Tuesday 12 June 2012


June 12, 2012

The following video is very interesting, even though it contains Alex Jones. I made mention of the last time AJ interviewed Mr Tarpley (at the Bilderberger meeting), where Jones is so beyond himself regarding Mr Tarpley’s correct evaluation of the Paul campaign (including the details of Rand’s initial endorsement of Romney). Jones was screaming stupid garbage like “Why do you hate Ron Paul so much?” and “I know you are just a Socialist“, etc, but while Tarpley held the mic.

Jones tries to play it off as he was tired, but I know desperation when I see and hear it.

So, in the following interview, Jones is schooled AGAIN about the wretched circumstance Ron Paul has put his sycophantic followers in. These people invested their morals and souls into this campaign, in face of evident reasons to run away.

To any thinking soul without the emotional investment into Paul, it was easy to see where this was going. The man thwarted your EVERY effort to get him to acknowledge (and LEAD???) the Truth Movement. 

Any time someone asked him if he would go Indy, he made sure they understood that he is a Republican, thru and thru (reTHUGlican???). He is only anti-war, IF the congress doesn’t approve, so all the real anti-war individuals have been duped into thinking he would change how America interacts with the world. 

He is a rabid Ayn Rand freak and frankly, takes advantage of the very systems he disavows (in Ayn”s case, she took advantage of all the government help she could get when she got sick, instead of paying for it all herself, after years of preaching it). Paul has taken advantage of the very same type systems and then would stump speech you into believing he is something different.

The worst is the Paul Tard endorsement of murder and the killing of the poor people in America, while he languished MUCHO money on the war profiteers he claimed he is against. It’s as if you only think of yourselves and that cushy place you find yourself still in. It’s as if you don’t understand the reality of what these Austerity Kings (any of them will implement it, I promise its coming) plan to do.

When you come to the conclusion that it is ok for the poorest of the poor to crawl off and die, while we still enrich the rich bastards that did this to us and the MIC, then you are either a bunch of morons or fools who would fall for any piper taking you to your own death (for if you think they won’t take yours and let you die, you are even bigger fools than I can expound upon). 

When it’s just an acceptable Darwinian die-off of poor and hurting children, widows and the like, then, sorry, Mr Redneck, but you are just EVIL. PERIOD.

But more than anything else, beyond Jones tiring voice and need to be the center of attention in any venue he is involved with, Tarpley expresses a plan that I can get my hands around. And the very basis for this plan is?


Imagine that? 

A Brainiac agrees with BuelahMan. 

What will the world come to?


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