Wednesday 20 June 2012


To the readers who sent notes on Jackie Yvenko and MK Ultra, and the one who sent me info on a great mouse for CTS, by error I clumsily erased the comments rather than posted them. I wanted to jot down the information you sent me because it was worth it. IF you read this, could you please resend me that information. The links to Jackie would be invaluable as would the info on that mouse and pc system recommended. I am sleeping in the brace and that does help a lot. So, I did not dump your messages, I lost them and would be so grateful if you repeated your messages. TYVM.

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  1. Hello Noor, the mouse I referred to is the Logitech T-BC21 trackball marble mouse. If not for this mouse, I'd have had to quit my work I do at the computer and look for some other line of work.

    Also, I have an over-the-counter wrist brace (two actually, one for each wrist) similar to what you pictured. It is most beneficial to wear it for bed, to keep things aligned and relaxed. Occasionally, when my wrist feels overworked, I'll wear it to bed for a few nights. I've also found that swimming helps carpal tunnel... working the larger muscles around the wrist along with the smaller wrist muscles. Whatever you do, never, ever... NEVER... EVER... have surgery.

    I also said I enjoyed your flower pics very much. Thanks for posting them. One of my avocations is photography.

    Good luck with your wrist problem. I think you'll find that trackball mouse to be a saving grace. Hope so any way.


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