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Here we go again!  WHO is putting forth a call for further vaccinations to be supplied by its cronies in Big Pharma. I do not deny that this is a horrid disease with horrible consequences however, this is yet another situation to keep an eye on.

Jun 10th, 2012

The United Nations (UN), through the World Health Organization (WHO) is decrying about a drug-resistant strain of gonorrhea. This virus is such a threat, according to WHO, that without preventative measures, millions of people will die.

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted infection that leads various forms of sterilization through pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirths and rendering males and females completely infertile.

This virus is most prevalent in under ~ developed nations such as Africa, India and parts of Asia. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has concluded more than 700,000 cases are reported annually worldwide.

Industrialized countries like Britain, Australia and France are reporting this same drug-resistant strain of gonorrhea.

Dr. Gail Bolan, director of the STD Division of the CDC said: “We certainly are worried about importation of resistance. It’s time to take these trends seriously.”

WHO has just released their Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP), which pushes governments worldwide with the power of the UN to back them to coerce the increase of global vaccinations through strategic programs.

The details of GVAP include delivery of vaccines between 2011 – 2020 with aims to administer these immunizations to under developed nations like Africa and India. The initiative will attempt to exceed the UN’s Millennium Development Goal (MDG) that “immunization . . . should be recognized as a core component of the human right to health”, the plan says. The plan’s mission is to “extend, by 2020 and beyond, the full benefit of immunization to all people.”

In a 2011 study, Japanese scientists discovered a “superbug” strain of gonorrhea that displayed resistance to all antibiotics known to mainstream medicine. The researchers warned that this virus is quickly becoming a global health threat.

Since this study, WHO has identified this virus’ presence in some of the major central banking countries, such as Australia, France, Norway, Sweden and Britain. While cephalosporin antibiotics are a “last resort” used to treat the virus, even this medical treatment is proving useless.

Manjula Lusti-Narasimhan, member of the department of reproductive health and research at WHO, spoke at a briefing in Geneva, said that an estimated 106 million people are infected annually.  
“Gonorrhoea is becoming a major public health challenge. The organism is what we term a superbug ~ it has developed resistance to virtually every class of antibiotics that exists. If gonococcal infections become untreatable, the health implications are significant.”
WHO is calling for the focus to be turned toward “alternative treatments” for gonorrhea; such as new experimental vaccinations as a preventative measure.

Scientists at the Rockefeller University, led by Dr. Emil C. Gotschlich, have demonstrated that a protein of the bacterial cell’s outer membrane plays a vital role in the seduction. The protein, which seems to become incorporated in membranes of the human cells and forms pores in their surfaces, has been named porin.

Researchers at Stanford University Medical School, a globalist controlled college, announced that their potential gonorrhea vaccine had successfully prevented the gonorrhea bacteria from infecting human cells.

Gary Schoolnik, lead researcher, explains that “the key ingredient in the vaccine is a protein fragment that appears to provide protection against gonorrhea- causing bacteria. Our vaccine appears to work by preventing gonococcal bacteria from using pili, or specialized tiny hair like appendages, to latch onto cells lining the urogenital tract. The pili enable the bacteria to adhere to cells, the first step in infection.”

In 1984, the US government issued a patent for a gonorrhea vaccine, in lieu of the technology being created. This vaccine’s potentials mirror the actualities Stanford now claims they have discovered.

The suggestion is that this strain simply mutated from genetic blueprints in nature, and as the overuse of antibiotics increases, their effectiveness decreases. Experts then explain that the only method that can be used against the disease is precautionary.

GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and Abbott have come forth, willing to produce a new immunization for WHO.

Lusti-Narasimhan claims that although WHO has no idea about the extent of the gonorrhea threat, they are assuming this is the “tip of the iceberg” to justify their lack of verifiable data.
“Without adequate surveillance we won’t know the extent of resistance…and without research into new antimicrobial agents there could soon be no effective treatment for patients.”
Francis Ndowa, former lead specialist for sexually transmitted infections at WHO, asserts that gonorrhea has been left to become a super-strain that does not have the same symptoms of traditional gonorrhea. 

Ndowa says:
“the organism has readjusted itself to provide fewer symptoms so that it can survive longer. It’s an amazing interaction between man and pathogen.”
Experts for WHO claim that to reduce the strain’s ability to become even “greater” a new pharmaceutical drug must be created that treat, not only gonorrhea, but also combine two or more antibiotics within the one vaccination.

WHO is completely focused on early detection, which justifies the need for another global vaccination.

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