government policies in many European nations, riots which the police could not control. Some European governments fell before the Communist onslaught of 1848. Now we find, a century later, that the same techniques of street demonstrations work just as well, because the demonstrators grow more aggressive, and every department of the government is tested and strained until it gives way.

The initial impetus of the riots comes from students who are agitated by their instructors. Plans are made; students are indoctrinated by faculty members and by older "students." In Berkeley, California, the organizers of the student riots were found to be "students" in their late twenties or early thirties, and many of the protestors were not students at all, but persons who had taken up residence near the campus for the purpose of fomenting riots.


The churches in the United States play a vital role in providing "sanctuary" for the Communist plotters, raising money for the demonstrations, and serving meals to the rioters, who are too busy with their work of planned disruption to be concerned with providing food for themselves. Dedicated Marxist organizers, who probe for every weakness in the community with all the skill of highly trained surgeons, have long recognized that the churches and the air of piety provide the ideal cover for their revolutionary operations. Infiltrating the church groups is no problem, because they are already wracked with dissension over theological matters, and the administration is composed of college-educated persons who have been thoroughly indoctrinated with the proven shabez goi techniques for controlling the gentile masses. Thus, Communists infiltrate the seminaries (Josef Stalin began his revolutionary activities as a student priest), and with the aid of other Communists, they rise to positions of command in all the religions denominations.


Rosemary Reuther, one of the nation’s outstanding Catholic scholars and a teacher at George Washington University and Howard University, exposed the origins of our church offices in "The Church Against Itself," Herder and Herder, NY, 1967, page 134,

"The first concept of church office was borrowed, not surprisingly, from the Jewish synagogue. The Sanhedrin, the council of elders which ruled every Jewish community, provided the first model for church office. This pattern was established first in Jerusalem, where, by Paul’s time, it had succeeded in replacing the original community of Jesus’ followers and substituting a Presbyterian structure modeled on the Jerusalem Sanhedrin."

Thus we find that the church administration, a short time after the Sanhedrin had demanded Christ’s crucifixion, kicked out Jesus’ followers and adopted the dictatorial administration of His murderers.

This is one of the most amazing discoveries ever revealed about the strange role of the churches in denying Christ and trying to destroy His followers! Read it again and again, until you understand why the churches today embrace every tenet of Communism and reject every principle of Christ.


The most valuable members of the church who promote class struggle are those who are not Communists at all, but who are disoriented fools who are unable to accept Christ, who are dissatisfied with their life, and who wish to provoke Armageddon by any means at their disposal.

What is most surprising is the continued gullibility of the students in our universities, who are still enthralled by a Communist "wave of the future" which is mired in the atmosphere of 1848. Marxism plods along with the same dreary set of concepts with which it faced the onset of the Industrial Revolution. Communism has not come up with a single new idea for more than a century, yet it tries to meet the Space Age with a theory which was obsolete even when it was first set forth by Karl Marx!


Our students are never informed that the ideological masters of Communism, Marx and Lenin, were men who were completely out of touch with the life of the societies which produced them. They spoke of the "revolt of the peasantry" at a time when the peasants were moving to the cities to take factory jobs.

What could Marx, sitting in a dusty room of the British Museum and wriggling back and forth as his hemorrhoids tormented him, know of the changing world outside of the book stacks?

What could Lenin know of the world during the years which he spent quietly reading in a Swiss library, leading the life of a retired insurance salesman, until the twentieth century caught up with him and dragged him back to Russia, where he became the willing tool of a homicidal maniac named Lev Bronstein, or Trotsky?

Yet American professors today present these two intellectual backwaters, Marx and Lenin, as the two most original thinkers of all time!


One reason that American students are so prone to embrace doctrines of revolt is that they know they are being robbed, that they are not getting the education they are paying for, because the "treason of the clerks," the trahison des clercs which Julien Benda, a French scholar, exposed, prevents them from receiving an education.

The shabez goi professors, the treasonable clerks, cram the outdated philosophies of Marx and Freud down the throats of the students when they need an education for the Space Age!


One of the principal reasons for student rebelliousness is the ubiquitous MacLeish Syndrome which they encounter in our better universities, particularly in the Ivy League schools.

The MacLeish Syndrome has two firm tenets which are never deviated from:

"1. All culture must be presented as Jewish in origin.

2. all human thought must be attributed to either Marx, Freud or Einstein, and must be clearly labeled as originating from these Jewish ‘geniuses’." Forbidden to know the work of such great gentile minds as Ezra Pound, Werner von Heisenberg, and hundreds of others, the students grow restless, and after two or three years of this dreary rabbinical education strictly on the lines of the Talmud, they are ripe for any doctrine of revolt.

Yet, instead of rebelling against their sick professors, they allow the professors to send them out to wreck the surviving institutions of their gentile civilization.

The MacLeish Syndrome is characterized by a tweedy, Scot terrier type of individual who has been a lifelong pet of the liberal non compos mentis. Because of inherited income, this type affects a genial air of native superiority, and entertains student leaders in a den lined with the first editions of the works of former students, nor is he reluctant to describe how he arranged for their publication.

A good sherry is poured for the students by a subservient black man while the MacLeish talks easily about the necessity for human equality. Often silly, and always dishonest, the MacLeish sits regally in a vast easy chair of Spanish leather, puffing a rare mixture of imported tobaccos in his pipe and wearing a red silk smoking jacket from Sulka, while black patent leather slippers from Peele of London dangle from his toes.

The students literally perch at his feet, while the MacLeish peddles a watered-down version of the gospel according to Karl Marx.

Dazed by the MacLeish syndrome, the students rise up and go out into the world to purvey classical Marxism to the masses whom this philosophy is intended to enslave.

From the posts which they obtain, they rise rapidly in the spheres of education, journalism, religion and government, their promotions depending solely on the degree in which they are effective in spreading the Marxist gospel.

Whatever doubts the students may have entertained about this gospel soon vanish as they discover how it opens the doors for them in their chosen professions. Those whose systems reject the infection find that twenty years later, they are teaching study hall at the Podunk Grammar School, or tending a deserted library in East Gowatchee, Pennsylvania.


What is puzzling is the continued gullibility of the students, who blindly accept as "the wave of the future" a philosophy of Marx which was already obsolete one hundred years ago.

How can they be so obtuse? In the first place, a student must begin with what he is exposed to, the sunlight and air and water which is available to him. Now, if he gets only shabez goi thought from his Jewish teachers, what else can he know?

Cut off from his native Western culture, the American student today is rootless tumbleweed, driven by the wind from one goofy Marxist theory to another, and unaware of his heritage, his people and his nation.

His anger at finding that the education he pays for is an empty sham is understandable, but his failure to react against the true culprits suggests that his native instincts have been destroyed, as he reacts against his society, rather than against the perverters of the educational system themselves.


The recent Columbia University riots may presage an awakening on the part of the students, as the eviction of President Grayson Kirk from his office would seem to be a sign of student awareness, yet the same dreary Marxist slogans scrawled on the walls indicates that they have learned nothing.

Those students who defecated upon Dr. Kirk’s desk may have demonstrated a legitimate resentment, but they also revealed their own lack of judgment. Instead of attacking the milksop Marxism of their perverters, they were led by Jewish agitators who criticized the professors for not being more Marxist!

Is there any intelligence left in such students, or have their minds been totally destroyed by such Jewish activists as Mark Rudd at Columbia University, the son of a Lithuanian Jew named Jacob Rudnitsky, and in France, the student leader who wrecked the DeGaulle regime, a redheaded Jewish agitator named Daniel Cohn-Bendit, also known as "Danny the Red"?


The plight of the students reflects the unhappy situation of the entire gentile masses, a condition of mental serfdom. Now, when we say that Americans are being held in mental bondage, what do we mean?

We mean that every newspaper, radio station, television station, magazine and stage and screen play has been edited by Jewish agents to remove any reference to their crimes and to keep the gentile masses in a condition of sleep.

This would be a fantastic statement, if we did not have at hand the annual reports of the organizations which perform this censorship. Foremost is the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, with the American Jewish Committee and the American Jewish Congress as other important agents of censorship.

These groups issue annual reports in which they document the fact that their agents check every public presentation of any kind, written or staged, and delete any references to Jewish misdeeds.

As a writer, I have followed the ADL operations closely for twenty years. If I submit a story to the Saturday Evening Post, any ADL staff member, whose salary is paid by the magazine, checks the story for any reference to Jewish activities, and also checks a blacklist to see if my name is there as a critic of the Jews.

Even if the story contains no reference to the Jews, it is rejected because my name is on the Jewish blacklist, and I must be prevented first, from earning any money from my writings, and second, from reaching an audience.

If I submit a manuscript to a publishing house, it is again checked first for references to the Jews, and second, to see if its author is on the Jewish blacklist. In this manner, the Jews prevent any gentile writer from reaching the public if he is known to be indifferent or hostile to their goals, if he has refused to become a member of the shabez goi class.

Any publication which rejects Jewish censorship is either driven out of business, or taken over by Jewish financial interests. A book which is published by gentiles who are not of the shabez goi class is ignored by the book review departments of mass publications, and bookstores refuse to stock it, for their stocks are reviewed monthly by traveling ADL agents who enter the store incognito, inspect the stock, and if any publication is found which mentions the Jews, the proprietor is threatened with various weapons, lawsuits, government action or financial revenge.


Many gentile publications, such as the Literary Digest, Liberty Magazine, and others have been driven out of business by the ADL, not because they published "anti-Semitic" articles, but because they refused to let ADL inspectors control their operations.

Other magazines, such as Collier’s, were prosperous publications, but Jews took over their editorial staffs and filled their pages with hysterical invective against anyone who opposed them, until the disgusted subscribers quit reading them.

The Saturday Evening Post is now traveling this road of no return. Once a virile publication which reached a respectable percentage of the American middle class, it has become a vicious and irresponsible organ of Jewish propaganda, and is facing bankruptcy for this one reason.

So important has it become to the Jews that Martin Ackerman, a Jewish entrepreneur, recently rushed in with a five million dollar loan. A week later, he announced that he had recouped his loan by selling the Saturday Evening Post subscription list to Life Magazine, a typical wheel-and-deal operation.

Nevertheless, the Saturday Evening Post is doomed to go the way of Collier’s, for, under its present editors, it is a sick and vile publication. ADL agents fill its pages with their garbage as they try to brainwash the American people.

Typical was a vicious and unprovoked attack against the American businessman, H. L. Hunt, in a recent issue of the Saturday Evening Post, written by a professional clown named William Buckley. This article referred to Mr. Hunt as a "boob with appallingly bad manners" a "buffoon" and other sneering Jewish epithets.

One ostensible reason for Buckley’s attack may have been Mr. Hunt’s refusal to contribute to the staggering losses suffered by Buckley’s venture into publishing, the National Review, which was neither national nor a review.


William Buckley, a well-advertised "conservative spokesman," has been described as a figment of George Sokolsky’s imagination. A Jewish provocateur, Sokolsky decided to use Buckley’s money to launch a "rightwing" magazine which would peddle approved Jewish techniques of "anti-Communism."

Sokolsky and a Hollywood gag writer named Morrie Ryskind put together the format of the National Review, which it still follows today. Although Sokolsky died, the National Review was condemned to drift forever on the sea of his murky ideas, in which only three principles could be discerned.

The first was that Jews are not Communists, the second was that anti-Semitism was the worst evil of which man could he guilty (a plank which Sokolsky borrowed from the Soviet Constitution) and the third was that all Americans are fools.


One of the techniques of ADL control is to keep the gentiles at each other’s throats through tried and proved methods of provocateurism. When Robert Welch founded a gentile anti-Communist group, the John Birch Society, an ADL provocateur persuaded Buckley to attack Welch as being "anti-Semitic."

Stung by the accusation, Welch hastily hired Jewish editors to supervise his publications, but Buckley continued his attacks, and the supposed goal of the National Review and the John Birch Society, anti-Communism, disappeared in an avalanche of mud-slinging, a typical shabez goi imbroglio, while the Jews laughed their heads off.

The moral is that each time you hit a ball across the net, a Jew wins a point, because shabez goi conditioning, the Pavlov slavering of the trained dogs, occurs on schedule whenever the Jew utters the key word, "anti-Semitism."

But trained dogs, however amusing they may be in a circus, cannot build a nation, nor can they administer one which others have built.


Looking at this situation superficially, as we have been trained to do by the Jews, we may well ask, Why shouldn’t the Jews do all of our thinking for us, censor our books and burn anything they do not wish us to read?

But this goes against the grain of the American legend of freedom and self-expression, it denies us the right to examine and solve our national problems.

America faces a serious economic crisis, a serious racial crisis, and a serious military crisis, yet the Jew refuses to allow us to discuss these problems, for fear that we might criticize the role of the parasite in exploiting the host.

More important, we are frustrated in our search for wisdom. As crucial as the maintenance of life itself is man’s quest for wisdom, the fruit of a healthy life, in order to bring more benefits to his people.

Ezra Pound once said to me, "A man should study German philosophy from age forty to sixty, Greek from age sixty to eighty, and after he has reached the age of eighty, he is ready to tackle Chinese philosophy."

But all we get is Jewish philosophy, from the cradle to the grave. Not only is this philosophy devoted to the maintenance of the parasite’s ascendancy over the host, but it also prevents us from knowing Christ.

A great republic is collapsing into the dust, but what do the Jews care about this? As their slogan says, "Who needs it?" They will travel to another host, and America will join the ghosts of Babylon, Egypt, Persia, and Rome.


The ADL has a vast arsenal of weapons to use against those gentiles who oppose them. I have experienced the following: being discharged from professional positions; prevented from finding an established publisher for my articles and books; a continual propaganda campaign to prevent me from establishing a following among conservative Americans.

Although I knew nothing about the ADL when I began writing anti-Communist articles and books, I soon came up against them. A leading New York publisher told my agent,

"Mullins made a great mistake in going against us. He is versatile and prolific; we could have done a lot for him. Look what we did for other gentile writers, Hemingway, Steinbeck, Faulkner, they were just high school talents but we made them household words in America. Now Mullins will never have a dime; his books will never find an outlet in this country."

When this story was relayed to me, it affected me not at all, because at this time, in 1952, I had a growing audience for my work, and some influential people in New York began a campaign to raise money so that I could devote all of my time to anti-Communist writing. My own funds at this time totaled a hundred and fifty dollars, on which I could survive, by abstemiousness and thrift, another three months.

Suddenly the fundraisers ceased their efforts. I began to hear a rumor so unbelievable that I ignored it. This story, widely circulated among New York patriots, was that I owned large estates in Virginia and that the income from these properties enabled me to live the life of a gentleman scholar, to travel, and write as I pleased.

In reality, I have never owned anything but the clothes on my back, and have no prospects of inheriting anything, but the story did its work, and the ADL put an effective end to the campaign to back me in my work.


In 1954, my name disappeared from "anti-Communist" publications in America, although some of them continued to advertise my Federal Reserve book, with the name of the author carefully blacked out! It is still advertised in this fashion today.

Only one patriot, Mrs. Lyrl Clark Van Hyning, continued to give me space in her newspaper, Women’s Voice. This silent treatment proved the effectiveness of ADL control over the supposedly "anti-Communist" newspapers and magazines in this country, because I had become, in a few years, the leading scholar of this group, with my exposés of the Federal Reserve System, the Council on Foreign Relations, and other shabez goi operations.

FBI agents visited the offices of these publications and warned them against printing my work or mentioning my name. For nearly fifteen years, I worked quietly at home, developing my theories of the biological parasite, while most patriots supposed that I was either dead or no longer active.


With the degeneration of all levels of life in America, the most pronounced decadence appeared in the children of the affluent society, shabez goi families. These children formed a disillusioned class which became known as "hippies."

The Saturday Evening Post interviewed a large group of hippies in San Francisco. One gentile youth said, "My father is supposed to be a big man in our town, yet I saw that he was always raising money for Jewish charities, signing petitions for Jews, things like that. I asked him, ‘What’s the idea? You don't give a damn for anybody, much less the Jews.’ He told me that if he refused to do this, he would be wiped out in a few days. We live in a fine home, have three cars, a color TV, you name it. But I told him, ‘It’s not worth it,’ and I walked out."


This American youth expressed a correct reaction against the pernicious influence of the Jewish parasite. Only when our youth begins to express its contempt for every member of the shabez goi, every educator who trains the youth to become gentile slaves, every religious leader who tells his congregation that it is their duty to work for the Jews, every government official who taxes the gentiles for the benefit of the Jews, only then can we hope for a "reaction" against the parasites.

It is this "trahison des clercs," the betrayal of the people by the educated middle class, which makes the continued hold of the parasite possible. Without this active assistance, he would be dislodged immediately.

Every aspect of gentile existence is poisoned by the shabby, vicious and cheap gentiles who have become the passive agents of the parasite’s power. Yet it is they who are held up as models for the nation’s youth.

It is they who are the presidents of our colleges, directors of our museums, heads of our publishing houses, and chairmen of our religious denominations. Only by challenging them at every step can the gentile begin the process of dislodging the parasites.

Since these gentiles already despise themselves, they will not be surprised to discover that they are despised by the rest of the population, including their Jewish masters.

The next step is to drive them out of every office, and to replace them with people who have "kindness," that is, who are responsive to the needs of their own kind, and who will not sell their people for fifty pieces of silver.


It would be a mistake for the scholar to suppose that the entire shabez goi community understands the parasite-host relationship, or that our educators, government officials and religious leaders are active agents in a conspiracy to enslave the gentiles.

There are no conspiracies in nature. People lead the lives which their genes map out for them, and these laws can be evaded only two ways, by following Christ, or by following Satan. The parasite automatically seeks to follow a parasitic existence, and the shabbiest, most vicious and cheapest of the gentiles find their only fulfillment in the life of a shabez goi.

They miseducate, misgovern and confuse the gentile masses because that is the only role they can know in life. Without Jewish support, our college presidents would be fortunate to find employment as janitors, our government officials would qualify only as swineherds.

In the United States, many of the shabez goi are in the third and fourth generations of their shabez goi professions. The Adlai Stevenson and Dulles families shuttle back and forth between high government positions and posts in Jewish banks and law firms. These, so we are told, are the American aristocrats, who lead the gentile masses in Pavlov gestures of approval of each action of the Jews.


Thus we find the American masses applauding the atrocities which the Israelis commit against the Arabs. Yet these Arab peoples have always been America’s friends and allies.

An Arab leader asked, "How can Americans applaud the outrages of their worst enemies, the Jews in the bandit state of Israel, and cheer them on in their aggressions against us?"

The answer is that the shabez goi, in their dominant positions as publishers, educators, and government officials, have trained the American masses in group responses like trained dogs.

Only when some of our young people rebel against the role of trained dog, and refuse to bark when the shabez goi order them to, will there be hope for us.

Only when we fight against the well-dressed rabble which makes possible the parasite’s dominance will we have a chance. Only then can we remove the tentacles of the parasite from our body.

Throughout nature, the parasite seeks a host. The host tries to dislodge him. If he succeeds, the parasite soon returns. The Jews have been expelled from European nations hundreds of times, yet they are there today.

Each time the parasite is cast out, he learns a lesson, and he will improve his hold the next time. He learns to anticipate and control the reactions of the host, and as he turns their nations into vast, shabby prisons, he affects their most fundamental impulses and warps their entire existence.


This is the state of Western civilizations today. Only machines have freedom. The gentile masses of the Western democracies are already dying. Many of them are zombies, the walking dead. What can we say to these walking dead?

Do they have enough nervous energy left to respond to an appeal to cast out their parasites, or has the Jewish poison paralyzed their bodies?

What is the ethic of the parasite-host relationship? Is it immoral? No, it is natural for the parasite to seek a host on which it can feed, and it is natural for the host to attempt to dislodge him. The Jew is obeying his God when he fulfills his life mission of being a parasite, of finding and controlling a host.

It is the sense of his own historical rightness, as Trotsky formulated it in Communism, which led the Jew to believe that he was indeed a Chosen People, born to live off the work of others, and to take their goods and lands.


Today, the Jew believes that everything the gentile owns has come from the parasite, that the parasite has brought the good life to the ignorant gentile cattle, given him a culture, a monetary system, and a religion.

The Jew believes that he has given purpose and direction to the life of the gentiles, in training the gentiles to become his slaves, for the Jew believes that their only role in life is to serve him.

For this reason, the Jew believes that all of history is Jewish history, as the historian Dubnow claims. He may be right, insofar as much of recorded history is a series of variations upon the host-parasite theme.

However, Dubnow and all other Jewish historians refuse to admit one thing, the damaging influence of the parasite upon the host.

Yet this has been proven in every instance, either by the collapse visited upon the host by the presence of the parasite, or by a great renaissance of culture, learning and power of the host when it manages to rid itself of the parasite, even for a comparatively short time.

Look at Elizabethan England, after the Jews had been expelled. In a few short years, the English people had such a flowering as the world had never seen, tremendous productions of poetry, drama, world exploration and scientific discoveries.

Coke gave us the Common Law during this period, which became the basis for the United States Constitution.

Look at America before 1860, when the country was largely free of the parasite blight, a young nation which was the hope of the civilized world.

Look at Germany today, where it is a crime by law on the statutes to mention the parasite by name, and compare it with the Germany of 1800.

Germany today is a nation of despair, because the parasite has once again fastened its tentacles deep into the host, with the aid of foreign occupying armies, and poisoned every aspect of German life.

Yet in 1800, all of Germany was alive, great composers were writing the symphonies which we listen to today, and Count von Humboldt was amazing the world with his scientific discoveries, while Goethe was becoming known as the single greatest figure in world philosophy.


Thus, we must admit a fundamental law of nature. If the host cannot dislodge the parasite, it sinks into a slow, degenerating trauma of sickness and death. If it can dislodge the parasite, it quickly soars to new heights of accomplishment and prosperity.

By Eustace Mullins


  1. Telling the truth is NEVER WRONG.

    Uncomfortable, but never wrong.

  2. Wow, this is one paranoid and delusional author. I love the stated "fact" that no book on Nazism has ever defined Nazism! Considering he speant so much time quoting definitions himself you'd think he'd know how easily he could be made to look an idiot.

    Points for creativity for having the Chinese communists be in league with the "Negroes".

  3. Scopi, ty for your input. However, that part is small potatoes. The general gist of the piece, the parasite angle, is quite amazingly done.

    Mr. Mullins has contributed an amazing amount of information to the world, so surely he can be forgiven for only being 99% or even 98% correct!

    Having studied the societies he speaks of, as well as a few I shan't mention here, his analysis of their downfall is very accurate. It also explains the sad but true comment "History repeats itself."

    After all, who has been changing all the educational systems over the past century or two? Who has been rewriting the history books? I can tell you, the history books my daughters used a decade ago were quite different than those of the late 1950's and early '60's.

    So, look past a few minor flaws and appreciate the substance and truths of which he speaks. It might be a tad late for this civilization as it teeters on the brink of collapse, but if this wisdom and oversight can be kept for the next, then his purpose will have been served.


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